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Sleepover (2004)
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Pretty superficial, 9 December 2006

The truth is, I didn't like this movie very much. It was sexist to girls. They made us seem like all we want to do is put on wigs, dance to music and do our nails when they make guys want to skateboard and play sports, but I liked that Julie was a skateboarder. It was very unrealistic and this is not what life for girls is like. It is pretty stupid how idiotic these girls were and how stupid the dad was not to check the room.

Sam Huntington, Steve Carrell, and Spongebob(I don't know his real name) make this film because they are pretty funny. Otherwise I didn't like this film because it shows the director knows nothing about the life of a girl. I wish people would make more realistic movies.

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This is a good movie! GOSH!!, 8 November 2006

I loved this movie. I watched it with my dad and we laughed nonstop at the humor. It was incredibly stupid and cheesy but it was absolutely hilarious! My dad was laughing his ass off and I laughed nonstop at it. It was so good. Stupid, yes. Funny, no Hilarious, YES! Me and my dad used to quote it like crazy.We don't do it as much anymore but we still joke with each other once and a while.

The character Kip was SO funny and Napolean was SO hilarious! Uncle Rico was funny and so was Pedro and Summer. Haley Duff was actually impressive as Summer Weatly. Strange but she is actually a really good actress.

Enjoy this movie. It's a sure crowd pleaser.

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Teen Choice Awards 2006, 8 November 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This one was pretty enjoyable. I don't know why the ratings are so low. I found it really funny and cute and the nominees and awards were interesting. The only thing that disappointed me was that All American Rejects didn't win for best band! I hated that! But otherwise I liked it. It was interesting and cool. These award shows are really funny and enjoyable. Really, not bad. They're harmless. You'll like it. I like the spoofs of the movies. Last year it was before the Mustafar dual from Star Wars episode 3! That was SO funny. This year it was Pirates of the Caribbean 2. That was pretty funny, but not as funny as last year's spoof! Overall I liked this award show and it was pretty cool. The awards were well thought out(except for Fall out Boy winning best Band) Watch it.

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Cute!!!, 5 November 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This episode is too cute!! I enjoyed the chemistry between Ned and Moze it was excellent!!!!! I hope they really get together! It is so awesome.


Plot: Around the world night is coming up and Ned wants to ask Suzie. So he asks if she would go on a "double date" with Moze and her date. Suzie says sure but there is only one problem, Moze doesn't have a date! So they give Jock Goldman a lie detector test to see if he really likes Moze. He says yes and the lie detector says he means it. So he is now Moze's date. Meanwhile, Cookies asks Vanessa out and she says no. Then Lisa and Claire Saywer Future Laywer come and Claire gives him a contract about Lisa wanting to go to the dance with him. He says yes and after Lisa leaves, Vanessa comes back and says yes. Cookie is shocked and says yes. At Around the World night, Ned comes with Suzie and sees Ned and Jock. It turns out, Moze and Suzie were wearing the same outfit. The same dress, same shoes, same hair. So they go in, and Cookie meets Vanessa outside and brings her inside. He keeps rotating places so he can be with Vanessa and Lisa and different times. Then Ned eats spicy food and gets the runs, he keeps having to run to the bathroom and poop, even the time when Suzie tried to kiss him. Moze goes and stands outside the bathroom door and then she calls Nurse Hunsucker. She comes with a drink that would stop Ned from having to poop. Meanwhile, Cookie is dancing with both Lisa and Vanessa on different sides. Then they both find out he was dating both of them and leave. Ned feels great and runs back to the dance, he looks at the dance floor and sees one of the girls dancing with Jock and Lisa, then he sees one at the stand getting something to drink, Ned assumes that the one on the dance floor is Moze, so he walks up to the stand and pulls Moze into a kiss, Moze is looking weird until Ned pulls away, he looks happy until he finds out it is Moze!! Then Jock Goldman comes over and thinks Moze was using him to make Ned jealous. He says he probably deserved it and walks away. Suzie doesn't know why they look so weird then all of a sudden, Ned has to go poop again!

Its the last day of school and everyone is singing a spin off of Grease when Ned comes in. He looks upset because of the kiss. Then he sees Moze and Suzie both coming over to him so he gets Cookies to distract Moze so he can run. At lunch, Ned and Moze are talking when Moze mentions the kiss, Ned tells her not to talk about it when Suzie comes, they both scream and run away. Later on, Moze talks to Chopsaw about it and he tells her the best thing to do is tell Suzie about it. While Ned talks to Gordy who also tells him to tell Suzie. Then, Moze and Ned both meet and fight over who gets to tell Suzie. Then it turns out Suzie knew because Jock told her, she then confesses that she was testing them to see if Ned would make a good boyfriend and if Moze would make a good friend. They pass and Ned finally gets Suzie. Another sub plot, Gordy catches the weasel but lets it go to save him. At the end of the day, they all get onto the bus and Moze and Ned laugh off the kiss saying it meant nothing, when all of a sudden, they kiss, AGAIN! They then again say it meant nothing, when Cookie sits in between them. When the bus starts, Ned and Moze have nervous faces on them, revealing that the kiss DID mean something and they DO have feelings for each other.


