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A movie that needs to be rediscovered and shown often.
12 June 2006
How did I miss this movie all those years ago?Beautifully photographed,and too,a story of a Great American;acted simply and has production values that makes the movies of today pale in comparison.Could have used a little more editing in some scenes,particularly in the first half.Still a fine film.AMC or some movie channel should be showing this every 6 months or so.The thing that struck me as genius was,at the very outset of the film,the storyline has Woody leaving his guitar behind as he begins his adventure west.How true to life that he finds it again,only much later,by observing its powers through the ears and eyes of a listener.Bound For Glory should be viewed by every American,papers or no,rich and poor.In todays world climate,it has relevance.Surely,a movie that needs to be rediscovered and shown often.
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