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Powerful...and Important!!, 4 June 2006

And The Band Played On is an extremely powerful movie. This movie should be required viewing in any high school. The fact that it took so incredibly long for the then higher powers to admit to the existence of AIDS is stunning and sad. The performances throughout the movie were moving and effective. I thought that Sir Ian McKellan and Richard Gere represented respectfully the signs of strength and fear.

I was also disheartened to learn that throughout this tragedy, there were individuals who might have been more concerned with helping and protecting their own reputation and agenda as well as accepting the credit for their work in breaking down point by point the disease known as AIDS. Alan Alda as Dr. Gallo was fascinating. In fact all of the performances from Matthew Modine and Richard Gere to Steve Martin and BD Wong were great. The most important thing here though is the history of this disease and the hope that we can learn from it.

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The Beast was on oldie but goody, 3 June 2006

Fun movie....really goofy and silly but that's what they're trying for so no complaints. The actor who played Beast (the old evil master with a wife beater tee shirt) is an oldie but goody. I remember watching him in some of the old kung fu movies from the late 70's and early 80's. He was obviously a lot younger then. If you like this guy then check out "My Kung Fu 12 Kicks" or "Iron Fingers".

The rest of the cast was fun. It almost seemed as if they were poking gentle fun at the old Shaw Brothers Kung Fu movies with a bit of modern day lingo mixed in for good measure. If you're in the mood for a funny combination of Matrix, Five Deadly Venoms and Bugs Bunny then this one might be a winner.