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American Born Puerto Rican, 14 June 2006

Rosie, I think you did an alright job but you could have added so much more to include all Puertoricans and not just the stereotypes. I was so surprised that you did not mention Luis Munoz Marin... you didn't mention him at all... It was a great effort but I was disappointed that there was not enough viewing of the beautiful places in PR. I Love PR and go often. My whole family is still there. I have Aunt's that will never leave and have never left... LOL I felt as if you were trying to get people to feel sorry for us. I don't want people feeling that way. You know that feeling you had when you called the University to set them straight after saying that you went from homeless to Hollywood... That is the feeling I got. Not all Boricuas are from the ghetto and none of my family lives in poverty. As a matter of fact I have never even seen the type of poverty you have shown in the movie. I have seen it in the Dominican Republic and in Central America but never in PR (Maybe just haven't been in those places).

My beef with PR is that we don't fight harder to become a state. There is no way in He$$ that we could ever be Independent and why would we want to. We have been promised the opportunity to become a state since 1954... what is taking so damn long. I wish you would have put more beauty of the island and politics in the film. Congress has been doing economic studies on the island for years and this documentary just made it seem as if we are not ready to become a state. This is a major set back. We need to promote our prosperity, show off what we have and what we have accomplished.

Hermana - you did alright.. and I felt more love after seeing the film. But Nena come on... let's show off in a good way let there be a Part two... "Puerto Rico - Today"... what do you say? Un Abrazo, Lisette