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Strictly shooting from the hip!, 22 April 2005

I am originally from Chicago and when this first hit the theatres, our beloved/hated MANCOW made comments about the sex scene being in relation to Cruise's lil $cientology cult.

The odd connection I am making is that L. Ron Hubbard has been linked to satanic cults, ( and there is a lot more information on Mr. Hubbard's very ODD and sick behavior.

I don't think Cruise pulled Kubrick aside and said, "Hey dood, I got some juicy dirt on to make a wicked sex scene." I find this all, well merely interesting.

What ya'll think?

Shattered Spirits (1986) (TV)
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I'm SORRY, but this is more of a comedy., 12 September 2004

I'm sorry for whoever thinks this is such a great movie. I saw this flick years ago in my health education class in high school and I think most people in the class laffed. Well yea we were young, but I've seen this and still think it's funny. I have been around boozers this bad and I understand. But I can't get over the scene where Sheen whips out the lawn mower at like 3 AM. I crack up to this day thinking about that scene. I do like the scene where he decides to hit the bar and the kid drives the van home. I learned so much from the enabler crap in that movie, that it seems like anyone who is around that kinda of madness and doesn't talk about it turns into an enabler.

25th Hour (2002)
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Nice work Ed!, 14 April 2004

Ed, Barry and Philip did an incredible job on this film. I loved the camera work by Spike and did enjoy the supporting cast of Dawson and Cox. I enjoyed this movie a lot more than what I thought I would have, but there is something I am trying to understand about Ed Norton. In his IMDB profile it states he is very much against smoking, he even goes on a rant about it in the movie Death to Smoochy. I don't mind this, but what I get confused with is in 25th Hour he plays a heroin dealer (heroin socially known as the worse drug out there, Black Death to some.) So he is an advocate against smoking, but plays the charactor of a smack dealer. To me this is awfully contradicting and allows me to question his beliefs. I don't agree with him politically, but I think he is a great actor. I just find it amussing in one film he openly expresses his true beliefs of not smoking (which may have been part of his charactor, but often in Hollywood actors are allowed to do that. Travolta and Cruise with Scientology) but in another film he portrays a smack dealer. Food for thought!

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Da Genius Show, 27 May 2003

This guy is brilliant. The show is absolutely hysterical and keeps your attention the entire time. I have seen a variety of TV shows that were ahead of it's time and this is one of them. I wouldn't doubt it if HBO kept this around for another few years before dumping it. Shows such as, "Mr. Show," and "The Ben Stiller Show," were just too much for TV in its era. The Ali G Show is the same, it's ahead of it's time. It takes total normality, throws in politics and to top it all of, adds a twisted sense of wannabe urban culture. Ali G is an original idea that is making it in the underground culture so far and hopefully spreading to mainstream society. The only problem I see is that it may be too much for standard America to handle. Some uptights might get offended seeing a guy sporting a yellow jumpsuit interviewing Newt Gingrich and obviously making him look like a fool. But who cares, it's entertainment, take it for the value or just plain laughter. And always remember, "It's not T.V., it's HBO."

xXx (2002)
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Things NEVER seem to change in Hollywood, 23 May 2003

Wow, what a film reel full of eye-candy. Poor Vinny, this guy is about as confused as PeeWee Hermans' parents. The movie was typical. Hot girls, hot cars, action, stuff blows up, people die, people backstab, yadda yadda yadda. I read in a GQ article that Mr. Diesel is looking to go beyond the sex-symbol stardom and work on movies that really give attention to his, "acting ability." Well brotha, if you want people to respect you as an ACTOR, keep your shirt on and don't take, "blow up stuff," movies. As for this film, I'd give it one star out of four because I'm sick of seeing non-depth movies that rake in enough money to make the film houses happy enough to throw it into more, "blow up stuff," movies. I can't wait for XXX2, or XXX3, or XXXX, or whatever clever thing these producers come up with next. Do me a favor Hollywood hotshots, attempt making a film with depth. O wait, I'm sorry, I apologize for asking you to do something so rational.

Classic!, 14 November 2001

Here yee, here yee, we have finally witnessed a true, " pushing the envelope," in film. Hats down to Mr.Berg for putting out a production like this. Written and directed by this mastermind of money, drugs and sex, America got to see what REALLY goes on at some bachelor parties. Now we all remember Tom Hanks in," Bachelor Party," but will we all remember Jon Faverau in VERY BAD THINGS? I doubt it. This film was done well. It was shot very contemporary and had a good plot that kept your attention. Something about hinting the end of the film at the beginning of it really drags you in there and keeps your attention (American Beauty for example.) We have an awesome cast of male roles wound up and then topped off with Diaz as the obsessed soon-to-be-wife. She really makes this flick worth watching with her catty remarks and constant b*tching. I enjoyed this film to the highest extent for the simple fact that Peter really took a shot at something sacred; marriage. Death, destruction, sex, power, money, drugs and lying unfortunately seem to be a part of American culture today. O yea, and war. This film exploits that in a somewhat comical way. It isn't brought to us like Sex, Lies and Videotapes. It isn't brought to us like American History X. It isn't brought to us like Saving Private Ryan. It is brought it us with a plain and simple storyline, conducted in a very present day feel, with constant tones of comic relief. If you have the stomach and sense of humor to withstand a stripper/prostitute get a towel hook jabbed in her head, then later carefully packaged and nicely wrapped in plastic and then buried in the Nevada desert, RENT THIS FILM!

