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free 9, 28 November 2013

i remember back in the day when ds9 started i was exited as a Trekkie there was a new series..on a station...etc with an Afr. American that looked great,i kinda forgot about ds9 over the years because i remember back then it also slipped away from i re watched every single season/episode again the last few months and i must say i completely disagree with most of the Trekkie's that this is one of the best star trek series out there!!!first the good,the captain,Mr Avery brooks is such a waisted opportunity that they put him in ds9 it's a shame,he alone kept me from totally stopping to watch ds9,his charisma and dramatic appeal carried this series to rating of 6/10.without his input i would have given this a poor 4/10.why?look the tone that is supposed to be so much darker is just a joke,every time i put on a ds9 episode and see this childish DAX character acting like a 12year old or these ridiculous Ferengi joke episodes or the ongoing honor/Kahless/Worf episodes,and don't get me started with this ongoing dominion joke,they tried to create something special but in the end it was just one long drag with this Wayone character...oh my god.then there were the good sides of it,the doctor who gradually turned out to be an okay character,his relationship with O'Brian who also had a decent part in this and Odo,the grumpy Odo who is in my eyes the second pillar to keep this otherwise sometimes childish series on a certain level.and this ongoing Bajor story was so tiring,oh yes i forgot to mention the great first years of gull Dukat!his line in an episode ''and why am i listening to this'' was brilliant!!but then they started to mess his character up with these PA wraith stories...oh boy what can i say...ds9 turned out to have some great episodes but a Lot of medium,and quite some very poor episodes,but overall the feel just wasn't star trek anymore.the name star trek/deep space 9 alone isn't justified,just call it free Bajor or something like that.oh i can name so much more things that weren't good about this series i just don't have the space for it.again it had a couple of good,or even great episodes like lets say about 20 to 25 but the rest is medium,to bad to ridiculous.what a waste for such a great character...Avery brooks...please give this man another chance

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what was that!??!, 21 August 2013

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

so i finally managed to sit though the whole 4 seasons of star trek enterprise...and well here's my review... as i am writing i even cant begin to grasp the amount of flaws i detected in this monstrosity of a star trek series.witch had its few....very few....good moments,but the amount of bad,or even ridiculous episodes is plenty... the crew, oh my god what a bunch of idiots did they put together,i mean if t'pol was a real Vulcan and they put a higher species on a first grand mission with these testosterone,patriotic,childish idiots no wonder the Vulcan's kept humanity's progress on a hold. and what about the acting skills of this bunch???clearly the one decent actor was...Porthos...i mean even this dog had better acting skills than most of this crew...they probably can act better than i describe but they are portrait in such a dumb and ridiculous way all effort vanished in the blink of an eye.lets take our helmsman,Travis may weather....just think about the moment they first reached warp 5.....come on be honest,that looked so ridiculous,like a Trekkie got 2minutes on a real star trek episode...WAAAARRRP FFFFIIIIVVVEEEE....IN THE FIRST 2 SEASONS the brilliant helmsman kept on acting like a 5year old in a toy store...after the third season they wisely put him in the background and in a few occasions let him ''act'' a bit more serious. then there is our Junior president George w bush ....trip ''Heebie-jeebies'' tucker...and again,in the first 2 seasons he acted and behaved like someone they picked up on some cornfield going off at everyone using the most simple vocabulary and after a while they again wisely reduced that way of behavior.having said that i kinda liked the way they changed his stupid behavior into a person with a southern accent saying what he thinks whenever he feels like it.this would have been an interesting approach to begin with!

Malcolm reed...well we needed a British accent in there...and he has that ,,,but other than of the most forgettable star trek character ever....

T'POL-well lets talk about 7of9 part 2....i mean t'pol,she was logical enough in the first one or two seasons until her neural pressure encounters with trip tucker...after that she started to behave like a disgruntled teenager,every scene with a little conflict she is shaking her head and rolling her eyes like a 12 year old...terrible!!!!

neelix2...i mean Dr phlox-possibly one of the most interesting character witch they just did not use enough,well typically enterprise,having one interesting character and not using him properly.

