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This is every movie I've ever seen in a movie theater with my wife starting with our first one Knocked Up on our first date.
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All movies that I've seen released in the theater from 2000 to recent. This is a seperate from the one I created for the movies I've seen in the theater with my wife. All of the movies were either seen solo, with friends or with a family memeber.
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I've had a love of cinema since the age of 3 and the first movie I can recall seeing in the theater is Beverly Hills Cop. Granted I've seen movies that were released before I was born in the theater during a re-release but there's nothing like a big screen.
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As an avid movie buff, I always take the time to see any movie I can on the big screen. These are a few of the films that came out before I was born and that I've paid to see on the big screen
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These were films that I enjoyed just not enough to put them in my top 25.
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These are the best 25 movies that I saw in the theater in 2013. While I didn't get a chance to see everything in the theater that I wanted to before 31 Dec (Saving Mr. Banks, Walter Mitty, Nebraska and Her), I did see around 99 other movies. Some movies on my list are Oscar Worthy some either had an impact on my life and finally some were just plain fun.
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I'm often what's my favorite movie and I always say what genre ? So for your viewing pleasure here are top 20 films of 2012. Some of these were Oscar Worthy and others were just a ton of fun.
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Every movie I saw in a movie theater in the 90's.