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The Remaining (2014/I)
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Best Rapture film I've ever seen by far, 21 January 2015

The whole rapture concept is quite interesting. If you can watch this movie with an open mind (I know it's hard with so many having Christian upbringings) it's really a pretty good movie.

I read the reviews prior and they were so negative I thought this movie would be even worse than the recent Nicolas Cage version also released in 2014. I'm so glad I actually watched the movie ignoring the reviews and the incredibly low (4 IMDb score).

The pace picks up fast so there isn't a long drawn out character building intro to bore us with. The special effects do not look low budget at all, with extremely believable visuals and sound (I highly recommend watching this in a high def environment with good surround sound and sub). To this point the budget normally available in IMDb is missing so it's anyone's guess how much was actually invested in this film...

The acting for a bunch of little known's (a tad higher than unknowns) was totally acceptable for a disaster flick, especially considering the plot (imagine finding out the Christian rapture is real, and you're on the wrong side.... yikes!)

The preaching was kept to a tolerable level (unlike many Christian films) with many good topics to analyze. What exactly is a believer? Wouldn't everyone be a believer if something like the rapture actually occurred (if not you would cross the line from non believer to denial lol)?

I would not consider myself a Christian although I was raised that way. I'm no atheist either. My purpose is to be as aware as possible and make decisions with the given information and my conscience as a guide. Will there be a rapture? Who cares it's irrelevant? Is this movie worth watching? Definitely!!! Put your Christian guilt at the door and watch the creators vision, you can have you guilt refunded free of charge when it's done :)

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Original, funny, and heart warming comedy, 11 October 2009

The right wing Christians and other religious zealots are all up in arms because anything (including a fictional movie) that could challenge (or even offer a concept) outside their reality is nothing more than blasphemy.... It sad and kind of funny at the same time.

For those with an open mind that aren't blinded by dogma, this movie is non-stop laugh out loud fun. Of course it points out many of societies traits and looks at what would be left if these traits were removed. Then they create a world never before seen for the setting of this film.

The story and editing were just about perfect with this imagined world where the concept of lying, fiction, faith, and fairy tales had never existed. The film then takes us on an emotional roller coaster of what if just 1 person figured out how to deceive. What could be obtained? How would everyone else react?? Could that person still live their life and not abuse this new found power??? All these questions and more are addressed in an amazingly original, funny, and most of all heart warming romantic comedy (remember a fictional one you zealots...) Watch and enjoy...

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Modern day Abbott and Costello meet the Lesbian Vampires, 27 June 2009

So I can't understand the poor rating for this film, except to think it was marketed to the wrong people (by accident).

What this film is not... 1) A horror film. There are no scares, it's not a fright fest. It's not even really what I would term "gory". 2) This is not Evil Dead, or Shawn or the Dead, but more like Army of Darkness. 3) This is not a porn film, there is little nudity, but if you like to see hot ladies, barely clothed, then...

What this film is... 1) Pure camp and all out laughs 2) lots of action and hilarious special effects. 3) An amazing soundtrack even for a high budget A movie. 4) Non stop memorable scenes and one liners. Based on a lot of reviews from IMDb, critics, and other sites, it seems many who watched this film expected something quite different. To me it's a modern day comic masterpiece Cordon as Fletch and McGann as the Vicar were my favorite characters. The beautiful lead vampires played by Silvia and Vera were amazing and right there as well. The rest of the cast (Mathew and Myanna especially) were also great and did just what they needed to do.

This movie is fun sober or wasted. Enjoy either way just take things a little less seriously...