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A hilarious (and intense) 10 hour series, 30 April 2003

This docuseries, which takes a stab at 80s pop culture, one year per hour episode, is completely narrated by commentary provided by the funniest in the business. Mo Rocca, Hal Sparks and Michael Ian Black are the funniest commentators but all add great elements to this well-made series. Entertainment is guaranteed, no matter whether you loathe the 80s (as i do) or love them (or maybe you'll start liking the decade after seeing an episode of this great show.)

hilarious (and intense) look at 80s pop culture, 30 April 2003

hilarious. nearly perfect. in every single way. i have NOTHING bad to say about this series. sure, its 10 hours all together but no need to sit through it all at once. spread out your viewing and enjoy, but try and see every episode because all are consistantly hysterical.