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Hear Me Out Here..., 3 July 2006

OK, right off the bat, I'll admit that this movie isn't anywhere near "Citizen Kane" as far as motion picture greatness is concerned. But it's also nowhere near the dog that most reviewers make it out to be. I should know. I've watched "Moment by Moment" 3 times, and it seems like I get a bit more truth out of every viewing. Sure, Lily Tomlin may be more of a comedienne than a dramatic actress (I've got "9 to 5" on DVD, and it's great to see her taking on Dabney Coleman's "sexist, egotistical, lying, hypocritical bigot" of a boss along with Jane Fonda and Dolly Parton). I can also see how John Travolta took a major risk as an actor by playing ultra-sensitive Strip after hitting it big with tough guys Vinnie Barbarino on "Welcome Back, Kotter" and Tony Manero and Danny Zuko in "Saturday Night Fever" and "Grease", respectively. But come on guys, give this film a chance!

Travolta's Strip is basically a drifter, a young runaway trying to survive in southern California. Tomlin, as Trish, is a wealthy, disenchanted older woman who's about to go through a divorce from her cheating husband. Both Trish and Strip have had it with their respective worlds. Strip wants to make something of his life, and Trish is trying to find some excitement in hers amidst a sea of boredom, although she doesn't acknowledge this when Strip first takes notice of her. Throughout the movie, both Strip and Trish learn from each other about life. Trish learns to follow her heart more often, instead of what her high-class "friends" think she should do with her life. Meanwhile, Strip learns that his dreams of getting out of his dead-end life aren't enough, that he needs to do whatever it takes to follow through with them. I believe that the main idea of this movie is that you have to BE YOURSELF, no matter what society thinks of you. And that's probably the main reason I like this movie so much (all right, I have to admit that the younger man/older woman thing was the first thing that turned me onto the film, but the reason I just gave about being yourself rates an extremely close second).

If someone were to watch this movie only once, I can understand them trashing it for (among other things) the weak points in the dialog and Lily Tomlin's seemingly frozen mask of boredom and disillusionment. All I'm asking is that if you're ever lucky enough to see "Moment by Moment" (you can still find "unofficial" videos of this movie on eBay, and I've heard that it sometimes shows on WE or AMC), don't dismiss it as some lame, late '70s chick-flick. I'm a straight guy, thank you very much (who, incidentally, is in a relationship similar to that of Trish and Strip's, but far happier), and I can still see the truth hidden in this under-appreciated film. Hopefully those who read my review (and/or see the movie for themselves) can, too.

Not a bad movie, but I've seen better..., 30 December 2005

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

OK, I'm gonna be honest. I was first drawn to seeing this movie when I saw the video cover at Blockbuster. I've always liked Jane Seymour's looks (and that English accent's pretty sexy too), so that cover made me do a double take the first time I saw it. Then, I recently discovered what a babe Beth Broderick is (although she looks better as a blonde in my opinion), and that all but sealed the deal as far as renting the video was concerned. And what did I think of the movie as a whole? Well...

The story wasn't bad in itself. Rich wife (Seymour, English accent and all) finds out that her hubby's cheating on her with a phone sex/call girl (Broderick, before she went blonde). The husband gets the axe (or is it a meat cleaver?) pretty early on in the movie, so the wife (who's known about the affair since the start) takes the answering machine sex tapes (WOW, great title for a rock album!) to everyone and their dog (not really, just her lawyer, the police, and a private detective at the right place at the right time) trying to find out where her cheatin' hubby might be. She even goes so far as to track the phone sex/call girl down to see if she's got any info on the whole situation (bad mistake). After a few twists N turns (and a lame attempt at a love scene between the wife and the P.I.)in the plot, we find out who did the hubby in and the credits roll over a shot of the widow and the P.I. kissing on the beach.

