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The 700 Club (1966– )
The type of show that makes you wanna poke your eye's out
5 December 2007
Before I start...let me say that I fully believe in God. I believe in Heaven and in Hell. Kay now that thats out of the way, I just wanna say that What in the world do these morons that call themselves "hosts" think they are doing?? The last time I checked a host doesn't discriminate, spew hatred filled rants on TV, or try to shove their own beliefs down every unfortunate soul that ventures onto the channel. ALl of these that crazy, idiotic, conservitive, bible thumping, Fred Phelps lover Pat Robertson does daily. I am all for free speech, but since when does that cover a guy who pretty much says that if you venture off his ideal way of life you are right away sent to hell? This is just a perfect example of why religion is the cause of SOOOO many problems. One day in my class room we had a substitute teacher in so we decided to watch some TV since the teach didn't give us any work. And we (against many of us's will) watched 700's Club, and of course that jerk Pat was on ranting and raving about the bible, and he said Simon along the lines of "God says Homosexuality is a sin" and I actually heard a kid go "Hmm I guess he's right." WTF??? Seriously, if the host is trying to make people think that someone else's sexual orientation is a huge sin, then they seriously need to take that host, duct tape them, and throw them off of a cruise liner in the middle of the arctic.
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Cory in the House (2007–2008)
Second Worst Show on Disney
4 September 2007
Warning: Spoilers
What can I say...this show is the second worst show ever to hit Disney. Suite Life of Zack and Cody is number one on the "Avoid at all costs" but this comes in close second. This is how... It has the third worst actor that is on Disney Channel, Kyle Massey, he was okay in Thats So Raven, but now he is just completely over-acting. And he says his lines in such a cocky way I wanna smack him across the screen. Dylan and Cole Sprouse take number one and two as the worst actors, but Massey is simply, not lead material, and comes in a close third. The plot is just horrible. Disney channel is a pretty easy place to have a show, no matter how horrible, be a hit, simply put a good looking actor for all the preteen girls to gawk at and boom, you have a hit (in this case I guess Newt is the good looking one.) The script and jokes...not even close to being remotely funny. All the jokes fall flat, and of course they have the little laugh track play over and over again to give the illusion it is funny, when in fact watching grass grow is more entertaining. The characters are bad. The sets look like cardboard The actors are horrible It is just a bad show all together. It doesn't even deserve one star.
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Oh my good, this is unbelievably...BAD!
30 July 2006
Warning: Spoilers
I just have to say this, this show is SOOOOOOO FRICKING BADDDDDD! The acting from the so call "14" year old twin is SO bad! Its the worst acting I have seen ever! They cant even say the one word believably! They overact all the time! NO MATTER WHAT! Oh, and they as in the dumb ass's who call themselves "writters" cant seem to make one episode without putting down races. Estaban, who is Mexican or something, is always made fun of. One episode one of the idiot twins "pretends" he is a life guiding coach, and tells Estaban that he should learn to talk American! AND HE AGREES!!! Oh god! This show is horrible! And of course the sexual reference is all over the place! Idiot twin one says: Look at that HOT GIRL! (Of course saying it completely overacting!) And idiot twin two says: YEAH! Then cue complete fake "laugh track that is used in every other Disney channel TV show!" Oh, and of course the dumb ass rich girl (who acts just like Paris Hilton, oh good role model, NOT!)makes fun of poor people! And she and the candy counter girl of course wear skirts that are so short, that I am sure in post production, they had to edit out a lot of flashy material! Then of course dumb ass twins save the day. And everyone on EVERY EPISODE says at the end... "oh Zacha and Cody, we should of believed you!" I hate this show. I cant even watch it. But, if there are times I want to fall asleep fast, I turn this on. Bottome line is OLSEN TWIN WANNABE'S! LEARN TO ACT!
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The Cat in the Hat, hit myself with a bat!
23 July 2006
Warning: Spoilers
I took my nephew to see this. Expecting a great classic movie like the Grinch. Which was a Great Movie. But no, instead, we received horrible acting from the cat who is so annoying, I want to kill myself, Spencer Breslin who just cant act if his life was on a limb, and HORRIBLE story line. And the adult humor, let me just list a very few compared that are in the film... The cat getting a terrifying entrance The cat getting a erection the cat abusing the babysitter racial jokes, one of which the Asian babysitter incidental of course is thrown in the closet The cat abusing the children The cat screaming..."Son of a bit...BLEEP" The cat yelling "Dirty Hoe!" An adult DRINKING BEER right in the middle and in front of kids! And also in the deleted scenes, the cat is sitting in a chair, with a playboy magazine looking at naked pictures of Kelly Preston also showing the naked photos! This movie is SOOOOOOOO BAD, it makes "The Suite Life of Zach and Cody" look good.

No one should see this movie.
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