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And the award for Worst Animated Film EVER goes to...
10 September 2006
Tom and Jerry: The Movie (1992) Whoever green-lit this piece of celluloid toilet paper should be hung and quartered. It probably seemed like a good idea, (much emphasis on 'seemed' there), however the makers seemed to have missed the point entirely of what Tom and Jerry is all about, I'll break it down for you, first off, they talk, if they ever talked to each other in the animated shorts, it would either be as a joke or to convey a scene or maybe sing, but here, they talk. It kills the movie, Chaplin's little tramp never talked, even after sound came into cinema, he was still admired by all. Remember, silence is golden, Tom and Jerry must NEVER talk.

Also, the overall sentimentality kills the film, they team up with a young girl who is living with her evil aunt. The film could have been a knockabout romp from start to finish, but no!! They added a few uninteresting characters, a few slushy songs, (Henry Mancini, shame on you!!) One of the reasons for the sentimentality in the first place, is that Tom & Jerry make FRIENDS!! No, no, no!! The reason the original shorts were so funny and entertaining in the first place was because they fought all the time. Making them into friends goes against what the shorts were about!! This sort of departure doesn't work for two cartoon characters who were all about fighting, PLUS it happened before in 1975, when a TV Series called The Tom & Jerry Show, where they were friends, (apparantly to comply with TV rules on violence!! ) It's never been repeated since, and has been quickly forgotten.

Don't waste your time with this film, stick with the original animated shorts, that's how they should be remembered. But, even they are going out of vogue, because references to smoking are being edited out. (OK, smoking not right, but excessive violence is??)
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Take the High Road (1980–2003)
It's like Emmerdale remade by Ingmar Bergman, very bleak indeed...
7 May 2002
This soap opera is both bleak and dull, in fact, too bleak to even call proper entertainment. How people could even sit and watch it, I shall never know. No wonder it's been axed, it is one of the worst soap opera's in the history of television.

It's the equivalent of spending a two week holiday inside a Nazi concentration camp. It's absolute torture to watch, full of potholes of plotholes,. ropey dialogue that could have come from one of those British movies of the late 1960's, and there are too mant stereotypes against the Scottish folk, so therefore, it's a little racist in it's own way.
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200 Motels (1971)
A Masterpiece which gave birth to modern music videos.
17 March 2002
This film is a brilliant example of buried treasure. It has achieved a cult status, is highly remembered for both it's music and it's mad psychedelic storyline, (which makes no sense, only Zappa would know what it is truly about.)

Zappa's ideas in the movie are weird, obscene, bonkers, horrific and absolutely hilarious. The fact that he created an American town at Pinewood Studios, London, beggars belief. If he wanted an American town, why didn't he make it in America?? We'll never know.

The film does raise too many questions after seeing it, for example: Why did Ringo Starr play Zappa, when Zappa was on set all the time?? Or, why did Zappa choose to film it on video tape, instead of bog-standard film. Why did this movie get made?? We'll never know, it's all a very perplexing, but bedazzling conundrum indeed....
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Please, Please, Please Bring This Show Back!!!
23 January 2002
When the public were introduced to Max Headroom, they didn't know who he was, or (in some people's cases), what he was. To this day you can still find someone, (preferably a friend of a friend of a friend), who believes that he was a computer generated image. But, it turned out, it was actor Matt Frewer, (under an excessive amount of make-up), broadcast to whoever he was taking to from elsewhere.

It would be a cool idea to bring this show back, with todays technology, you could make Max to be an actual CGI creation.

If any of the shows creators are out there, please take note, and bring back this old gem.
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