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Grindhouse (2007)
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Excellent double feature well worth the ticket cost., 9 April 2007

Before hand I want to point out that I am a fan of both Robert Rodriguez and Quentin Tarantino, and being that I usually know what to expect at both directors movies so I loved this film(both films).

In Rodriguez's "Plannet Terror" the story basically follows a group of unlikely hero's who fight off a horde of the chemical-filled-zombie-things-that-were-caused-by-the-government. "Plannet Terror" basically is your parody of old corny 70's/80's zombie/action flicks with corny dialog in all. I think all of the actors did pretty well, some of there dialog was corny buy I think(hope) it was apart of the whole parody thing. Hats off to Rose McGowan, who plays the GoGoDancer Cherry, that loses her leg and later gets a machine gun on it, epically does great in this flick; I never really thought much of her as an actress before this, so yay for her.

The content in this movie certainly isn't for all ages, you got your helping to: over the top violence and gore, language, and sex(peg leg sex....). So if your a fan of gory thrashers you'd be at home with "Plannet Terror", but if your not a fan of limbs falling off don't back away from this movie yet; the violence is so over the top you probably wont mind(kinda like Kill Bill v.1). And the sex scene(peg leg sex......) doesn't get to showy for it is interrupted by a missing reel (this missing reel is used in both flicks in Grindhouse), and there is an almost rape scene in the movie that is so sickly disgusting; and who other to be the rapist then Quentin Tarantino who also has a cameo in his own part of Grind House "Death Proof".

All in all "Plannet Terror" was a great movie. It has good acting and I was shocked to see Bruce Willis in it so that was cool. Great first half of Grind House does "Death Proof" stand to "Plannet Terror"?

"Death Proof" Tarantino's installment in Grind House. "Death Proof" follows two groups of women and sadistic/smooth/crazy/crybaby character StuntManMike, impressing played by Kurt Russell.

I loved "Death Proof" but like I said I am a fan of Tarantino's work. Let me say, chances are if you like Tarantino then you will like "Death Proof" if not then *maybe* you wont. Maybe because it is a different kind Tarantino movie, but if you don't like the stand out dialog he puts in his movies then...... well.... just know "Death Proof" has a lot of that kind of dialog. I find the pop-culture/witty dialog funny and memorable so for me, like all the other Tarantino flicks, I had no problem with it at all.

This film is shot in a great way, and the car crash scene was so gory and repulsive it left me wanting more. Hands down best crash scene in ANY movie. Its awesome.

The acting in this movie is pretty good for everyone. Let me throw my hat off to Kurt Russell and Rosario Dawson because their acting made the part. Kurt Russell because he shows he can *still* act that cool action guy like he used to in EscapeFromNewYork. And to Rosario Dawson, not because her acting really stood out from the other women, but because it thrills me that she gets to be in movies like these. She's been in more "nerdy" films lately and its been working out for both her acting job and her fan boost. You go to a comic book convention before she was in Sin City and you'd probably see no one knew who she was (although she was good in 25th hour). So its cool to see a young talented actress play in these movie(examples: Clerks II, Sin City, Devil's Rejects, Descent).

Also Tarantino makes a cameo in this movie as a bar owner, and it was cool to see him, but it was no way as memorable as his little role in Pulp Fiction or Reservoir Dogs or even his little part in "Plannet Terror", but still its cool to see him getting so involved in his movies.

Content ways this movie was really only violent in one part(granted that part is pretty gory), but has almost more swearing then Pulp Fiction. So if you are sensitive to cursing in movies "Death Proof" (and "Plannet Terror" really) are not for you.

"Death Proof" was a great second half of Grind House even though some would say it had a slow start it is just as good as "Plannet Terror", but just know both movies are completely different, COMPLETELY different movies with close to nothing in common. Both good movies making Grind House a great experience

Grind House also has some funny fake movie trailers before the two main movies. All of them are funny. Eli Roth did one and Rob Zombie did too. In my opinion none of the trailers matched Rodriguez's "Machete" trailer that is laugh out loud funny.

