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Plot "borrowed" by Tarantino, 22 September 2007

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This is probably my favourite Tale of the Unexpected - both in written form and as a TV short story. Like all of the "tales", the slightly amateurish nature of the film making lends an almost documentary quality to the story which just serves to draw you even further int the plot.

I was therefore more than a little surprised to find that Quentin Tarantino had lifted the plot (very nearly complete) for one of the segments in "Four Rooms". As usual, Tarantinos film lacked subtlety (I'm not a fan of his films) but I suppose it proves that you can't keep a good story down.

I wonder if Roald Dahl's estate gained any royalty payments?

Cuba (1979)
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Bond links, 27 November 2006

There are a number of links between this film and the James Bond movies.

As well as the obvious presence of Sean Connery, we have Walter Gotell who played Morzeny in "From Russia with Love" and then played General Anatol Gogol in 5 Bond films as well as the "James Bond Jr" TV series.

In addition, the Spanish city of Cadiz in Andalucia was used for much of the location shooting - a location which also doubled as Cuba in "Die Another Day".

Aside from that, the film creates a wonderfully atmospheric impression of a regime on its last legs, attempting the resist the seemingly inevitable regime change sought by the rebels.

Not a great film but perfectly watchable (even if I did find myself looking out for familiar Andalucian scenery as much as following the plot!).