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Second String (2002) (TV)
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The eighth wonder of the movie world, 20 December 2002

In the year 2000 (keep in mind, this is two years ago, not four), two men had the motivation to create the most miraculous piece of art on this side of the Mississippi.

Thanks to Jere Cunningham and Tom Flynn, the world can now enjoy Second String, a delicious TV movie depicting a tale of a rag-tag gang of second stringers (thus the title) who are thrust into the position of starters due to an order of bad oysters.

Because of the motivational direction of both the director Robert Lieberman and the Buffalo Bills' last minute QB, Dan "Give 'em hell" Heller (portrayed by Canadian actor, Gil Bellows) the oft Super Bowl snake-bitten Bills find themselves in the ultimate position.

With an intriguing mix of internal and external conflict, a love story, comraderie that only the fine sport of football can bring, and an overall theory that the underdog can compete, Second String is an excellent movie worthy of viewing every possible moment that it appears on TNT.

The only thing potentially bad about this production is the spelling of the Costume Designer's first name, Jenifur Jarvis.

This movie is horrendous!!!!, 18 March 2001

I recently performed in the off-broadway musical "The Fantasticks" as Henry. This movie is NOTHING like the musical. After putting a lot of work into this, I feel as if they butchered it! They skipped vital things from the musical and added things that weren't there. Seriously, this movie was the hardest for me to sit through and watch.