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Why??? Why did I see this movie???, 11 October 2002

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As much as any movie lover out there, I don't mind certain levels of gratuitous violence. "American Psycho" though took to a level that it shouldn't have been taken too. (spoiler here) The scene with the homeless man and the two prostitutes was not needed. After the prostitute scene, I had to shut it off. Besides the violence, the shallowness and vileness of Bale's Patrick Bateman made my skin crawl. He is a nut job of the highest order and he needed to be taken out. The only decent scene in this very horrible glimpse into the mind of a yuppie whose gone over the cuckoo's nest was nothing at all. The dialogue in the film was sharp and the performances of Christian Bale, Willem Dafoe, and Jared Leto were all right but that was it. The other characters were annoying, shallow, and inept and the setting was too much in the 1980's (very off-putting). Overall, "American Psycho" is a film that no one should see under any circumstances. I give it 1 out of 10.

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Brian is blasphemous, 11 October 2002

Whether or not someone thinks "Life Of Brian" is a direct attack on Christ or just a really stupid and/or funny parody, if the Monty Python boys released this back during the Inquisition, they would have been strung up by their toenails and whipped horribly. Besides that, I think "Life Of Brian" is more blasphemous than funny. I got about 2/3 of the way through the film when it started going downhill. By the end of the film, I was glad it was over. Jesus Christ is the most revered person in all of human history and it is hard for me to watch a parody of his life. The men of Monty Python made a somewhat funny film but it wasn't as funny as "Holy Grail". Besides being shocked by the entire film, I also realize there are much worse films out there. Overall, this is a pretty daring work by the famous comedy troupe as blasphemous as it was despite it not being their intention for the film. I give it an 8 out of 10.

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The "Clerks" of Corporate America, 8 October 2002

"Office Space" is one of the funniest movies of all time. This movie is to business sector what "Clerks" is to the dead-end sector. The satire is witty, biting, and acidic. The characters are complex and downright hilarious. The story is very believable and shall I say almost realistic. I love the way Ron Livingston played out the scenes of rebellion in the office. He is very passive and silent about it. Overall, Mike Judge is a creative genius. This is the second best comedy of 1999 (behind Dogma) and it is in my Top 100! I give it a 10 out of 10!

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In Three Words: The Saints Rule!, 8 October 2002

I love "The Boondock Saints" for three simple reasons: the hacked up plot, the memorable characters, and the excellent writing. Where else can you see a couple of Irish guys get a call from God to go vigilante on the corrupt and evil and have a closet homosexual FBI agent try and track them down? The story is told in a style that is reminiscent of "Reservoir Dogs" and inspirational to "Memento". The visuals are stunning and the gunfights are choreographed extremely well. Sean Patrick Flanery and Norman Reedus were magnificent as the MacManus twins. What was even more surprising was the casting of Willem Dafoe as FBI Agent Paul Smecker and he probably had the best performance in the movie (It is really an eye-opener to see the man who played Savior of the World in a certain film from 1988 and come back eleven years later as a homosexual FBI agent!). The dialogue and action of the film are well done because of the sharp, edgy, and comedic writing of Troy Duffy. His direction of the film was awesome as well. In short, THE SAINTS RULE!!! I give it a 10 out of 10!

Clerks (1994)
The best film by my favorite director, 8 October 2002

Out of all the writer/directors that I have seen films from, the one that sticks out the most for me is Kevin Smith. I think he is the best filmmaker on the face of the Earth and he has five really funny and biting movies that to back up that title. His best film IMO is "Clerks". Although it is not my favorite movie of all time, it is in my Top Ten (#8 while Dogma is #9) and it is the best comedy I have ever seen. "Clerks" takes dead aim at dead-end job sector with brutal honesty and almost unnerving satire. Some of the topics that are explored in "Clerks" would probably make a dog gag but it helps to show what it is like to work in a job where the pay would qualify as slave wage and respect for the worker is nonexistent. Even though all the characters are exaggerated to a certain degree, they are portrayed as real people who have feelings. Because of the state of their lives and the hatred they have for their jobs, they take their frustrations out on the customers. Since the movie is filmed in black and white, it gives you the perspective that you are watching a security camera video. The purpose of "Clerks" is to show what life is like as a person who works in the dead-end sector from day to day. It makes for a very watchable and very likeable film. Not to downplay great work by established kings like Lynch, The Coens, Soderbergh, Tarantino, Verhoeven, Gilliam and Curtis Hanson and relative newcomers like Shyamalan, Wes Anderson, Richard Kelly and Troy Duffy, Kevin Smith's work, for me, is the epitome of modern filmmaking. "Clerks" should set the standard for all new comedies and even all new dramas that will be made in the coming years. In short, "Clerks" will live on for generations to come and Kevin Smith will be remembered as one of the great filmmakers of all time. I give all his movies 10 out of 10!

PS: Kevin Smith should have been nominated and won two Oscars for "Clerks". "Mallrats" shouldn't have been dissed by critics and moviegoers. "Chasing Amy" should have been in wider release. "Dogma" should have been nominated for Best Picture at the 2000 Oscars. "J&SBSB" should've been on every top ten list in 2001.

