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Do you know what an ambiance is?, 8 June 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Who wouldn't want to get the offer of a lift with Peter McGeegan?! Much of the plot is so typical of the hen nights we've been on, excluding the dishy ex maybe, but the character and plot are all too easy to relate to.

There are so many great scenes like in the pub being made to play for the crowd, only to have a hostile Willy Russell having a pint tipped over him after Peter proving his worth.

Or during the sound check with the manager of Branskys screaming he wants to create an ambiance, "do you know what an ambiance is, and it's not something they take you to hospital in" as he disappears into a cloud of ambiance inducing dry ice! I'm fortunate to have got the soundtrack as well, which must really please the neighbours! But I do so regret when meeting Con O'Neill not checking out his footwear just to use Bernies' line "they're nice boots, bet you can't get them off in a hurry!" just to see his reaction.

A definite good time film that never fails to bring a smile to my face.