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Crank: High garbage!, 4 May 2009

If movies where mental patients, Crank: High Voltage would be dangerously psychotic with delusions of grandeur. Sadly, such a diagnosis comes nowhere near explaining the rip-roaring ridiculousness of Statham's return to the famed Chev Chelios character. Adults will be shocked by the language and violence, while women will be protesting the ample nudity and slight misogyny.Crank High Voltage treats audiences the same way, administering regular shocks — whether smutty, gory, or just plain weird — lest people's brains get bogged down in the messy plot. The result, an eye-popping strobe of flesh and blood, is as visually stunning as it is absurdly offensive, sure to thrill some while leaving others in a state of outrage-induced catatonia.

Don't waste your time watching this load of crap!

Changeling (2008)
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Great work Clint!, 9 April 2009

There's no jarring wooden dialog here, no overt exposition; Straczynski knows how to show rather than tell, and the powerful script does much to carry the film. As with most of Eastwood's films, it's artfully shot and directed and very pretty to look at. Eastwood wrote the music for the film as well.The part of the story content dealing with a child serial killer is difficult and shocking to be sure, but the film deals with it carefully and does not sensationalize, nor show gory details not necessary to the story (thank you Mr. Eastwood!). Angelina Jolie did a marvelous job portraying Christine Collins and the audience loved John Malkovich's performance as the Reverend. (You know their into it when they applaud during the show!) Being used to seeing Mr. Malkovich in 'bad guy' roles, I was surprised to see him as the good guy, but his performance was amazing, he truly pulled it off beautifully.

Milk (2008/I)
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Garbage with golden Oscar, 3 March 2009

The film is more of an homage and biopic than a political call to arms, but certainly it will be embraced as a galvanizing piece of agit-prop by the already incensed gay community. Its openly gay filmmakers, including director Gus Van Sant and screenwriter Dustin Lance Black, undoubtedly mean it to be more than just popcorn escapism.

In light of the fallout surrounding California's Prop 8—the state constitutional amendment passed by voters that defines marriage as between one man and one woman while eliminating the right of same-sex couples to marry—it's hard to imagine a more relevant (or at least timely) film than Milk.

To parents to consider: Milk is rated R for language, some sexual content and brief violence. It is a film about homosexual activism, and as such, there are a lot of gay characters and activities. There are numerous scenes of men kissing or in bed together, though there is no explicit sex. There is a scene of suicide by hanging, and a few brief scenes of gun violence. There is a fair share of offensive language and sexual innuendos as well. Though the film is not gratuitous or exploitative, it is inappropriate for children, and only for mature and discerning adults.

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Awful Cohen brothers movie..., 28 January 2009

I really don't understand what all the hype is about. The Coen brothers' film skewers every aspect of American society: our shallow obsession with looks; our need to create impersonal bureaucracies; our inability to stay married and/or faithful to our partners; and our lack of understanding that the world around us contains anything but ourselves. Yet nothing is so mercilessly mocked as our current intelligence agencies. Mired in political struggles and incompetence, they are completely clueless as to how to deal with the real crisis that faces them in the form of Osbourne's ill-advised memoirs.I always ask myself is, would I buy this when it is released? My answer is no. Everything in this film intersects, but nothing connects. I know you'll all rain down on me but just ask yourself why you enjoyed it, was it really that entertaining? Please don't mention anything to do with Brad Pitt in reply. Filmmakers Joel and Ethan Coen show that "stupid is as stupid does", in their greatest dark comedy since "Raising Arizona."

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Huge Waste, 31 December 2007

The Soviet war in Afghanistan also known as the Soviet-Afghan War was a nine-year conflict involving Soviet forces supporting the Marxist People's Democratic Party of Afghanistan (PDPA) government against the largely Islamic fundamentalist Mujahideen insurgents. The latter group found support from a variety of sources including the United States, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan and other Muslim nations in the context of the Cold War. The Islamists that fought also believed that they were responsible for the fall of the Soviet Union. Osama bin Laden, for example, was asserting the credit for "the collapse of the Soviet Union ... goes to God and the mujahidin in Afghanistan ... the US had no mentionable role," but "collapse made the US more haughty and arrogant."Following the Soviet invasion, the United States supported diplomatic efforts to achieve a Soviet withdrawal. U.S. contributions to the refugee program in Pakistan played a major part in efforts to assist Afghans in need. This cross-border humanitarian assistance program aimed to increase Afghan self-sufficiency and help Afghans resist Soviet attempts to drive civilians out of the rebel-dominated countryside. During the period of Soviet occupation of Afghanistan, the U.S. provided about $3 billion in military and economic assistance to Afghans and the resistance movement."The CIA made a historic mistake in encouraging Islamic groups from all over the world to come to Afghanistan.' The US provided $3 billion for building up these Islamic groups, and it accepted Pakistan's demand that they should decide how this money should be spent

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Movie of the year 2007!!!, 2 August 2007

