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Dissappointing, 4 April 2004

I myself have never seen the original but know the story of Sheriff Buford Pusser. This movie was good don't get me wrong, but certainly not the Rock's best work. This movie falls short of The Mummy Returns, The Scorpion King and, The Rundown, the Rock's 3 previous movies. Among action movies in general it falls short of lofty expectations. The Rock has the potential to be the next action star taking the torch from Arnold Schwarzenegger. I hope to see the Rock in better roles than this or at least with better directors who will give the Rock material better suited to his personality. 5/10*****

The Rock will certainly get his actor's wings in the future and will gain the ability to broaden his repotoire and tackle other realms of entertainment.

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Laughed my Butt off!!!!, 12 April 2003

This is one of the funniest movies I have seen. Adam Sandler is definitely the funniest actor in our generation and should be given the proper respect in which he deserves. The chemistry between Sandler, Nicholson, & Tomei was incredible and hopefully they will work together again perhaps in a sequel to Anger Management. Keep up the good work Adam!

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Fantastic!!!, 15 November 2002

This was by far Jim Carrey's best work in a dramatic role since The Truman Show and I personally think it's a crying shame that he was not at least nominated by the Academy for his efforts. Jim Carrey has shown an amazing amount of depth coming from Ace Ventura to Truman Burbank and The Majestic. Martin Landau was superb as Luke's father and David Ogden Steirs was also wonderful as Adele's father. This film should have won for writing directing and for Jim Carrey not to mention best picture. Easily the best film of 2001 and certainly of Jim Carrey's career to date. I give it 10 out of 10.

I love this movie!, 29 October 2002

This movie has everything one hopes for in a movie. Good Action,Funny Humor,and of course sexy women (granted only 1 woman was sexy in this one that of course being Ali Larter). I mean I have read some of the other reviews on this movie and frankly I think they are a bit harsh. Collin Farrell,Gabriel Macht are relative unknowns to me. I have only heard of them from this movie. Will McCormack I have seen before I just can't place him. And of course Scott Caan is from Gone in Sixty Seconds and is James Caan's son. I highly recommend this movie to anyone who likes kick ass movies.

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Stooges, what can ya say?, 18 July 2002

I just saw this Stooge film for the very first time yesterday and I loved it. I have always been a stooge fan and have just about everything they ever did on tape. This movie was hilarious in the awesome tradition of Stoogeness.

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Absolutely Hilarious, 24 June 2002

I remember watching this show on HBO as a kid and I loved it. I was saddened when the show was canceled but can enjoy it again for I have it on tape. It was imaginative thought provoking and downright funny. Donald Gibb and Tony Longo as Dr. Death & Mad Dog (respectively) I feel carried the show and of course John Kassir as Zagreb was hilarious. A great show but not for everyone as it contained some adult themes and scenes.

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In 1972 a crack commando unit was sent to prison by a military court for a crime they didn't commit. These men promptly escaped from a maximum security stockade to the Los Angeles underground. Today, still w, 24 June 2002

The A-Team was one awesome show I watched it from start to finish and still watch it today as it airs in syndication on 'The New TNN' every weekday @ 3p.m. I loved everything about the show. Mr. T's trademark gold and his line of "Sucka" & "What you talkin bout fool?". Murdock's zany and crazy antics. Face's perception of his ladies man status. Hannibal's cigar-smoking,love it when a plan comes together attitude. All in all a true American classic.

No Alibi (2000)
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Interesting, 21 June 2002

This movie was a very slow starting movie, but it picked up when it counted. Dean Cain was superb Eric Roberts not the best actor there is but had a good performance as well. The story moved along at a good pace once it picked up. All in all a good movie.

Dying to Belong (1997) (TV)
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Good Movie, 19 June 2002

I liked this movie. I have always been a fan of Mark Paul Gooselaar. I watched Saved By the Bell every chance I got. I thought this movie was well written ,well directed and well cast. TV movies aren't usually this good due to thier low budgets but this is one movie that delivers.

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Not that bad,,,,really, 19 June 2002

Ok this movie has Steven Seagal in it. He is not the world's best actor. This is not exactly a secret. But who cares? He kicks ass. Steven Seagal is one of my favorite action stars and I have all the movies he has ever done except 1. He aint a great actor but if you get down to it neither is Clint Eastwood.

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