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X-men did it Again for the 3rd time, 25 June 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

With all the new comic book flicks coming out I must say I am happy that the X-men have been able to keep making good entertainment. In the Last Stand each character has time in the spotlight. Although it may fall a little short from the actual comic it is still able to express the moral dilemma's the mutants are facing and basically sticks to the main ideas of the comic.

I enjoyed most of the film with excitement until it came to the parts with Jean Grey. Some of her scenes seemed a little drawn out but not to dull.And of course if one was to think about how she is the most powerful mutant then why did she seem more like a follower. Unfortunately, it needed a little more of Jean and a little less of the Phoenix who seemed to be a deer caught in headlights through most of the film until the battle scene at the end. Although it lacked the ability to fully explain the whole Phoenix story hopefully it was just due to editing.

I was shocked to see some of the main characters die but that is what makes for good entertainment...not knowing what will happen next. I was impressed with the special effects. The computer graphics didn't seem to take on any hint of animation look alike and the powers displayed by the mutants was amazingly done (just like the X1/X2).

I was mostly entertained throughout the movie and did not find myself yawning at all. I watched as the young X-men grew-up to take their proper place among the team. It was thrilling to see the mutants use their gifts more in this movie. It was neat to see the new mutants in this movie too. Such as the Beast and many more. Maybe in the next we can see Gambit. If there is a next???????? Which leaves me to say make sure you wait till the end credits as there is a little surprise for all the X-men fans. So all in all an excellent movie ready to entertain any viewer...well most.

"Huff" (2004)
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Huff has all the stuff, 25 June 2006

Wow. The best series yet since the first season of Soprano's. This series has story lines that happen in everyday life but with wonderful twists and witty commentary. All the characters fit in perfectly with each other and each individual character brings a life to the show that keeps you watching.

The actors are talented and strong so it leaves you wanting more. Each week I have never been disappointed with the concepts and ideas the show produces. Again, the actors are very talented and the script is perfectly written for each of their character's leaving the viewer to thirst on what will happen to them next. The show in it's entirety is by far outstanding and commendable.

BloodRayne (2005)
Bloodrayne down the Drain, 10 June 2006

I am one for liking many movies. I find most to be entertaining at least but this movie hurt to watch. The story line seemed interesting until the cheesy script was spoken by the characters in the movie. Surprising to me was this movie actually obtained some decent actors but even they could not pull this movie out of the drain. The effects and costumes were a joke as Rayne walked around in clothing slightly to big in the thighs. Rayne's special weapon looked awkward in her hands and the fight choreography was a constipated mess. The effects were a corn syrup nightmare and definitely lacked a realistic look. This movie was a waste of time, effort, and money. The only upside for this movie was uncontrollable laughter I found myself doing while watching what was suppose to be gore. So, Bloodrayne is just simply an awful waste of a film that could of had good potential if it was written, directed, and produced a great deal better.