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Don't listen to those *haters*, 2 December 2002

8 Crazy Nights was SOoOoOoO funnny!!!! If this movie didn't make you laugh, then you must be dead inside... or something to that effect. This movie really cracked me up, and now I want the DVD. I was actually a bit skeptical when it started, but the plot builds up nicely ((and even has a nice/touching moral that goes with it)) and its just *non-stop* laughs. Adam Sandler is pure genius. He really did a good job with this.

Oh, and don't be turned off by the ONE poop joke, it's really not that horrible.

I hope everyone gives this movie a chance; I really can't see how some people didn't like it. But oh well, I recommend it to everyone with a good sense of humor. God bless!

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What an awesome movie!, 29 October 2001

I'm sooo in love with this movie. Its way better than Kuch Kuch Hota Hai or any other Hindi film or ANY film in general that I've ever seen! It's that good! I just want to recommend this to everyone ESPECIALLY if your a Shah Ruhk Khan/Kajol fan, they are awesome together. The whole supporting cast does a great job too- Put together with the beautiful direction of Aditya Chopra they turn a simple storyline of uncliched love into a heartfelt movie you can watch over and over again. Oh, and did I mention the songs rock too!

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Hey.., 9 September 2001

i understand that there's probably not a lot of people who are going to see this movie, much less, comment on it.. but, if you are one of the few lucky people who are reading this comment right now then i just want to let you know that Akkare Akkare is one the funniest movies ever made.

The whole beginning of it is just getting into the story, the whole premise of two confused Malayalee men in the middle of America is great.. as soon as Mohanlal & Sreenivassan arrive in America the fun begins. There were few scenes of pure hilarity that i have to pick out ~

- The part where Sreenivassan is framed stealing from the grocery store and put in jail and Mohanlal runs after the cop car he's in.

- The part where Mohanlal and Sreenivassan put soot on their faces and put on black shirts to act like negroes to convince a Malayalee lady to give them her clothes (lol)

- The part where Mohanlal and Sreenivassan do that funny dance on the top of a building and on the sidewalks, thats just funny for millions of reasons

- The part when Sreenivassan gets the big gold crown stuck on his head and him and Mohanlal run from the whities.

Haha, you should just watch this movie for those parts alone... hilarious. I think Mohanlal and Sreenivassan make an awesome team, definitly the funniest that I've ever seen. This is kind of like Dumb & Dumber, Malayalam style, but Mohan & Sreeni are ten times funnier than Jim Carrey and whats-his-face will ever be.

I recommend this to anybody w/ a sense of humor! ;D

Henna (1991)
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A good movie, 1 September 2001

My dad made me watch this movie with him, and I wasn't expecting anything too awesome. I was clearly surprised AND delighted with this movie, i liked the story-line and the acting.. it was both funny and touching.

Zeba Bakhtiar was cute and she did a great job in the some-what lead role.

What was truly remarkable w/ this film was the amazing use of color, it was very vibrant and in-your-face.. some scenes were so elaborate, it was kind of like the Moulin Rouge.

Anyway, this was a great film, I'd recommend it to everyone!

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I love this movie!, 16 August 2001

*** This review may contain spoilers ***


First of all, I am 100% Indian, but am a full blooded Malu.. Lemme just tell you Malyalam films suck so I'm usually watching Hindi ones. Hindi music is amazing, i have the soundtrack to Kuch Koch and I recommend it to everyone. The music is awesome, Shah Rukh is a good lip-sincher, but Kajol could brush up... and its quite obvious that they use the same voice for big Anjali, Tina, AND the grandmother (whose REALLY funny btw)

Anyway, the acting - Shah Rukh Khan is great as always, but hes stereotyped as the weepy guy who gets the girl once again, Kajol is a very good actress & I loved the way she looked in that black linka when her hair was really long, Ronnie did great (* her and Kajol are cousins you know, i liked seeing them in this film together, they are both very beautiful also) I also thought that the little girl, Sana Saeed that played young Anjali did a GREAT job, heh- "Hi,Sexy!" Salman Khan is VERY hot indeed, but he can't act, he's just there for his stunning good looks & big muscles [hes kind of the Hindi equivalence to Keanu Reeves] ... Other notable performances Anupam Kher as Mr.Malhotra was absolutely hilarious, i was laughing so hard when he was asleep and Ms.Bridganza called him.. he woke up giggling like a little girl, it was so funny. I'd recommend this movie to anyone of all ages, some people will tell you this is is over-rated, but it's just NOT true, this is a great movie... and ~ NEELAM ROCKS!

