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"Innocent" (2006)
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A nice surprise, 9 December 2006

I watched this by accident one night and I was pleasantly surprised. The young actors in particular did a very good job, they were convincing and fresh and even though the topics covered are sometimes a touch difficult to follow and inconsistent it certainly held my interest. You have to suspend the belief and just enjoy the enthusiasm that everybody has going around doing their parts in every individual investigation. The last episode I watched involved a young girl imprisoned for dealing drugs and a convict seeking compensation from the state after he was cleared of murder. The young talents are to be watched out for in the future.

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Surprisingly entertaining, 8 January 2006

I watched this after seeing both previous movies (Ginger Snaps and Ginger Snaps- The Sequel) so I knew what to expect. You have to realise that even though this film has werewolves in it, its main theme is unbreakable sisterly loyalty. I have to say that I'm a fan so a bit biased, but as in the previous films the best thing in this one is the atmosphere- menacing and charged and the setting (dark winter woods) is just perfect! Another thing that made me come back is the two main characters. They are played with so much conviction that you really believe they could overcome anything as long as they trust each other enough. The only problem was the werewolf story itself- just a bit too predictable. Other than that I was entertained throughout and I will watch this film again!