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Paulie (1998)
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Paulie is Perfection!, 5 October 2006

As an avid lover of parrots " I have an African Congo Gray" and have had many birds in my life, I had many reservations before seeing this movie. I was worried it would be another childish attempt to lure young kids into the theaters for nothing more then profit. I am happy to say I was wrong. From the opening frame, the movie takes on a beautifully painted portrait of the life of a Conure named Paulie and all of his relationships with humans, from his early days with his beloved owner Maria, through his many adventures in search of her, after he is taken away. I know I am speaking vague but, I do not intend to give any link to spoilers here. This masterpiece should be watched with no pre-know idea's. The acting, directing, pre and post production work are like a great work of art. Laughter and tears flow freely in this film for both child and adult alike. Paulie is one of the finest motion picture productions to date.

The Polar Express (2004) (VG)
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One of the finest Christmas films in decades, 6 January 2006

I just had to spell out Christmas in caps, just to protest all this evil nonsensically political correctness. My goodness, not since Albert Finnys 1970 musical "Scrooge" have I experienced such a magical ride as I did on the Polar Express. Although, some of the animation which lay across the actors faces was a bit distracting, this film was like a happy childhood dream. Beautiful newly written holiday songs plus old standards filled my ears while my eyes and soul were filled with the magic of Christmas and Santa. How anyone could not love this film epic is beyond me. To all those far left wingers that did not enjoy Polar Express I say Bah Humbug!

November (2004/I)
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A film that makes you use your mind., 6 January 2006

I could go on for pages, describing how wonderful Courteney Cox's performance is in this artistic indie flick, but, as most of you know, I enjoy all of Courteney's work anyway, so, I will dispel from my usual Cox worshiping. Here is a film that not only lives up to it's potential, it surpasses it. Many have said they could not quite understand the films end, nor many of it's darker moments. It was all explained early on when Sophie explains to her photography class " You make the viewer see only what you want them to see" or something to that effect. And if you consider the character believes what she preaches, you will understand that she also makes herself see only what is in frame.She Paints herself sort of a "last portrait" of her life so reality can be cast aside. Sounds confusing?, Well think about it and perhaps you will learn something about yourself in the process. My best to all.

Seizure (1974)
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Seizure-Jonathan Frid's Exit from Dark Shadows, 24 July 2005

Back in the spring of 1974, I was a freelance writer in Manhattan, New York. While at distributing office in New Jersey, the editor and publisher of the magazine " Castle of Frankenstein" asked me if I wanted to do an interview with Jonathan Frid, about his new film SEIZURE. Well having been a fan of both Frid and Dark Shadows, I jumped at the chance. After interviewing Frid in his apartment, I also had a telephone interview with Oliver Stone, who told me of his future projects. I, at the time was only interested in his current project, SEIZURE. Little did I know how important Mr. Stone would someday be. After meeting with and buying some photo's from the films photographer and co-star Herve' Villachaze " meeting him was a treat in itself" I did the article. After 6 month the film was released in New York. The best and only safe place to see it was, believe it or not, the Lyrick theatre of 42nd street. Now, not that Seizure was a masterpiece, but,in a time where horror films were almost non-existent this was a nice treat. The music, photography and editing were all top notch, as well as the entire cast, who all played their parts as over the top as humanly possible. Seizure was a high guilty low budget film, that to this day has gone nowhere. In the late 80's the film was released on video, but was soon pulled off the market mainly due to Oliver Stones objections. Too bad, with all of the high budget c.g.i. horror films out today, it would be nice to see a tale like Seizure, a low budget film that is packed with high quality acting and writing.

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The Shrink is in, chemistry abounds!, 23 July 2005

It is amazing to me how many higher budget films are released with such an amount of hoopla, about nothing. It seems that critics have their favorite actors and whatever they are in, somehow makes the project they are reviewing great. The Shrink is in is a funny and sweet fantasy in which Courteney and David play parts which sum up their relationship. That is: Different, funny and loving. The plot, although not altogether plausible, works well because of the chemistry between the actors and the fast paced directing. Film budgets do not break or make a film. The Shrink is in is proof of that. "You've Got Mail" did not have anything over this film except a large studio budget. God bless the Indies.

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It is amazing how a production company with absolutly no budget can put together a film with the class that this little known 1964 feature has. The Omega Man was an interesting remake but, could not even come close to the emotional impact that this black and white motion picture put forth.