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Finally! Something Original!, 5 November 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This film is absolutely breathtaking! Not only is it original, it combines a mixture of great comedy, thrills, and action. The sword fighting sequences were great and I loved the special effects. You can not hate this movie. There is nothing to hate. Johnny Depp was a comic genius in this, he got a bunch of good humor in there and Kiera Knightly was great! I adored the character Jack Sparrow and it also contained lots of other unforgettable characters. I found it hard to believe that beautiful Kiera Knightly was only 17 while filming the movie! It was absolutely original. I hate unoriginal movies especially clichéd ones. This is neither unoriginal or clichéd. It is perfect and I love the director and the writer of this movie. Cudos to you, the cast,the crew, the writers, the director and producer, yes you Jerry Bruckheimer! Bravo! You guys make an excellent team!

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Brilliant!!!, 4 November 2006

I love this film! It is a hilarious work of art that you'll love! It was so cool how the special effects in this movie combined with the great humor. I've watched it all the time and I have it. I don't know why so many people hated it. It may be like a little bit inappropriate, but it is SO underrated. I mean like, 3.2 stars? No way! I think it deserves 10 stars in my book! But if it were on the IMDb charts, I'd say it should maybe have;

5.3, 6.0, 7.1, 5.5, 6.6, 7.0, 6.7

One of those on the IMDb charts. I found it increasingly hilarious and you'll laugh nonstop all throughout this amazing film. The kids were also great!Spencer Breslin was hilarious and Dakota is such a great actress. I love Dakota and Spencer's movies and I loved this one to death! WATCH!

Blue's Birthday (1998) (V)
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I have this video and Cherish it!, 30 October 2006

This is one of the best things ever. I'm almost twelve and love this! Sure call me crazy, but blue is adorable and her voice is just the cutest. The songs were fun and the clues were interesting. Little kids will love it and so will you! It's so good how far Blue's Clue's can go! Now usually children's shows flop, like Dora the Explorer, The Telitubbies, Barney and Friends etc. but this video was good for tiny kids. Buy it you will not be disappointed and your kids will be laughing and singing and they will be nonstop happy!

Buy it. Love it. Charish it forever! You will not be disappointed by this.

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One of the dumbest things you'll ever watch!, 30 October 2006

I watched this a week or two ago in RAID(Reduce Abuse in Drugs) Our police officer left us this video to watch. We watch a video every week and this one was SO funny. I was sitting beside my friend, Wenster and we were both laughing together. We were told not to laugh but it was too funny. Of course it was not pointless because it was about drugs, but it was weird. It won't only change my life, but it will change yours as well! Nope. Jokes. But it was quite funny and anything but pointless. Watch this at school and you will be laughing nonstop but also getting the message at the same time. Its good, but stupid.

Check it out.

King Kong (2005)
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7.8? Are you kidding me!, 30 October 2006

I'm only giving this a 3 for two reasons; 1. Jack Black. 2. The part when Jack's character was giving the little girl the chocolate. Hilarious! Anyway... this film was so boring! I literally hated it. The plot was good, but the script was boring and acting was poor. The movie was overall the WORST three hours of my life. I did not go see it in theaters because I saw that it was 3 hours and 7 minutes, I did not want to spend 3 hours in a theater. I thanked myself nonstop for that! When I watched it at home, I fell asleep for a few minutes because of how boring it was. The first half and hour of the movie was them on the boat, the second half was even more boring! Do not check this film out! Avoid at all costs!

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If you hate it, there is something wrong with you!, 29 October 2006

This has got to be one of the best movies ever made. It is so good and full of fantasy. You'll love it for you and your kids will ADORE it. It is such a fabulous kids movie, whoever hates it has serious problems. There is nothing to hate about this film. Its perfect. This was also the first movie in color. I was surprised that it got 40 bad reviews on this site! You can't hate it. It is so enchanting and one of the greatest movies ever.

If I could give it stars on the IMDb charts, I'd give it a 9.6 out of 10. It is just amazing and Judy Garland was such a good actress and singer. Like I said, you can't hate this movie, it is so amazing. Packed with laughs, songs, thrills, and fantasy!

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