Hoshi Sato-okay i guess,does not bother me,one of the better characters.did not got on my nerves at thats a good thing.

-captain archer-

someone once referred to him as a poor man's Picard witch is a pretty good description,the character itself is okay,he does pretty logical things a captain would do,decisions etc...but the actor himself has so little color and is so predictable like a too obvious still good looking late 40's,early 50's kinda year guy.he just did not have enough of an impact after Kirk(the first)Picard(the older wiser type)Janeway(woman)Sisco(Afr.American),he could as well be just some insurance sales man just passing by...

but what bothered me the most was his way of communicating....why oh why does he have to use that 1930's kinda drama in every speech and turn his back on the person he is speaking to ???whats the deal with that cheap drama trick???at the end of the series he wisely did not do this kind of acting again,still whenever we saw this happening again after so many times it was actually watching a comedy...oh there he goes again turning his back on everyone...

so....then the story's...while sometimes using classic star trek characters and themes of all the story's only a few really stuck with was a bit too much meeting some alien,saying hi,we mean you no harm and then....bad alien...every encounter witch starts of good you know they will somehow make a 180 degrees turn and be the bad aliens we need!!!!just too much of these kinda cheap i said in the beginning there were a few really good episodes,and i really mean a few, Daedalus or Cogenitor to name a few where good star trek TV,there were more but not many,i would guess about 10 good episodes all together.and the ongoing Xindi abomination too long drawn out story like wanting to make enterprise this grandest of grand TV series was a try to do something different but the wrong decision,the season 3 was by far the worst of star trek i saw in my life.the Xindi in combination with the ridiculous t'pol trip love nonsense in combination with that scene where the captain himself disables this super weapon by an alien race far beyond humanity while charging the bombs and running away from this weapon we see behind him a feast of explosions almost alike a bad 1980 MTV music music video was the final insult to my taste as a star trek fan!!!!!

season 4 was a small step in the right direction,we clearly see some improvements,especially in the colors!!!!!i mean what kind of colors were used in the first 3 seasons???the whole ship,scenes,people had a fade Grey veil over them,only in season 4 did the show actually look right,with real faces and colors. BAD C.G.I.-finally the overused bad c.g.i. were yet another thing that stood out in this TV show.they had this new toy and decided not to use real ships anymore as if the crappy c.g.i. could be an just did not look good,a lot of next generation space scenes looked better using real ships. finally i have to admit at the end we started to enjoy the cheesiness of some episodes,while this could not be the intend of the producers it did gave me a lot of good memories,where you see something thats so ridiculous (in the mirror darkly,storm front,etc...)you start to enjoy it.

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great photography,great drama,great movie, 23 November 2009

i wanted to watch this one for quite some time but as it wasn't released in Belgian theaters i had to wait for the DVD release first of all i loved the photography of that movie,the scenery is beautiful the way it was captured it looked great but it's not all look the movie itself is pretty real and sweaty at times,you can get into this character when he was young,well not always(the scene in the amusement park was pretty groce...)but most of the time,and the part CRAIG played As a washed up Hollywood star was done brilliantly.but then i'm a Daniel Craig fan so maybe i was bias,but anyway the greatest scene was at the end when she gets that letter it tore me apart,i really found it worth looking at.

2012 (2009/I)
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disaster movie per sé, 23 November 2009

i was looking foreward to see this long awaited epic movie but...i was very disappointed aftwerwords,even in the first break i actually wanted to leave the room because of the ridiculous way this story keeps stretching the meaning of the word tension,i mean how many times can one escape at the last second from disaster??1,2 or 3times avctually in this movie it was i think 10times,it's just too much of a good thing witch took away all the pleasure one usually has to experience watching these special effects on a big screen,it took away all fun,i saw "knowing" a few months ago and it so much better even the special effects were so much better timed and just took you more than in 2012,it was like an avalanche of special effects well they loose their effect when used too much this is how i felt it,i was actyually pretty sad that they made a movie so expensive and mess it all up with a ridiculous story and totally unbelevable follow ups of last minute escapes,even my10year old son found this too much of a good thing.