If it seems like I'm not too impressed with this movie, I guess you could say I was let down by it. Granted, this WAS a TV movie. But even then, I don't really see where it merited a PG-13 rating. Apart from the aforementioned lame attempt at the love scene and the make-out scene at the end, there wasn't really anything too sexy about this movie. Maybe I'm just jaded, since this was put out in '91, and times have changed since then, but I was expecting more from a movie with the premise that this one has. The least they could have done was extended the love scene a little (maybe there's some deleted footage out there somewhere?). Other than that, this movie wasn't too bad, really. Let me just say that if it ever came on TV one night when I was watching, I wouldn't go out of my way to see it again.

Rikki-Tikki-Tavi (1975) (TV)
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A classic for kids of all ages, 27 June 2005

Like many of the other reviewers on this site, my earliest memories of seeing this cartoon were created in my after-school program, with the film being shown on an old projector. I remember Rikki-Tikki-Tavi to be one of the coolest films that we were shown as kids back in the mid '80s. This cartoon classic had everything: adventure, humor, suspense, just a touch of evil (with the two cobras, Nag and Nagaina) to make things interesting, a great story, and a happy ending.

Fast-forward to the present day. By chance, I saw this video for sale at the local Wal-Mart, and the memories started to come back into my mind. Needless to say, I bought the video and watched it again this afternoon. Everything was almost exactly as I remember it from back in the day. Plus, since I've grown wiser with my years, I came to recognize this cartoon as a real classic piece of work. The animation is solid and consistent, just what you'd expect from Chuck Jones. All of the voice work is good, but the stand-out performance has to go to Orson Welles as the narrator, Nag, and the sniveling muskrat. Not only do I now know about Welles being the mastermind behind "Citizen Kane", I also respect his work from his later years, as he provided narration for a couple of killer Manowar songs. I'm glad that I bought the video, as it will most likely become a well-loved addition to my collection. See this with your kids and let them create their own memories of this great cartoon!

Sam's Son (1984)
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Not quite an epic, but a nice movie just the same., 23 February 2004

I stumbled upon this video by accident at the local library, and I remembered that my mom watched it one time when it was on the USA Network. It seemed to be a pretty good movie from the little I remembered of it, so I went ahead and checked it out. It turned out to be a wise decision. This is one of those movies where you find yourself literally applauding the actions of the main character (Gene Orowitz) and his beloved father, Sam. You can really sense the bond that these two people have as the movie progresses. They both seem to learn the lesson that no matter how unlikely a dream seems to be, it can always come true if you work at it hard enough. This is a nice movie to watch on a lazy afternoon or evening, as it really doesn't take much to get (and stay) involved in the story. It's got humor, suspense, romance, drama, and even a tear-jerking moment or two thrown in for good measure. Overall, it's a good film, worth watching at least once.

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Two Words: Yuletide Hilarity, 26 December 2003

I've been watching this movie every Christmas almost since it was first released, and I always wind up laughing my head off when I watch it. I have the video, and I look forward to putting it into the VCR every year. This movie pokes fun of pretty much everything we would associate with Christmas, from the shopping, to the family gatherings, to such classic objects as the Christmas tree. We can all relate to some part of the Griswold family, whether it's the harried adults or the anxious kids. I have yet to have the opportunity to hold my own "family Christmas," but I can only hope that mine goes better than the Griswold's. For those people who have negative things to say about the kind of comedy portrayed here, lighten up! This movie isn't for the whole family, I'll grant that. But for those who choose to watch it, and can accept it for what it is, it will most likely cause some good laughs. I would highly recommend this movie to anyone who has yet to see it. It's already a classic in my opinion.

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A must-see film during the holidays, 25 December 2003

I first saw this movie when I was like 10 or 11 years old. I've looked forward to seeing it every Christmas since. It's simply a movie that we can all relate to, if only for the anticipation of receiving that one special gift on Christmas morning. The humor is plentiful in this classic; Jean Shepherd knows how to expose how everyday events can be funny. There is a certain innocence in the film, probably due to the fact that it's being told from the viewpoint of a 9 year old boy in 1940s Middle America. Every one of the cast performed well in my opinion, the movie feels older than it is (only 20 years old as of this year). To sum things up, I can watch this movie numerous times during the holiday season (just got my yearly mega-dose, thanks to TNT), and I can honestly say that it never gets old. I'm even thinking of getting the DVD version sometime in the next year, that's how good a movie this is. Basically, if you want a good laugh-out-loud slice of Americana, you can't go wrong with "A Christmas Story."

