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Will smith makes the movie, 18 August 2008

I saw this movie yesterday and thought it would have been better but it was too kenetic with Will Smith running around catching buses and picking up his kid(more about him later) and trying to get to the shelter it was exhausting to watch. That said He carries the movie and his kid was irritating always complaining it put me off. His wife at the beginning was supportive but turned in to a real bitch! I know this was based on a true story but it's almost hard to believe but hats off to the real Chris. Great Bay area locations esp. the one at the beach alone with the Golden Gate in the background. New York and San Fransico have to be the best American cities to film!

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Just like the book, 27 October 2006

I read the book a couple of years ago and thought it was terrific and this film stays true to the book,Kudos to Clint Eastwood and Spielberg for that and not to Hollywood it. Adam Beach as Ira Hayes should be nominated for an Oscar,truly a great performance. How they created Mt Suribachi was right on and of course the battle scenes were horrific but that's war. Japan refusing to let us use the island just goes to show the arrogance of the Japanese who still haven't apologize for Pearl Harbor. I don't know who was responsible for giving it back to them but it's insult to all the Americans who died on that piece of volcanic island. A must see film and Oscars to Eastwood and Beach.

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Hidden gem, 16 April 2006

This was the first time I heard of this movie and it was really good,dark and is B/W still the best in those 40's crime movies. John Ireland really good as villain and woman beater,Leave It To Beaver father Hugh Beaumont a surprise as good guy detective. The police methods Pre-Miranda are frightening,no lawyers and roughing up suspects and obvious shaky evidence and possible frame-up. But the one great thing about the movie is that great fight between the Babes(rarely ever seen today) It was great to watch. This has to rank as one of the all-time woman fights on screen! Great cars and of course nightclub with people all dressed up and smoking.

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An all-timer!, 15 February 2006

This movie is so good every time it's on I MUST! watch it. Black and white adds to grittiness of the movie. You can almost feel the closeness and heat of that jury room. Outstanding performances all the way around. This picture should have won The Oscar and everybody in it deserves an Oscar especially Lee J. Cobb who steals the movie from Fonda. Jack Warden is also a standout. THere is the scene where Ed Begley is going off on his racist tirade and if you notice(and this a goof)Lee J. Cobb is nowhere to be seen. Where is he? Then he's back. You eagle eyes at IMDb should check it out. I've sent you guys goof before and you have never acknowledged them. They are there but you guys won't send me an e-mail confirm or deining it. C'mon guys what's the fun in that.

Them! (1954)
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One of the best, 7 July 2005

This movie was one of the best of that era,black and white and as a 14yr old I thought the Ants were looked pretty good. this was a scary movie. James Arness the FBI guy and James Whitmore were real good and Arness was the THE THING 3 years earlier! Edmund Gwen was also terrific a long way from MIRACLE ON 34TH STREET. Scenes in the storm drain were scary and the only bummer Whitmore getting killed. I don't know why he had to be killed,bad taste in my mouth when I left theatre. The drunks in the detox ward." MAKE ME A SGT.,GIVE ME THE BOOZE". The mother of the 2 boys in the storm drain waiting the fate of her children and somebody saying lets just burn them out and James Whitmore saying tell that to the mother whose kids might still be alive,very good scene. A great movie.

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Brando great!, 14 April 2005

For a guy who had some heavy duty roles,Waterfront,Sreetcar etc. this role was a real challenge for Brando and he is fabulous and steals movie although Glenn Ford is great too. This shows Brando's brilliance as an actor not that there was ever any doubt but this early in his career to take this comedic challenge shows his versatility. Is Glenn Ford ever bad? I don't think he gets the credit for all his talent. This movie probably could not be made today a victim of PC. Must have Asian play Asian and don't offend the the Japanese although the only people made to look like fool were the Americans which is fine with me because it's a comedy and people are suppose to look foolish. Never on, but caught on TCM.

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Simply the best of all The Christmas Carol movies!, 22 December 2003

I've seen this movies at least a 100x and NEVER! get tired of it. Sims is brillant and the b/w really show how depressing 19 century England was. A close second to Sims is the George C. Scott version, but anything with Scott is great.

Goldfinger (1964)
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The best!, 18 November 2002

One of the great Bond movies with the Irreplaceable Sean Connery! One of the great lines when Bond says to Goldfinger "what do you expect me to do?, talk" and Goldfinger says" no! Mr. Bond I expect you to Die!"Shirley Eaton looking gorgeous! Oddjob one of movies alltime villians!

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It Sucked!, 11 October 2002

This was really a bad movie, the love story was unnecessary, TORA,TORA,TORA was much better, too much 2001 in a 1941 movie, nobody smoked and I'm suprise they used the word japs as it might offend the nation that sneaked attack us. Lucky for me I just watch it on tape as I zipped right through the love part and on to the action. The Dolittle part was pretty good. But this picture gets a 3 on the 1 to 10 scale!

Gettysburg (1993)
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Simply the best Civil war movie!, 3 February 2002

This is a great movie about The Civil war unlike Gone with the Wind which was just a love story. This captured the real feeling of the war. Sam Elliott speech about fat politicians beating their chest but the soldiers dying was great along with his Gen. Buford. Great perfotmance by Jeff Daniels as Chamberlain was oscar worthy! Great score, I first saw this in the theatre, the only way to see it. A truly great movie, solid 10!

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