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Tooo Funny!!, 18 July 2001

II have never laughed so hard at a sitcom other than "Friends" and "The Simpsons" until Third Rock From The Sun came along.

Their logic, dialouge, and cast are all top-class and hilarious. John Lithgow, without a second of doubt is simply THE BEST.. the way he pronounces his words is just a laugh on it's own.. i love it. His comical timing is great, and he can get away with some quotes that I can't imagine anybody else pulling off. He rocks. The rest of the cast is also very good. Simbi Khala and Jane Curtin as Nina and Mary are fun and enjoyable. Joseph Gordon-Levitt is getting hotter by the second and he always manages to make me laugh, French Stewart.. lol, the way he looks alone is a laugh in itself. Kirsten Johnson is great as a strong female, i like her a lot. In fact, I like the whole cast. I'm going to miss them !! At least we still have their hilarious re-runs.

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The best teen movie.. ever ; - ), 17 July 2001

I loved this movie to death, it has the BEST teen cast I've ever seen. Hot talent, excellent writing, good direction, and a kiss-azz music score makes this movie able to be watched over and over again. I was so amazed at how talented the actors were, I just have to tell you what I thought of them ~

First off, I love Julia Stiles as Kat Stratford, Julia is the only blonde I have ever seen who could probably not pull off a clueless valley girl act (which is a good thing, trust me, black-haired, brown-eyed girls like me don't wanna watch dumb blondes.) Joseph Gordon-Levitt is adorably sweet and lovable here, I just wanted to kiss him. Heath Ledger, i can explain in one word : hot. And last but not least, Larisa Oleynick was great, very pretty, and not annoying although some of her dialouge wasn't my style.

Buy it, rent it.. i don't care, just SEE iT !!! But do keep in mind that I said best "teen" movie, not best movie. Now SEE iT !!!

Boys (1996)
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The cover is mesmirizing alone, 14 July 2001

Ok, so, yeah, it was weird & a tad boring at times, but i thought that all in all, it was pretty enjoyable for a boring Saturday afternoon, because after i started to watch it for 2 minutes, I discovered that I was so curious to see what was going to happen next that i was mesmirized. The guys in it are kinda good-looking and pretty funny, if you're willing. And I have to say, I love the picture of Winona Ryder on the movie cover, she has a certain look to her that's just mysterious and attractive. I heard that the script of this movie changed and after Winona heard about that she didn't like it and wanted to refuse to be in it, so she must've been very un-willing to this movie during filming.. you can kind of tell if you pay close attention too. I wouldn't recommend renting it or buying it, cuz it comes on tv all the time, and if your bored enough I'm sure you'll enjoy it.

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a generally likable movie, 30 June 2001

Jerry Maguire is a universal favorite, it has good dialouge, good comedy, and some good actors. But when you think about it and put it into perspective there isn't anything thats just absolutely amazing, weird, or different about this film. The acting was excellent from Tom, Renee, and Cuba Gooding Jr. (and Aries Spears) The little kid and Kelly Preston were extremely annoying. I really just had to roll my eyes at the part where Kelly beats up Tom Cruise, I mean - yeah right, like she could actually do that.. That and other moments made this film very un-real and annoying.

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Very good film, 30 June 2001

This is an awesome comedy starring Adam Sandler, who is ALWAYS fun to watch and Damon Wayans who I can stand. They work well together and this movie is really enjoyable, expecially if your in the mood for a comedy. Sure, the action wasn't that great, but it's not exactly bad. I liked this movie.. and I just want to say ADAM ROCKS!! My favorite scene - Adam singing I Will Always Love You while taking a shower. Lol, he has major singing and acting talent, and he's nice to look at too. Yum.

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