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Access Denied (1996/I)
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Unnecessary, 12 February 2003

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

"Access Denied" is a soft-core movie about a beautiful computer programmer who is deceived by her husband: he escapes with money stolen with a program made by her and the police detains her (it's not an spoiler, it happens at the beginning of the film).

The plot (as usual in this kind of movies) isn't very understandable, but there are worst. The main scenes are too much short for the genre, but the lead actress, Colleen McDermott, shines over the poor plot; she demonstrates she could play in other kind of movies. This film isn't very entertaining, the only enjoyable is to see Colleen.

Manila (1991)
Good trial, 29 January 2003

"Manila" is a thriller with persecutions, money affairs and a love story. To see a Catalan film of this genre isn't usual.

The films directed by Antonio Chavarrías like this are based upon human relations. The protagonist is Àlex Casanovas (a well-known actor in cinema, TV and theater), there's also the lovely Laura Mañà (who has worked as director) and the good Fermí Reixach.

One observes it isn't a big-budget film, and it isn't a very entertaining movie, but it's a good trial.

Neon man, dark movie, 18 December 2002

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Spoilers herein.

"L'home de neó" (the neon man) is a man who earns a poor pay by installing neon advertisements, one day he is run down by two journalists, then they offer him a strange business: he has to be in a place where he will receive a package for them; he accepts because he needs the money; but, for no reason at all, he will be pursued by a delinquents while he waits the package.

The movie is (unnecessarily) very dark, the rhythm is slow and makes it boring. The neon man is played by the unknown Feodor Atkine, and the journalists are played by the greats Assumpta Serna and Lluís Homar. The hey of the plot isn't bad, but it's very bad developed.

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A lonely man, 6 November 2002

"Fools of Fortune" tells the story of a child whose parents are murdered during in a conflict with the British army in Ireland and his home is inflamed. The movie shows his loneliness and misfortunes while he is growing, but the plot is a little simple, the rhythm is slow and it doesn't get to be entertaining.

In this film we can see the usual characteristics of the movies directed by Pat O'Connor: good cinematography, great landscapes and the plot about feelings; but these were used with more success in "Circle of Friends", "Dancing at Lughnasa" and (in my opinion, his best film) "Inventing the Abbotts".

África (1996)
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Interesting independent film, 4 October 2002

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

***SPOILERS*** ***SPOILERS*** Martín is a boy who likes to run, but one day, when he returns to home, his mother (who was alcoholic) is found died because she has fallen from a window of fer home. Martín suspects that his father pushed her, so he is guilty of her death. Martín falls in love with a girl called África, and they discover that his father and her mother are lovers; África and Martín don't like it, so he decides to kill his father poisoning him.

The director, Alfonso Ungría, tries to show an own style with his first movie, and he gets it in some scenes. The cast includes the veteran Imanol Arias (the father) and good beginners like Zoe Berriatúa (Martín) and, overcoat, the great Elena Anaya (África). However, the characters change their decisions often, and you can finish to watch the movie without knowing if you liked it.

La caverna (2000) (TV)
Entertaining but little developed, 10 September 2002

A man is murdered while his girlfriend is doing a striptease for him through a web cam, she watches the murder but she can't see the face of the murderer, later she will discover that her boyfriend was inside an strange role playing game.

The title of this Catalan TV-movie refers to the 'Myth of the Cavern' by Plato: it tells that a prisoners in a cavern only could see the shadows of the free men who walk and talk behind them, so the prisoners believe that all the reality is made of shadows, but one prisoner gets to escape and discovers how is the world, then he returns and tells the truth to the other prisoners, but they think he's crazy and they finish killing him.

The cast of the film has good young actors: Núria Prims, Sara Loscos, Fermí Casado and Jordi Andújar. The director shows a certain talent, but some scenes are little credible and I don't like the final completely. However, it's entertaining, but the Catalan cinema is reduced again to a TV-movie and doesn't have distribution on theaters.

Rosa rosae (1993)
Boring 'new' comedy, 13 August 2002

Two girls (Rosa and Rosae) had to be left when they were children, they exchanged a diary and a collar and, mysteriously, their personality; one became writer thanks to the diary and the other became a fortune-teller who gives luck to her lovers.

This movie is nearer to the classic 'españolada' than to the new Spanish cinema, there are very few gags which get to make laugh, so it's a boring film; luckily, there aren't cultural jokes (typical of the old Spanish comedies). The lead actresses, the great singer Ana Belén and María Barranco, have done better movies, as well as the director, Fernando Colomo.

Bamboleho (2002)
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Life on the roofs, 9 July 2002

It's the story of two young lovers who live on the roofs of the houses of the neighborhood of El Raval, in Barcelona. They have an Arab friend, he's an illegal immigrant who hasn't parents either. All of them are poor, but they live thanks to love and illusion.

It was nominated for the Goya (the Spanish Academy Awards) to the best short and has won several prizes. It has a very good cinematography, good setting and a pretty style that makes the short very enjoyable.

There are just women in the train, 9 July 2002

Two women are alone in a compartment of a train, then a man comes in; they start a conversation: the youngest woman is going to search a man whom she doesn't know his name but she loves him, the other woman has a similar relationship with a man.

The director of this short is Spanish, but it has been shot in USA with American actors. It has a mysterious atmosphere that makes it entertaining, worth seeing.

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A little boring, 25 June 2002

"Dama de Porto Pim" tells the story of a rich woman who arrives at a little Portuguese island while her husband is in the II World War; there, a humble fisherman, promised to marry a girl of the town, falls in love with her, and she will also fall in love with him, but his husband could come back.

The lead actress, the lovely Emma Suárez, does a good performance, but the lead actor, Sergio Peris-Mencheta, isn't equal to his partner of cast. The movie isn't long, but sometimes it's a little boring; the only thing you can save is the beauty of Emma.

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