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Must see for all, 6 June 2006

I thought this film inspired me to go forward and do research on my own to learn the history that has been over looked in our country for too long. It's a film that should be shown in every inner city high school history class in the country. I believe this film will bring hope and will give the children a since of belonging to something bigger then themselves. My desire is that it will bring understanding to the children of the slaves and the masters, that their people have a history and past that is more them slavery and their fore fathers being taken from their birth land. I was astonished with Mr. Clarke knowledge and how far reaching it was. His insight and the manner in which he disseminates his knowledge to the people like me only left me wanting more. Most of all this isn't a film just for people of color, but a film for all to learn from. It's a film for those who have questions. But by far the saddest part of this film is to understand how poor our history classes have become in America.