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Ebbie (1995) (TV)
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Wonderful, 30 November 2002

This edition of a Christmas carol was refreshing. It allowed us to see it from a completely different point of view and one that was much more relatable for the day and age which we reside in. I have had friends say that it was almost a "chick flick" but I being male myself do not agree as I feel it appeals to all genders and ages. I would highly recommend seeing this if you have not done so already. I look greatly forward to seeing it each year and a wait the day, which it is released on DVD that I can buy it to watch through the year.

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One in a series of four helping to share God's word, 24 October 2001

The movie although "dated" is a GREAT tool for ministering to public. the story line is good and what it may lack in it's "datedness" it gains in its ability to explain the Bible in ways that others can understand. Yes, it is a no holds barred (including the beheadings) enactment of God's word but unlike what had been commented .. `scenes of people who refuse the mark of the beast being beheaded (to scare the audience into accepting Jesus, I guess)" ... the scenes in the movie are true to what the Bible states is coming and if seeing this movie scares someone to Jesus all I can say is Thank God the movie did it, for what would these people do when it happens to them in real life. I highly recommend this, and the entire `Thief in the night' series to anyone looking for material to do God's work.