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Christine (1983)
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how could it be better?, 8 January 2005

Let's face it. Christine is far from the best novels of King, especially this creepy dead former owner, sitting on the backseats, and teasing Arnie.

Carpenter chose not to put this character into the movie. What a great choice. Which other movie has shown a true love between a human and a machine ever since? I mean, a film with no ridiculous situations and tired old gags. None.

Big John created a weird teenage movie, with a great cast (Keith Gordon has never been better) and a hypercool soundtrack. One of a kind you won't easily forget!

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superb but a bit cold, 15 July 2003

France was awaiting for years the sequel to the superb short-film "La vieille dame et les pigeons", Sylvain Chomet knew the situation and decided to go further in non-sense and visual gags, wonderful characters and magnificent backgrounds.

The result is "Les triplettes de Belleville", a strange and odd experience into a very personal universe. But be aware: this movie is not a comedy, or maybe it is a very dark comedy (Tim Burton is not far in some specific moments).

I give this movie 8 out of 10.

Inferno (1980)
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one hell of a movie!, 31 May 2003

Inferno appears to be the most bizarre and totally deconstructed of the three mothers' trilogy (including Suspiria and a third film...undone!). As usually, he likes to use Luciano Tovoli's blue and red photography but the effect is less efficient than in Suspiria. The plot is a pure mcguffin: the only main interest of the intrigue is to lead the young heroine into some strange dreams, wet and cold, dry and hot, but always devilish...

Because Argento is a magician, we need to be tricked to penetrate this weird and parallel world.

Memento (2000)
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why don't you look behind?, 22 July 2001

From the young director Chris Nolan comes one of the most original film noir thriller for at least "The usual suspects". The timeline of the script is not a simple game or a kind of useless tool created by the director to hide some script's weaknesses but really insinuates the hero's mind. You can really feel the way he feels and you can try to puzzle the pieces together until an unexpected conclusion.Memento is a real masterpiece.