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Bravo! Bravo! Bravo!, 7 November 2005

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This is a near perfect movie. A perfect blend of humor, suspense, punchy dialogue, great one-liners, great acting and direction. I walked out of this movie thinking not only was this the best movie of the year, but probably one of the best in years! A totally refreshing, original, creative, inventive, dazzling movie! Robert Downey, Jr. has never been better and I'm a new Val Kilmer fan. I also loved the fact that Val's character just "happens" to be gay. So many times in Hollywood they make the mistake of trying to make a gay film - having a gay character and trying to build a movie around it. It was very refreshing to see a representation of a gay man in a Hollywood movie who wasn't swishy, lisping and nelly. And how refreshing to see that Robert Downey Jr.'s character had absolutely no issues with being friends and associates with this man. Bravo!

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Not bad - but disappointing ***SPOILERS***, 10 October 2005

I like this movie - I don't love it. I think it's worth viewing for the overall creep factor but truthfully this movie pales in comparison to the Haunting which is a much better haunted house story. The acting in The Innocents is top-notch if a bit hammy. The ending is completely vague and is very unsatisfying. I wanted to see more of what happened. What happened to Flora? Why did Miles die? I don't object to vague endings per se, but this particular ending just felt like the director ran out of steam and said "cut" before a real ending could be captured. I know this movie has it's devoted following but I'm wondering if that following has seen the Haunting?

Elektra (2005)
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Not nearly as bad as you've heard, 1 May 2005

Admittedly I usually like movies that the critics don't but to be honest I can't see what was so wrong with this movie to begin with. Jennifer Garner's a highly likable and believable action heroine (anyone who doubts that should watch "Alias"), and the storyline was pretty good by comic book movie standards - sure this is no X-Men 2 (considered by many fans of the genre to be the best comic book movie ever) but it does alright on its own. I'm wondering if the failure of this movie has more to do with the public's aversion to super heroine movies (witness the deserved failure of Catwoman and the second Tomb Raider movie)? In any event, I stand by my liking of this movie - critics be damned.

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Love it or hate it, 24 January 2004

Judging by the reviews of this movie, critics aren't coming up with too many nice things to say. But who listens to the critics anyway? I found this movie to be highly entertaining and original, if not implausible and badly acted in spots. The time jumping theme is interesting and the movie definitely has some suspenseful moments. Try might like it.

Wrong Turn (2003/I)
Not original but a fun, thrilling popcorn horror flick, 30 May 2003

This is one of those movies that critics will hate but audiences will love. They don't make horror movies for critics anyway. "Wrong Turn" owes alot to Texas Chainsaw Massacre and the like. It also pushes the R rating with some serious gore! I have to say at this point after watching her on Buffy, Angel and Bring it On, I'd seriously consider paying money to see Eliza Dushku read the phone book. She's fantastic, sexy, charismatic, and definitely has "what it takes"...that girl's got a bright future!

X2 (2003)
Darn near perfect, 5 May 2003

It is as if the movie gods shone down on me and said "Here, this is what you want." I am now really looking forward to X3! X2 improved on the first on so many levels: the characters, the special effects, even the length! Plus it focused more on other characters besides Wolverine...I love him as much as the next guy but I found myself fascinated with Iceman, Jean Grey and Storm and am glad there was a balance between them. I'm still not sure about Rogue. I love Anna Paquin's portrayal of her, but lets face it - this isn't the Rogue from the comics. I doubt we'll be seeing Rogue and Ms. Marvel duke it out in X3 if you know what I mean. Anyway, even if you're not a fan of the comics - I think it is safe to say this movie stands on its own as the Empire Strikes Back of the X-men movie franchise.

Identity (2003)
Such a surprise!, 1 May 2003

This is definitely one of the best films of the year! While starting out on the familiar turf of a slasher/suspense film, the ending of this film will blow you away! Looking back now, it begs repeated viewings to see all the little hints dropped (those who have seen the movie know what I'm talking about). I found this film highly imaginative, thrilling, full of suspense, well-acted and atmospheric. A great job by all involved! Rebecca DeMornay has a great role as the bitch movie star.

Chicago (2002)
Ehhhh...., 7 January 2003

Granted, I'm not a huge fan of musicals so I may be biased in my review but I must say I was not overly thrilled sitting through this. I did enjoy Catherine Zeta-Jones but Renee Zelwegger went back on my "annoying list" after having come off it with Nurse Betty and Bridget Jones Diary. It just seemed very flat to me and overall I didn't see it as an actor's showcase-just a flashy, flat, overly long music video.

A great send off, 16 December 2002

I am somewhat saddened to write it's all too apparent that this is the last film in the illustrious Star Trek franchise. I prefer to live in a world where we have no Deep Space Nine, Voyager, or Enterprise, but only the original series and the more involving Next Generation. From the beginning of Nemesis, I was immediately hooked. The chemistry between this cast is one of the best in any series or franchise. One of my personal favorites, Deanna Troi, had a great moment to showcase her telepathic abilities and it was a nice surprise to see two familiar faces in the opening wedding scene. I will admit to getting somewhat misty during the closing scenes when a beloved crew member sacrifices himself for the greater good. Go boldly.

Memento (2000)
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What crap, 16 December 2002

Seriously....ever hear of the lemming who follows a leader blindly? Well, I think one critic declared this a masterpiece due to the gimmick and everyone was brainwashed into following suit, like lemmings. This is one of the worst, if not the worst movies I've ever seen! So boring and gimmicky...why didn't they just make it in 3-D while they were at it?

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