Enough trash talk, get in, sit down, shut up N HANG ON!, 4 January 2003

When I saw all the trash talk crap that some people wrote about in their reviews about this movie, I HAD to disagree. This movie is awesome in my opinion. And no, it did NOT make me want to go out and do 140+ MPH in my car after seeing the movie. There are good performances in this movie. This was the first time I'd seen Vin Diesel in a film, and I think this guy is going to be HUGE. Paul Walker isn't bad either, but Vin Diesel stole the show here. The cars were great too, plenty of nitrous-powered, fuel-injected insanity for gear heads (and wannabe gear heads) everywhere. The addition of that black Dodge Charger (!!) just made things that much sweeter. To tell you the truth, I had wanted to see this pretty much ever since it first came out but never had; it was a car-loving ex-girlfriend who finally convinced me to see it a couple years ago. I've since gotten the DVD myself, and intend to watch it again in the next few days. Overall, a great movie with great action, fast cars (even if they ARE rice burners!), a great storyline, and good characters. Don't listen to the trash talkers, see this movie and form your own opinion!

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*possible Spoilers* Did you ever notice..., 15 April 2002

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

...The song playing in the background at the beginning of the movie, where Paul Hood and his roommate are passing the bong at the boarding school? It's "Dirty Love" by Frank Zappa. What a subtle hint as to the flavor of this movie! At the same time, it makes perfect sense in context, what with Ben Hood and Janie Carver in bed together, Mikey Carver and Wendy Hood making out and later being caught with Mikey's pants down in the basement, Wendy and Sandy Carver in bed together, the key party, Paul Hood with Libbet's head in his lap at her house, and that pathetic scene where Jim Carver screws Elena Hood in his car. The whole movie almost reeks of "dirty love." This having been said, it's a very good movie, in my opinion. But prepare to be shocked, and not just at the ending.

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Riveting and VERY watchable portrayal, 15 April 2002

When I first saw the video at the video store, I was fascinated. I remember seeing the Waco Branch Davidian cult compound burn and reading about Jonestown in Time and Newsweek in 1993, and I was intrigued as to why so many people would readily lay down their lives for some madman like David Koresh or Jim Jones. So, I rented Guyana Tragedy for some insight into the Peoples Temple cult. What I saw was very interesting to watch. Powers Boothe did an excellent job as Jim Jones, in my opinion. You can see how persuasive, demanding, and maniacal Jones really was. And the other characters in the movie are all well-played. James Earl Jones makes a small appearance as Father Divine, but he stands out as only he can, Darth Vader voice and all. Ned Beatty, Randy Quaid, LeVar Burton all shine here. This surprised me in that it was more watchable than I thought it would be. A VERY nicely-done movie, worth anyone's viewing.

Get Down To Boogie Nights!, 2 March 2002

"Boogie Nights" is an awesome movie, in my opinion. Even though I was born in '79, I consider myself to be a "retro-freak," and this movie does not disappoint on creating a feel for the late '70s lifestyle. You can relate to the sense of fun and energy these people had at that time in the movie. Then, at the 1979/80 New Year's Eve party, you can see things start to go downhill. The "party" of the '70s is over. Yes, the latter part of the movie deals with the darker side of the characters lives in the early '80s. But that's what makes this movie shine: You get to see the main characters in the film at both the top and the bottom of their game. At one point, they're basically on Cloud 9, and at another point, they literally have nothing to lose. You can laugh, cry, celebrate the joy of life, and mourn the death of innocence, all in one movie. And the music is pretty cool too. Definitely a good movie to watch on a Saturday evening, when you want to relax and have a good time.

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