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K-PAX (2001)
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Ultimately - A disappointment, 9 January 2007

This movie gets one point for Kevin Spacey and another point for being in color.

This movie could've been so much more but the writer seemingly out of idea's lost his sense of wonder and fell prey to the "and the little boy fell out of bed and woke up" syndrome. It made other parts of this movie seem to not make sense. Think of the seminar's and the testing only to have that ending. Why have him impress the scholars? Why was the testing ultimately so poor? Your internet hardened blogger could've drawn out the proof one way or another. The time travel hoax which is still on the net provided better answers then this supposed traveler from another planet. Only Kevin Spacey made this movie watchable until the unpalatable ending.

Ultimately, a disappointment which is why I gave this movie thumbs down.

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Simply Superb, 16 December 2006

I remember the old series from the '70's. I, like many other sci fi lovers at the time kept thinking the series should've been so much more. Oh it was fun enough but really most people from that era would remember, Jane Seymour, Waggling Wings (which they gave a tribute to in this series) and the Living Legend. The latter being the only episodes that might actually hold up with this new and much improved version of BSG.

The addition of Edward James Olmos immediately gives the series credibility and a seriousness that the original lacked. The new BSG women are just a bout of joy to watch sexily slink and fight. From the President to the new Boomer.

Notable good facts: The Special effects are 30 years better than the old series.

The continuing storyline and people count are more believable and just plain great to watch as they keep us guessing.

Adama (Olmos) is cool.

The Cylons are sexier as people and scarier as Robots. Lucy (Xena) Lawless is both.

Bringing back the original Apollo, even as a recurring character is special. Major Internet Coupons to the producers for trying to bring back our favorite (even though some such as Jane Seymour, turned it down).

The continuing storyline. They are avoiding turning this series into a "soap opera" in outer space yet have managed to add the human equation. Not all things have a happy ending yet there are enough that you don't lose hope. They have maintained continuity from one season to another.

Faults:I chide the producers of the show for the almost complete absence of blacks (Boomer and Tigh, where are thou?) in this series. So far, I have counted two in notable roles. The 70's was a time of agonizing reappraisal and it was cool to see all races represented in the future or far off lands.

Suggestions: Don't screw up when (if) they find the earth. Nothing was more disappointing than BSG 1980.

That aside; I give this series the highest recommendation. It is not only the best sci-fi series, it is one of the best, if not the best TV series of all time.

"FLCL" (2000)
Don't Miss it, 14 December 2006

FLCL is one of those animations that sleep into greatness. After the first episode you are wondering what happened but you know you have to watch the next episode to see if it will make sense. The more you watch, the more it makes sense until you realize you are HOOKED! Watch the first and last episodes for the most expensive animation in history. It is well worth it.

The veiled sexuality, the completely original yet crazy storyline is one of a kind. Being a limited series, there will be one feeling most share.

You positively want more!

I give FLCL Fooly Coolly a 10!

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Compelling, 13 June 2006

It wasn't simply the way Mason captured the screen with a class that few if any actors could handle today. Sometimes, it only takes one scene to make a movie great. The scene between Rommel and Hitler (Mason and Adler) is that scene. You forget that these are actors and immerse yourself in the moment as Rommel becomes the one man who dares confront Hitler about his battle plans. He refuses to back down to the most evil man of our time and it makes this movie one of the best WWII movies ever made.

The makers of Pearl Harbor should take note: When you have the people like Rommel and Hitler (Or Roosevelt and Yamamoto) as your characters, you don't need to invent a silly story line. History is the best story teller of all. This movie is about history.