Grind House is a great movie that will leave you talking about it and quoting one liners from it years to come....

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Where did all the good hype come from?, 19 August 2006

Lets me start things off by saying I thought I would enjoy this movie. I thought it would be a great new scary movie(hard to come by now a days). I thought it was going to be the new Alien because thats what all my friends who saw it were saying. But after seeing it I question whether or not my friends that were saying that have even seen Alien. Unlike Alien this movie sucked. It did not take to long into the movie to start hoping that it would just end. After every frame I wanted it to end. Not because the movie freaked me out, but because it just sucked. Don't get me wrong. I have seen worse movies(believe me). And maybe the only reason I HATE this movie because of my high expectations.

Now there was a plot (dont get excited though, it sucked also). A group of chicks get together and go search a cave. I'm not going to spoil anything. But as you've seen in the commercials I'm sure, weird looking things that looked kinda like Golem from Lord of the Rings start attacking these chicks. And besides from their random attacking, and seeing the way bats see the movie tells you no REAL reason their down there anyway. There just there. And after the attacks start the chicks try to escape. And there's the movie. Very lackluster and unoriginal like many of today's scary movies.

FINAL VERTICT: SUCKED............ badly


Accepted (2006)
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Surprisingly Inspirering., 18 August 2006

A great movie. The movie was even better then the commercials put on. And believe it or not it was very very inspirational. I really think anyone who walks out of the movie at the end will be inspired one way or another.

It was kinda corny at the very beginning, but quickly picks up. I laughed. I laughed very hard on some parts. The acting is basically above average, nothing special, but better then average. I can safely say it was the second funniest movie to come out this summer (1st funniest being CLERKS II). So after all of that I give it a 7/10 (a high seven, but not quite an eight).

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Very original movie that will keep you on the edges of your seats., 18 August 2006

Never have I been to a movie where the whole crowd shouted in shock and fear, never, until I saw this movie. That being said, Yes, it is a very exciting movie that never slows down. You will jump, laugh, and be freaked out at snakes through the whole movie. Sam Jackson's most memorable performance since Pulp Fiction, Jackie Brown, and when he was in that one part in Coming To America, but thats not to say SNAKES ON A PLANE is better then those movies. All the other actors were okay, some though just over acted. But being that no one really cares about any of the other characters besides Sam Jackson's the other acting problems are really over looked.

People, the movie did add up to all WOW it built up. So see this movie. It will always be remembered, both as an awesome movie and easily the most creative movie in years or ever. See this movie, even if you do not like it as much as me it would be pretty hard to say it wasn't worth seeing just for all the thrilling excitement.


Mallrats (1995)
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very funny, 13 June 2006

See I loved this movie from beginning to end, BUT after saying that I must also note that this was the very first Kevin Smith movie I saw and is my favorite. Too start things off I'd like to say this movie's plot well isn't that original it focus's on: these dudes have girl friend,and dudes lose girl friends, dudes try to get girls back. But for any one reading this that hasn't seen a Kevin Smith movie you, you don't really go to Kevin Smith movies for plot. You go because of characters and dialog. For example: Jay and Silent Bob, two stoner's that aren't even major characters in the film but just from there parts in the movie you learn to love these characters. Brodie, one of the 2 main characters, just the way he's presented and the witty dialog. It's just you cant not like these characters and what the characters talk about or to each other.

This was Kevin Smith's 2nd film (Clerks was his first). The sad thing about Mallrats was that it did not do good at box office and did not get the best reviews way back in '95, but now it is considered to be a movie before it's time. Because it has received such a cult following and got way more attention then it ever did when it hit VHS and DVD. So go see this movie. If you like it check out more Kevin Smith movies like Clerks, Dogma, Chasing Amy, and Jay and Silent Bob Strikes Back. These are all such great films........... oh I almost forgot about Jersey Girl........ well no ones perfect.