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Better than Johnny?, 4 June 2009

No offense to the late Johnny Carson, or Jay Leno for that matter. But I think Conan O'Brien is the funniest talk show host of all time. Better than Letterman, Kimmel, and Jack Pahr as well. There's not a minute of the show that my abs are not still recovering from my last gut-wrenching outburst of laughter. Conan knows what's funny, and he's got a wit that is unmatched by any comedian I've ever seen. And of course Andy Richter does a GREAT job as Connan's Ed McMahon. He should definitely go back to sitting on the couch. McMahon did it right? Leno is a decent comedian, but he didn't have the charisma and fast paced sense of humor like Conan does. He made Tom Hanks, Will Ferrel, and Julia Louise Dreyfuss ten times funnier than what they actually were. And of course CoCo and Coop was hilarious as well. I have to say that I had HUGE expectations for Conan in his Tonight Show debut, and he's surpassed them with an enormous surplus. The Tonight Show is my new favorite show. And I think that if NBC doesn't fold under pressure, it will soon blow David Letterman out of the water with ease.

PS: I've watched Jimmy Fallon too. It has potential. He just still seems pretty uncomfortable being the leading man on an unscripted show.

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I've seen better!, 25 June 2006

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I'm going to make this kinda short. I just wanted to say that i don't understand how this movie got such great reviews. It wasn't horrible but I had always heard how great this movie was and i just don't get it. Maybe I missed something but it is so much like the other slashers. I found it to be kind of boring. Margot Kidder is drunk and annoying in this. The story dragged and I can't believe we never found out who the killer was. What, they couldn't find someone to play the killer or what? The one part I found kind of creepy was the part about the saran wrap. For those of you who think this is going to be the best movie ever, I'm telling you that it's not all it's cracked up to be.

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Don't say i didn't warn you!, 22 June 2006

First of all I would like to start this off with an apology to the creators of silent night, deadly night. I made that movie sound like the worst movie ever and in reality mountaintop motel massacre makes it look brilliant. This so far is the worst movie i have ever seen! I watched this movie for 2 reasons, because i have always had a fear of creepy hotels and the cover looked scary. This movie did not make my fear any worse and in fact I am probably less afraid of hotels. This movie is slow and boring and the only reason i watched all of it was to give a review. We didn't even get to know the characters and I for one didn't care what happened to them. They were morons and this was the worst acting ever. I know most of these movies have bad actors but i have honestly seen better and more believable actors in elementary school plays. And what was with the killing scenes? The victims had their heads turned and you couldn't even see what was being done to them until after it was done. I love scary B movies but if you are thinking of adding this to your collection, I hope you don't make the same mistake as i did and ignore the reviews. Don't say I didn't warn you.

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Don't let the title fool you., 16 June 2006

Don't make the same mistake as I did and listen to reviews that ramble on about how good this movie is or the interesting sounding title like i did. I am a huge fan of low-budget horror movies from the 80's so i thought i would buy this movie. A total waste of time and money. I would rather stare at the floor for 92 minutes then be put through the torture of watching this crap again. I mean I have no idea how sequels were made of this movie. I can only imagine how horrible they are. I could care less what happens to these people after this movie. The concept is good but you don't even get the Christmas feeling at all. The killings are unoriginal and there is no twist or any decent plot to hang on to. Read the summary to this movie and you might as well have watched the movie as these characters act terribly while going through the motions. I got up and started doing other things while watching this extremely boring movie but still stayed tuned in to see if it would get better. Of course not, it only got worse. Boring. Boring. Boring. Do yourself a favor and go through your life without ever seeing this piece of trash.

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A family of killers terrorize innocent people while trying to avoid the police who are searching for them., 15 June 2006

This movie is perfect. I had to say that the house of a 1,000 corpses was beyond terrible and this is coming from someone who loves horror movies. When my husband suggested i watch the sequel I refused but eventually wound up watching it anyways and now it is my favorite movie. This movie is sick and demented but in a good way. The main characters are evil but I still were rooting for them and liked them. It showed that ruthless killers have feelings too. The acting was excellent except for a guy named Jimmy who was terrible. Fortunately he has a short appearance. I usually only like horror movies from the 70's and 80's but I really felt like i was watching a movie from the 70's because of the great costumes and the best music ever. I wouldn't do anything to change it. Funny though, the character played by William Forsyth was supposed to be a good guy in the beginning turned out to be the scariest character of all. Baby isn't the best actress but really makes the movie good somehow and she is beautiful. How often do we see movies with evil females? I hope Rob Zombie makes more movies in the future. If you like these types of movies make sure to watch this but do yourself a favor and don't watch his first film.

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Who cares it sucks., 15 June 2006

What is wrong with everybody? This movie is terrible. I can't understand why this is considered a classic or spawned so many sequels, which by the way, get worse as you move on. I love low budget horror movies and have seen many of them that never get recognized and they are ten times better that this piece of crap. All of his has been done before in more interesting and intelligent ways. The acting of course sucks, there were no good surprises or twists, and its not in the least bit scary. I watched this movie when i was really young and scared of horror movies and this still didn't scare me. The only thing remotely creepy is the music that is being played when Jason is about to attack but that is it. If you want to watch a movie about camp with an interesting plot and a surprise ending watch Sleepaway Camp.

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6 teenagers land their plane on a remote island and are terrorized by an eerie family., 15 June 2006

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I can't believe the other reviews on this movie. i thought i was alone on loving the low-budget cheesy 80's movie but it turns out there are many people who enjoy them as much as i do. So if you are one of them you have to see this movie. It is my absolute favorite movie and i watch it over and over again. Some say that it's been done before and i agree that some of the killings have been done before but I have never seen a movie with people who look over 50 act like they are children. That is what makes it so creepy. It is very original in my opinion. At least I have never run across anything like it. The acting by the teenagers are pretty terrible but Rod Steiger and Yvonnne DeCarlo was excellent as so were the "children". This movie should have been a bigger hit then it was. It seemed like an ordinary predictable horror movie until i watched it. This may not be for anyone who despises low budget horror flicks but for those who love it, you must see it. It may just turn out to be your favorite too.