At 2 1/2 hours, "Transformers" is a impressive movie with a lot of special effects. At stake is protecting whatever parts of Earth aren't destroyed in battles between warring metallic factions from outer space. The film starts off like an alien-invasion picture, telling the Transformers story as though it were "Independence Day." The new movie offers a much better time than that one.Transformers, of course, comprise the good Autobots and the evil Decepticons . Both factions are imposing robots who contort themselves to become machines like trucks and supersonic fighter jets. In a dicey bit of cross-promotion, the movie uses the occasion to hawk Hummers, Pontiac roadsters, and GMC trucks, which are some of the vehicles Autobots turn into. The Decepticons become ominous cop cars ("to punish and enslave" reads the motto) and anonymous military vehicles -- more intimidating but harder to buy.In any case, they've brought the fight on their planet to this one. Both sides are in pursuit of a cubed life-force called the Allspark that in Decepticon hands could turn simple machines into robotic weapons of destruction. But there's a horny teenage boy unwittingly in the way. His name is Sam Witwicky , and to play this smart Aleck on a parental short leash, Shia LaBeouf seems just to have wandered over from the set of "Disturbia."Based on a line of Hasbro toys, Transformers puts the fun back into movie-going, blending comedy with the robot action and adding a dash of romance along with eye candy for both sexes into a film that never takes itself seriously yet doesn't poke fun at or offend those who grew up loving the toys. Smartly cast with awe-inspiring special effects, Bay and company have created more than just a movie. Catch it in a theater because on DVD it just won't be the same. Watching Transformers on the big screen is a real cinematic experience. The preview crowd I was with cheered the robot heroes and really interacted with the film (not to the degree it was annoying), totally caught up in what was unfolding on the screen. And strangely enough, the idea of robots battling each other with the future of mankind hanging in the balance almost seems plausible because of how ingeniously the make believe world of Autobots and Decepticons has been brought to life in Transformers. A+

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This summer...Transformers rules, 2 August 2007

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix was a wonderful book that I thoroughly enjoyed. And so, I thought that the movie would be equally good, and I also thought this because the other movies were excellent. However, the 5th movie was absolutely awful. They left out so much in the movie that would have had a great impact that it was astonishing to me that it wasn't included.Why does the fifth Harry Potter film show so little feeling for its characters? Possibly because it is directed by David Yates, the fourth director to work on this series and the first with no experience on a Hollywood movie; most of his work so far has been in British television. Perhaps he was too busy learning the ropes of such a technically challenging film to keep his eye on the story's heart and soul. I do like Harry Potter movies, but this something else. Worst part in series :(

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Oscar winning!!!, 2 January 2007

Will Smith did a great job as the father trying to protect his son from their circumstances of becoming homeless as much as he can, while at the same time trying to work in the competitive world of stocks as an unpaid intern. Jaden Smith was outstanding as the preschool-aged kid who knows things are going wrong and tries to have a stiff upper lip, but just can't do it all the time.I was very happy that this film never got political and blamed Reagan for the number of "down on their luck" people that were shown, nor was the race card ever pulled out. It was also refreshing that Smith's character never blamed anybody for his troubles.This movie deserves to be experienced and taken in by the masses.There is a great lesson that is learned in this movie and it truly shares the struggles of everyday life.This movie was heart felt and touching. It was truly an experience worth having. Thank you for making this movie and I look forward to seeing it again.

Film making at its most powerful, 1 January 2007

As a spiritual message, the film is overwhelming, bringing tears of renewal to the believers in the audience. Even if you are not a believer, though, I still think there is something in this for you.As an historical observation, the film is brilliant, depicting the social and political dynamics of the Romans and Sanhedrin with clarity and accessibility. This is the most believable interpretation of what happened to Christ, and although I knew the story going in, I found myself getting caught in the narrative, hoping someone would realize that this was an innocent man and that the persecution would stop.

This film will rock your world, and that's an understatement. One of the most beautiful films I have seen.Perhaps the film's greatest impact has been to get me to pick up the Bible again, and do so with a new faith and understanding.

Apocalypto (2006)
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One more great artwork from Gibson!!!, 25 December 2006

Mel Gibson has done the impossible. He has created a tale of the Maya's people in different dimension. As an historical observation, the film is brilliant, depicting the violence in most of the movie. Finally, as a work of art, this film is unparalleled. This film will rock your world, and that's an understatement. One of the most beautiful films I have seen. This was a film I needed to see. It took me two viewings to really get a grip on it, so intense were the emotions it provoked in me. Even now, weeks later, re-examining it in detail is still deeply affecting. Its dialogue is entirely in Mayan language with English subtitles, a remarkably bold decision by Gibson, and one that pays dividends. On one level it unites an international cast, sparing us any clashing accents, and gives the film a greater sense of authenticity. On another, it forced Gibson and his team into a very visual form of storytelling; even amongst the carnage there are shots of aching beauty. Must see!

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