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The Hunted (2003)
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An Unthrilling Thriller, 12 April 2003

You might expect a movie kind of on the lines of the Fugitive, U.S. Marshalls, or maybe even Double Jeopardy, however, you do not get any of those elements. Except for the chasing schtick. This movie seems more like a hurry up to the end as quickly as possible, without trying to develop much more of a plot or character depth. I cared absolutely none for the main two stars, Jones and Del Toro. The film seemed so rushed and utterly pointless. Not worth recommending. Rent the Fugitive instead. 1/2 * out of 4 ****.

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Absolute Garbage, totally NOT funny at all., 4 April 2003

Why, oh why did I waste my precious, hard earned money on this crap for? I knew it wasn't going to be an academy award winner or anything, but there wasn't hardly any funny points to this movie, whatsoever. It had maybe about 3-4 different good laughs in it, the rest of the movie stunk to high heaven. Do yourself a favor, go see Bringing Down the House instead, with Steve Martin and Queen Latifah. Much funnier than this stuff.

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Pleasantly Surprised..., 16 March 2003

Say what you will about this movie, but it pleasantly surprised me. Sure, it has millions of cliches and isn't very original, but it was a good movie, in my opinion. Ja Rule and Seagal worked well together. There was actually some emotions in a Seagal movie, that shocked me by surprise. Pretty good action sequences and lots of gunfire and explosives, what more can you expect out of an action film. Don't believe all the negative reviews until you've seen it. You will either love it or hate it, but at least give it a view before you knock it. 7 out of 10 stars for me.

S1m0ne (2002)
A great satire on Hollywood..., 9 February 2003

This film is a great satire about film makers, directors, actors, their popularity, people's attraction to them and much more. I like any movie that has Al Pacino in it. He is one of the greatest actors of all time, in my book. With excellent movies such as Carlito's Way, Scent of a Woman, Insomnia, Scarface, Godfathers, Dog Day Afternoon, Serpico, Heat and much more, how could one not like him and his work? I have seen some criticisms about how it was unrealistic that any of the computer hardware/software would work the way they projected it. This IS A SATIRE movie and a movie period! Movies are not about realism or not usually anyways. Suspend your belief and enjoy this enjoyable movie! If you are an analyzer, then maybe I guess you won't enjoy it. Heck, I'm an OVER analyzer and I adored this movie. To each their own, I guess. BUY IT, OR RENT IT TODAY! DO NOT BELIEVE THE CRITICS!

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One of the greatest gangster movies of all time!, 9 February 2003

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This movie is considered to be a gangster movie, in my eyes. However, it deals more with Al Pacino trying to get OUT of that lifestyle. I won't give any spoilers away, just watch it for yourself, to be blown away by Pacino's brilliance! One of my top ten movies of all time!!

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Highly overrated garbage, 7 February 2003

Nothing good can be said about this movie. I didn't find one redeeming quality about it. It was the most boring, non-funny movie I've ever seen in my entire life. The only redeeming value about it was Gene Hackman and his ability to act in any trashy role. Avoid this at all costs. You will be utterly disappointed if you waste 2 hours of your life watching this crud!

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Yawn!, 7 February 2003

Yawn! That is all that can be said about this supposed horror movie. It's not even so bad it's good. It's so bad, that I turned it off after 30 minutes into it. It was so bad, that I didn't even pay to see it, yet I wanted my money back. Avoid, please!

Rushmore (1998)
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What the heck is this?, 7 February 2003

What the heck is this? That was what I thought when the credits of the movie started rolling in. This movie is god awful. It is so bland, unentertaining, boring and NOT funny at all. It started off with some potential, but dropped off and crashed and burned to a quick demise! Avoid this tripe at all costs!

Frequency (2000)
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I love this movie!, 7 February 2003

I love this movie! I watched it for the first time a few days ago and I must say, my breath was taken away by it. I'm not really big into sci-fis or anything like that, but this movie was excellent. It has Sci-Fi, action, drama, thriller, suspense written all over it, all bundled into one great feel-good movie of the decade. One of my new all time favorites. Get it today!

Dragonfly (2002)
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Don't listen to the criticism..., 5 August 2002

I've never been a big Kevin Costner fan before. But, this movie was just all that and then some. People will say this and people will say that. I guess everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but some people have absolutely no taste at all, when it comes to great movies.

That, coming from a hard to please movie critique.

The movie may not break open any new barriers, but it has some nail biting scenes, with a heck of alot of suspense. There was no bad acting in the entire film, if you ask me. The Bodyguard, Robin Hood, Waterworld, etc.. now those WERE some bad Costner films. However, this was not one of them.

People that say it was the worst movie ever are ENTIRELY clueless. Please go out and rent this, as fast as you can. Buy it, rent it, watch it with a friend, JUST WATCH IT! This, also coming from A MAN. Don't most mean supposedly HATE Kevin Costner? BAH!

9 out of 10 stars. I'd pay to see this again in a HEART beat. Don't BELIEVE THE CRITICISM!!!!! You'll regret it if you don't watch it. If you don't like it, then you must not have taste. You're probably the type that thought the Sixth Sense was good. That was one of the worst movies EVER MADE. PURE RUBBISH! Enough spoken. DO what I wrote above. DO IT NOW!!!!

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