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The Dollhouse Murders (1992 TV Movie)
A young girl goes to stay with her aunt and finds unearths a family secret in the attic
6 June 2006
I watched this movie when I was probably 11 or 12 and out of any movie I watched at that age this one has Always stuck in my head. I still fully remember the premise of it and I can vividly recall certain scenes. I even remember the conclusion of it all. My point is as a child (and today) I have never liked to watch "horror" films but I enjoyed this movie and was scared by it at the same time. It definitely left a lasting impression on me. It certainly crept me out and I might have had a nightmare or two about it as a kid, but I never regretted watching it. If your child is easily frightened though I wouldn't recommend this movie for them...or if they have a doll house they love playing with, they may not touch it for awhile after and might be scared of the dolls they have.
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