Here ends my rant! :)

Even small towns have their dark sides..., 8 October 2002

I don't know what or when the first film that that was ever made about the dark side of small towns came out but "Blue Velvet" is quiet possibly the best film ever made on this particular topic. Even the story is relatively straightforward and easy to follow, the imagery, symbolism and characters are mind blowing. Kyle MacLachlan gives his best performance of all time as Jeffrey Beaumont, a kid who finds a severed ear in a field and it leads him on a dark odyssey in his own hometown. Dennis Hopper shows why he is one of the best villainous performers of all time as Frank Booth, a sadistic gangster whom Jeffrey encounters in the process of finding the owner of the ear. With Laura Dern and Isabella Rosellini rounding out the cast of main characters, you have a interesting tale that weaves between the light and the darkness of a small town somewhere in America. One of the best sequences in the movie involves Jeffrey be taken for a ride with Frank and his cronies. It shows the darkness and vileness that is the villain and it explains why he only comes out at night. David Lynch has a way with telling a story. He draws you into it and he grabs you when you least expect it and doesn't let go until the very end. With a great cast, great plot, great imagery, and a great setting, "Blue Velvet" is the best movie I have ever seen that shatters the small town stereotypes and mentality to pieces. I give it a 10 out of 10!

PS: This is David Lynch's best film!

Brazil (1985)
Paperwork Sucks!, 8 October 2002

That is the mentality driving Johnathon Pryce in the film "Brazil". To escape the messed-up existence he calls life, he daydreams about a girl he must save from characters that look like extras from an Akira Kurosawa film. As he meanders the city he lives in and the inefficient bureaucracy that controls the land to correct an administrative error, he starts to lose his grip on reality. The story twists a few times and it comes to an ending that will leave you staring at your TV screen for the next 120 minutes. Terry Gilliam, the masterful director of all the Monty Python films, writes a very offbeat and complex homage to the great author George Orwell with "Brazil". The dank and dirty environment that is the setting for "Brazil" sets the tone for the film. There are many satirical references made to bureaucracy, religion, and society in general as the film moves forward. One of the best aspects in the story is the fight between the government and the rebels. Bob Hoskins does very well as a slimy repairman while Robert DeNiro turns in a surprising part as the rebel repairman who does a good job. The best performance of film goes to Johnathon Pryce as the records handler who slowly comes to realize that not everything is as it seems. Overall, this is the best film I have ever seen on the subject where a society is like the one in "1984". I don't think it is any surprise that "Brazil" came out in 1985. With a multi-layered mess-with-your-head story, a great cast of goofy but very dark and dank characters, and very acidic satire on many of our beloved institutions, "Brazil" is definitely a classic! I give it a 10 out of 10!

PS: This is Terry Gilliam's best film!

Amélie (2001)
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Great Love Story in every sense of the word, 9 September 2002

I really liked this movie. I think this is the best film from France that I have seen since "The Bridge" and "Ridicule". The characters and story were complex, offbeat, and quirky. Audrey Tautou did exceptionally well as the very introverted but very willing do-gooder Amelie. She had a lot of love for her fellow human beings and in the process she falls in love with a fellow introvert and quirky photo collector named Nino. It is a great love story in every sense of the word. I wish Audrey Tautou could have been nominated for an Oscar but the film was nominated five times over, so it wasn't a total downer. Overall, "Amelie" rocks! I give this film a 10 out of 10!

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Funny film about lacking depth, 9 September 2002

"Shallow Hal" is the best film about love, dating, and being shallow that I have seen since "The Tao Of Steve". This is also the best Farrelly Brothers film I have ever seen. It even beats out "There's Something About Mary". Jack Black rocks as 'Shallow' Hal Larsen, a man who wants the perfect woman but ends up falling for the perfect woman. Gwyneth Paltrow did very well as Hal's overweight but big-hearted girlfriend. Not only were the characters well-written, the story was well executed and well plotted. It was unexpected in several ways and I really liked it. The Farrelly Brothers score a critically-acclaimed in-park home run with "Shallow Hal". I give this film 10 out of 10!

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Mind-numbing and all-out disturbing, 7 September 2002

Anime films have a way of assaulting the mind and soul and this film is no exception. Although not as landmark as "Akira", "Ghost In The Shell" or "Jin-Roh", "Perfect Blue" still packs a solid mind-numbing punch. "Perfect Blue" is about a young woman who was part of a successful singing group who quits to pursue an acting career. After making her decision, she becomes the obsession of a really pyschotic admirer. She also becomes extremely delusional and slowly loses her grip on reality. "Perfect Blue" takes a few shocking twists and ends up with a particularly violent but correct resolution. The film's main theme is about the price of fame in one's life and the subject is studied really well. To me, this film is the best film on the subject of paranoia and fame since "The Bodyguard." It is shocking, scary, violent, and disturbing but it is beautifully drawn and directed very well. I give this film a 10 out of 10!

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