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nostalgia for past wars., 24 April 2017

very predictable trope laden crapazoo... Reminded me of mysterious Island only less pleasant, plus didn't get to see the giant ants. Quite frankly an old black n white Mothra and Godzilla would have been more enjoyable. Funny here and there especially bringing the old marooned vet up to spec on modern times and unintentionally risible everywhere else. Seems main purpose of this movie was to recycle, (insert old songs back into public consciousness) for their copyright holder corporations, together with some jingoism for future possible wars. One wonders at what point nostalgia for desert storm might start to rear its ugly head. And we find out that guns aren't just useful for killing other humans and napalm is still handy from its genesis from Guadalcanal flame throwers to whatever it is now but in the end you still need a hulking big gorilla to bail you out whoever that was but they hung. Ha Ha.

Squatters (2014) (V)
Jewish allegory, 21 May 2015

I found it telling that the criminals pad was more spectacular than the 1%'er fat cats, no doubt that was intentional, maybe crime does pay after all. In contrast to most other reviews the only thing I found preposterous was the ending and the police not checking out the house when they come around. definitely would not have been something cursory in the Palisades, given the taxes those people must pay. Other than these things it was quite OK, obviously not Oscar material. it was interesting to live vicariously thru the squatters enjoying the house (but annoyingly not fully) for the duration. a bit like hitting the mall in the dawn of the dead. the sons pad in Venice though not glamorous was also nothing to sneeze at, but that's fat cats for you, they make sure the next generation of fat cats are well set up.

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vastly overrated, 11 November 2014

reading the other reviews here its hard to conceive that I watched the same movie everyone is gushing about. the central premise is hardly noble although perhaps quite the likely selfish outcome i.e. after trashing this planet lets go trash some others. the black hole visualizations were quite lame. this is not a great sci-fi film even remotely in the league of 2001 although a cursory superficial viewing might suggest so to an unthinking non-sci-fi buff. a great scifi film would naturally start by 1st adapting a great scifi story. these are yet to be made such as ringworld, dyson spheres and fleet of worlds concepts. to think that all these mind boggling stories exist yet this rather old and tired story concept is chosen to lavish money on is strange, although it is somewhat understandable as the afore-mentioned stories would be much greater challenges all around and so its best that they are ignored rather than poorly realized as this primarily propaganda piece.

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Not To be missed By yous inefficients of Bushido's, 2 June 2012

Well I must say nicely executed (pun entirely intended).

The script starts out strong with the mechanical men, obsequious to their lords.

It is hard to perceive men so rigid in their view of existence, though no doubt they exist even now.

The story does descend to the weepy melodrama, but is that not the fate of all living creatures? do they not seek to procreate? thank the lord the plants obey.

The trimester of the movie becomes improbable.

One wishes that he had armed himself with Damascus steel rather than bamboo. Then surely the world would not have occurred.

But I glory that there are such people that live amongst trees, rather than slewing Dem Deutsch folk. Forgive me for I spake'easy in riddles if not rhymes.

Anyway back to the evaluation: A film not to be missed if you can forgive the middling melodrama and the fantasy resolution. But it works, it works, I still remember it 2 days hence.

Maybe tomorrow I forget the Bushido code. @#$%^&*(()

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Glory to the High Hallelujahs!, 23 April 2012

This is a gritty super realistic film, where reality occurs as one wolfs down spare noodles as a ravenous dog.

It is paradoxically a fantasy in which one man survives insurmountable odds.

It is that which shows the rational madness of the human condition.

I am afraid it is a Love Story.

Although those who are young might think it glory of violence even though the end is null. However depending on your cut there are alternative Kaputs.

I highly recommend this film to gain brotherhood amongst the races, we are are pink slime oozed from the mold.

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Pretty good if your young and uncritical, 10 February 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

The usual fair, vastly evil people attacking peace lovers. The Chinese Manchurians are the baddies and Koreans the goodies.

Although it doesn't have the balletic excesses of some Chinese movies it is equally implausible but without the moves and strangely just like in the old cowboy movies where they never run out of bullets here they never run out of arrows.

The best things about this movie was the haircuts of the baddies and the hats of the goodies.

All in all pretty boring with endless running just in front of the pursuers and then suddenly miles from them then back again. All in all something that could be forgone.

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Redundant Exposition, 30 November 2011

This series has oscillated in my esteem but now as it nears its cusp I must affer my commendation for this this series.

The world is a complex place and this series does not assure us it is not.

Therefore I love it all. There is no doubt for the aficionado's of reality this is a treat, we leRN THAT REALITY is but a web of lies, conveniences and subterfuge of the those mighty lords who rule us by deception and our own unquestioning loyalty to things we do not even read let alone understand.

As a required addendum I must state that that I understand nothing, I know not much, I don't pray to god but I worship the leaf, the crawling ant the slithering lizard, the calculator of profit is not in my ken.

"Homeland" (2011)
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relatively Objective, 28 November 2011

We live in trying times.

It is hard to be objective at the best of times; in these times it may be nigh on impossible.

However this series has made a valiant attempt at it although it has failed quite miserably but in betwixt I have quite enjoyed it in the context of its presentation.

i.e. liberal Jewish CIA operative covering for an upright although questionably insane stabilized only thru illegal pharmaceuticals, sub- operative whose main moniker appears to be "I will not grass you up".

Further senior personnel appear to be a variety of rednecks, jumped up negroes and various social climbers... i.e. pretty real.

Well worth watching albeit keep thumb up rectum.

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extremely ethical people acting unethically, 7 November 2011

I must admit that the 1st thing that attracted me to this series was the theme music. A splendid rendering of magnificence and descending glory.

Then it comes as no surprise that the theme of the whole show is thusly.

Of course the writer is merely transcribing the descent of the English upper classes. However my personal "gut" feeling is that these kinds of events occurred even in their (upper classes) ascent.

Therefore this rose tinted exposition of the fancifully illustrated decline of the upper classes masqueraded as inevitable result of a more cognizant society tries ones patience to the point of breakage...

but apparently box office success for this pap is assured.

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A thinking mans film if I may be so bold?, 9 October 2011

After reading the other superficial reviews I felt compelled to write.

This movie only makes sense in its context. That context being the imminent end-of-the-earth (as we know it (my sub-context)). This is so widely known that I do not cast this as a spoiler.

If there is any fault this is it, that the context is pre-set up. Rather it should dawn on the audience as it does literally indeed, on the protagonists. This would require a 2nd viewing, but given the vagaries of commerce I am sure the "bean" counters insisted on the opening sequences, which weren't bad anyhoo.

Many write about the acting, the photography and direction et. al. but these are mere baubles adorning the concept. In many ways I was struck by this film being the anti-thesis of the Tree Of Life, a film I would have rated negatively if possible.

Back to the concept ... the concept of a cataclysmic event ... the concept of an important event ... the concept of a significant event ...

How would the powers that be not extend their existence for 1 iota more? by lying and cheating? wasn't the Vietnam war always in imminent threat of success? isn't the war in Afganistan always being won? hasn't Iraq been a victory? Likewise, no that world is not going to hit this world. Lying is supposed to be the 1st sign of intelligence.

So dutifully the Amercan torturer falls on his sword (Sorry I like to be cryptic, as no spoilers what?).

I could go on and on about the thoughts stimulated by this movie in my brain but I'll spare you that. Clearly Lars is a thinking man: I thank him for his sacrifice.

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