Vincent Price is the element that brought this tale of a world of the un-dead to life. From the films earliest moments we are transported into a gloomy hopeless void. The key to this films greatness is the acting performance Vincent Price gave. From his voice overs to his reaction shots, Mr. Price was a statue of perfection.

One of the films most powerful moments takes place at night, while ghouls are banging at Price's front door he plays home movies, with the aid of a power generator. Near the end of the reel a comedic circus scene plays out. Mr. Price begins to laugh, to the point of being out of control, then with a transformation like none you will ever again see,he bursts into tears.

Last Man on Earth has all the element that make a classic film. It leaves you with a sad feeling in the pit of your stomach. How many of todays high budget films can you say do that. Most of them just make you sick.

The Last Man on Earth---Thank You Vincent Price, we miss you.

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Being a young widowed man, I was most anxious to see Commandments. Also, if you have read any of my other film revues, you should know how much I enjoy seeing Courteney Cox's work. However,despite all my efforts, I could not find enough substance within this motion picture to really enjoy it

The plot: a recently widowed man fusses at God due to his recent string of bad luck, ie death of his wife, tornado coming from no where and destroying, only his home, leaving his neighbors untouched, and so on. He then decides to break all the commandments as a way to challenge God to sort of a duel?

The photography was dark and dreary, even on sunny day scenes, giving the film a "life is so drab" undertone. We watch as the main character one by one breaks all of the commandments, which include a tastefully executed love scene with his brothers wife, played by Courteney Cox. As always, Ms.Cox's work was most admirable.

I can tell you first hand what being widowed is like, the pain and frustration are overwhelming. Commandments does not hit any of those marks. It is rather a self indulgent film that through black humor, tries to have us take a look at our own belief's. I won't even mention the ending.I will leave that for you to discover. Hey,you may enjoy this film more than I, but I doubt it.

"Mr. Bean" (1990)
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Most Britcom imports that I have seen over the years have always brought laughter. It the mid 90's PBS began running episodes of Mr. Bean.

Rowin Atkinson, far better known in the UK and Europe then here in the States, is one of the most talented actors and comedians anywhere. He has to be. To take a character that is normally mute, always plotting mischief, and goes on more hair brained schemes and adventures then the entire Monty Python crew is,as Mr. Bean would put it," Absolutely Brilliant".

Even the most hardened sceptic will find this series so overwhelming funny that they would scream for more. Alas, there were only 13 episodes filmed. Rowin Atkinson has stated that he felt there was nothing more for Mr. Bean to do. Too bad. I can see a series, such as this going on for hundreds of episodes.

If you want to have a really good time with a wonderfully lovable goof ball, Watch this BBC classic!

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In 1975 I was a freelance writer in New York. During that year I was honored to interview stage and screen actress and one of the stars from Dark Shadows, Grayson Hall. It was during this interview that I learned why NIGHT OF DARK SHADOWS was such a bad film.

The late Ms. Hall related a story which told of how MGM called her husband, "Dark Shadows writer" Sam Hall and told him that he would have to fly out to California and edit out nearly 30 min. from his latest film. After his sad task was done he returned home and shortly thereafter the film was released. It was not up to the standards the the series nor MGM's hit from just the year before "House of Dark Shadows" had. The idea was excellent. Dialog well written, stylishly photographed and wonderful performances from the cast. The problem was the fact that the feature made little sense. It plotted along for 90 min's filled with questions and vagueness.

However, the good news is that most of the edited footage has been found and is now in the process of being re-edited. Night of Dark Shadows, through the popularity of the series, is in a sense going to be re-born. Sam Hall's work shall now be seen as it was created. Perhaps then we will be able to appreciate this classic haunted house story, the way it should be, without studio butchering.

Brainscan (1994)
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Brainscan, A classy B+ horror trip., 14 April 2001

Now lets see, Boy likes video games, boy becomes a murderer because of video games, sounds stupid? Well, to my surprise, BRAINSCAN was a wonderful trip through the warped imagination of the films devious writers. The film does copy many modern day classics, but, with a unique flair.

Freddy Kruger look out! The lead ghoul in this flick can appear any time. You need not be asleep when he comes to call. The plot, oh yes, it has one, although it is not that unusual,does hold your interest The characters are quite vivid and work well in telling this dream like tale. Basically, the film is more of a comedy. One liners flow like the blood of many of the films hapless victoms.

I would have probably enjoyed this horror venture a lot more have I been a much younger man. It has been many years since I saw my teens or in fact my 20's, but Brainscan is one of those rare movies that can appeal to anyone who enjoys a good horror spoof.

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