Swordfish (2001)
Keeps your attention., 13 November 2001

Good flick. Nothing special, but it did hit the wave of technology with lots of tech talk. Two words to make any man see this film, Halle Berry. Hugh did a good job also. Solid lead actor who hit all the key elements to portray his character well. Thumbs up for Don and the other supporting actors. Good plot, cool camera tricks and an all-around fun movie. BUT. Notice how this was left open. Who was not mentioned I ask? El John Travolta. Johnny Boy, if you are out there, polish those acting skills. Maybe it was one too many "man-animals," from Battlefield Earth that got to you. Something about the present Travolta is odd. He seems like he is always smiling when he speaks. Beats me, but the guy needs to adjust to his character a bit more. Travolta did a good job in this, but he was just a bit too cheesy. He reminded me too much of his Face/Off character and seems like he's been acting the same in many of his recent films. Hey John, do us a favor. Wipe that goofy, " I just saw a girls' bra," smirk off your face next time you get on camera. O yea, the camera adds 10pounds, but it looks like Sena went with the heavy duty camera. Chill on those In-N-Out burgers.

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It's TRUE!, 13 November 2001

This is a direct connection from the church of $cientology. If you have any inside information on the church, you will know that members and workers of the church were ordered to go and see this film in order to boost the ratings and numbers. Some people saw this film up to ten times even! L.Ron Hubbard believes that mankind was brought here by space aliens, similar to the ones portrayed in this film. To anyone who isn't sure on this, punch in some words on any search engine and see what comes up.

On a film critics note, this film was pathetic. No solid plot, choppy editing and camera work(I won't tarnish the word cinematography by including it this film critique) and poor acting. 2 thumbs down and a half star only because I am a fan of Forrest.

Not bad, but not great., 23 May 2001

A film about honor, glory and the fight for a woman's heart. That is what this film was shooting towards, but it missed. For starters, the music selection for this film was awful. Something about playing the song, "Low Rider," during joust training just doesn't cut it. The directing was good, not wonderful, but good. The screenplay could have been polished a bit more. The love story was interesting and took some sharp turns to keep your guard up. The only aspect that kept my attention in this film and the only reason I would recommend this film to anyone is purely the acting. If you can deal with the poor music selections and tune into the acting, you will enjoy the film. Heath Ledger did a very solid job. Mark Addy was an excellent supporting actor, but the REAL winners in this film are Paul Bettany and Alan Tudyk. Bettanys' performance was what this film needed as far as writing goes. Some of Ledgers' lines were quite cheesey, to say the least. The screenplay tried to be poetic and medieval with Ledger, but it just did not work. Bettany was casted absolutely perfect for this role. But in my eyes, supporting actor Alan Tudyk stole the show. His constant bickering with Bettany was definitely something that kept the audience's attention. The way that Tudyk was able to change emotions in the snap of a finger is an indication of excellent acting and quite rare because it was actually believable. I have seen Tudyk in, "28 Days," and he had a role in the outstanding comedy, "Strangers With Candy," (he played a cult leader named, "Father.") As long as Alan Tudyk is casted right, he will become one of the next top actors in film.

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Crudup wins this race., 23 May 2001

This film was something to remember. A classic of man against himself in this uplifting flick. Crudup plays a track runner that has gained the ability to run forever, something of a superman type power. He encounters the hurdles or love with Potter who puts out a sound performance. A strong combination of excellent acting, directing and writing puts this film in the top 50 underrated films of the 90's. Sutherland portrays the infamous coach who wants things done his way. He plays the role perfectly and eventually wins the respect of Crudup. Crudup has been known to take on roles that are not your typical Hollywood mass-marketed garbage. He was up for the lead role in, "Titanic," but thankfully he did not take the role. Moore and Towne did a great job writing by hitting all the standards of a winning film. Some of the best films in Hollywood aren't noticed right away (Citizen Kane) but are later discovered and respected for not falling into the traps of cookie-cutter crap we get fed each Friday night for $8.00 a shot. Crudup took a chance with a big flick, "Almost Famous," and he stole the show. There is no actor that could have played the part of the self-proclaimed, "Golden God."

Next time you hit the movie store, rent Without Limits.

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