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Hail the greatest band of all time!!, 4 April 2003

They were alternative before there was alternative, The Residents are a band like no other, and I love them for it. This has all their classics, from 'Hello Skinny', 'Third Reich and Roll' to their homage to the great James Brown with a take on 'This is a Man's Man's Man's World'. But that is just the beginning. As a bonus it even has Renaldo & the Loafs hauntingly beautiful 'Songs for Swinging Larvae' and even features The Residents cover of it. Needless to say, I highly recommend the purchase of this DVD, I would also recommend buying their latest album 'Demons Dance Alone', it is fantastic.

Uncle Willie Eyeball Buddy #502

Pieces (1982)
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I thought Bluto did it...., 30 December 2002

For a low-budget, gratuitous, gorefest, this movie aint half bad. Of course, you have to be in the mood for a poorly-acted, dimly lit, movie with atrocious editing. A movie that will definitely please any bad movie fan. Would be a good double feature with 'Gates of Hell' also with Christopher George.

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Hilarious, 8 August 2002

When I first stumbled upon this, I thought it was a parody of all the other "real life" court room shows. And i'm still not convinced it isn't. Take one country-fried rube spouting shmaltzy good ol' fashioned home spun wisdom cliches, and a various assortment of trailer-trash, toothless peckerwoods and other pathetic losers harping about their petty problems, and you have the making for one of the funniest half-hours on TV (which isn't difficult nowadays)

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One of Sylvesters best, 25 February 2002

The story line for this classic short was actually used twice, here, and two years later in "Dr. Jerkyl's Hide." This is the version I like better. We've all seen it a dozen times, we all know the plot, so no reason to delve into it. Sylvester singing "Charleston" still makes me crack up every time. The aforementioned "DJH" is quite funny also, but this is the superior one.

Stick (1985)
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Stick Stinks, 11 February 2002

Poor Burt, he tried so hard. The late 80s weren't kind to Mr. Reynolds, and Mr. Reynolds wasn't kind to the late 80s. He churned out one bad movie after the next, but "Stick" may be the worst of the lot. {At least you can laugh at "Malone.") This film is just dull with post-production problems very evident by the sloppy editing. Dig the opening scene, where after Burt has been just released from jail, when he goes to a bar, and beats up the guy next him, because he made a pass at the waitress! A bad Burt Reynolds movie that began a trend that sent his career spiraling. Dar Robinsons stunt at the end of the movie, is very well done though. Avoid.

Cop (1988)
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A terrible movie, 16 January 2002

James Woods did his usual good acting job, BUT, this movie is supposedly based on the James Elroy book 'Blood on the Moon', and I can see no similarities between the two. Just like LA Confidential, (which also sucked) writers took a really good book and turned it into a really crappy movie. None of the characters are even remotely the same, a really taut, gripping book was turned into a formulaic, pathetic mess. And after a while, James Woods acting stops helping. James Elroy is one of the best writers in America, and it's about time a film was made of one his books that will do him justice.

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Very good, but not great action flick. **Minor Spoilers**, 16 December 2001

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This film comes very close to being one of the great action flicks of the Seventies, but just falls a little short. The opening scene of the heist is very well done, and the shoot-out at the end was great, but a plodding middle section hurt the overall film. A Great soundtrack helps through the occasional lulls. Fans of the black films of that era will not be disappointed.

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The funniest Bugs Bunny you'll never see., 16 December 2001

Unless you can find this in a video store that deals in obscure or underground films (which is how I found it) chances are you will never see this short. Too bad, it's damn funny. In place of Elmer Fudd, we have a little black sambo stereotype as Bugs' foil. The kid is, of course put through the same rigors that anybody foolish enough to hunt Bugs, gets put through. It is capped off by Bugs hypnotizing the kid by rattling a pair of dice, and taking all of his possessions in a crap game. Is it wrong to laugh at, I don't think so, if that were then the case, it would be wrong to laugh at Redd Foxx or Richard Pryor, or when they rip on Whitey. (And are hilarious when they do) I doubt Warner Brothers will ever release this, or many other of their cartoons that are on this same level, on DVD. Which in a way, is kind of sad...

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No laughs here, 27 November 2001

I must admit, the only reason I watched this movie was for the casting of Jack Haley and Bela Lugosi together in a movie, boy was I disappointed. Lugosi, who receives top billing on the cover of the tape is on screen less than five minutes, and isn't given any material to work with. Jack Haley is okay as the nervous salesman mistaken for a private eye in a spooky mansion, but I think it would have been funnier if Bert Lahr had been cast for the role.

From Hell (2001)
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Why Ian why?..., 21 November 2001

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

First off, let me state that the person behind this script knows very little about the Jack The Ripper killings. I have bad news for people out there, Sir William Gull was NOT Jack The Ripper. I am not saying I know who is, many theories abound, but the 'Queen Victoria sending her personal physician out to kill the prostitutes that gave her son VD' is one of the more laughable.

Secondly, Johnny Depp simply could not emit a convincing British accent. Don't get me wrong, he is a damn good actor, but he was in way over his head with this one.

If you need to see a good Jack The Ripper movie, I would recommend Hitchcocks' "The Lodger"

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