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Car Date (2011)
A fun look at the science of dating, 11 December 2012

This documentary provides an in-depth look at what works and what doesn't work when trying to court women. I found the casting of the dates great. Charlie Laine is one sexy woman. However, this documentary despite being entertaining provides little to no useful information. The documentary forgets that by introducing variables into the experiment such as a camera and another woman that the test subjects may act differently then normal.

I also found that the length of the documentary needed to be longer. The date goes by so fast that you hardly get to take in the subtle things going on. The ending was a huge letdown to. I understand that he can't show or not if these women put out, but at least give us a hint so we can judge the results of your claims. I'll give this 45min flick an 8/10 simply for the entertainment value. It's worth the rent on itunes just to have a laugh or admire the sexy Charlie Laine.

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Not as deep as it thinks it is, 21 July 2011

This is one of those films that is simply to hard to critique due to the millions of fans going into the film with unconditional love. I however did not have that problem despite greatly enjoying the books. This film suffers from a certain shallowness that plagues the whole movie. The themes which come into fruition are poorly developed and appeal to our tendency towards intellectual simplicity. Everything in the film is black and white. There are no middle grounds. Your either with Harry, or against him. This presents a template which just seems artificial and lacking depth.

Due to the fact this is the last of the series, the simplistic mentality of good and evil is much more apparent with the conclusion of multiple plots. The characters are all extremely dull as a result. They are either saints or sadists. With regards to the romances, I will not spoil anything, however it is my opinion what does occur was extremely forced.

In the end, this film suffers from Return of the King syndrome. It is self aware as a film of its conclusion to the series and thus attempts to drag its feet. The film only runs for a little over 2 hours, however it felt like a 3 hour long film at least. I say wait to rent it, skip the crowds with annoying children, and view it without your rose colored potter glasses.

Spiral (2000)
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Bad Pace and Acting Spiral out of control, 3 July 2010

For those of you who don't know, Spiral (2000) is based off the Japanese manga Uzumaki. I really enjoyed the manga and its unique style of horror and was looking forward to seeing this film. The film however did not meet my expectations. It was almost as if they tried to adapt the manga to Film too literally. The characters acting was as if they were reading lines straight from the manga and trying to mimic the obscene emotions and gestures common to most manga or comic books. One of the things about this film that baffles me is that it tried hard to fit most of the various stories in the film yet skipped out on some of the best chapters towards the end of the series involving the town and the answers at the bottom of the towns lake. Although I don't fault them on this simply because I understand time constraints. One other complaint I have is the pace of the film. It's not a good thing when you feel as if you need to nudge the characters your watching into action. It was slow as "snails" at times and had a rough time keeping my attention.

There is one great thing about this film though that earned it at least 5/10. The Visuals were simply amazing. The film uses a certain green tint that provides that dreary and surreal feel of a stormy day and a sorta impending sense of doom. Combine this with the spirals and you have a nice film to look at. It's easy for people to be hard on a film like this, especially with its strange story, but if you watch it with an open mind you might find yourself a new favorite niche film.