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As great as Adult Swim can be at times, this show is terrible., 16 January 2005

I understand this show's attempt at dry humor. I get the interesting, unique animation style based on Tim and Eric's web cartoon. I like the voice acting, and the guest voices by celebrities are consistently well-done. With all of that said, "Tom Goes to the Mayor" is awful. I've watched almost every episode shown thus far (after all, it is between two of the best shows on television in "Aqua Teen Hunger Force" and "Sealab 2021"), and I think that literally the ONLY time I laughed was at the weird sounds being made by Jack Black in the first episode. Not just are the jokes few and far between, but those that exist aren't funny. It's worth it to give this show a chance... once. Afterwards, you'll realize that the writing is crap and the animation simply gets annoying. With so many hits on Adult Swim, it's a shame that they don't immediately get rid of the misses. "Tom Goes to the Mayor" is definitely a miss.

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Surprisingly excellent, 17 December 2004

I like John Mayer's music- like, but not that much- but I've always thought he had a great personality. This random, nonsense talk show definitely shows off a lot of the latter with only a bit of the former. I'm not sure how, but this show is amazing. When Mayer's simply talking, it's interesting. When he's interviewing fans or road crew members, it's interesting. When he's doing sketch comedy or pulling pranks on people for no apparent reason, it's interesting. The show keeps my attention, and not many shows in this day and age of crappy medical dramas and crappier sitcoms can do that. It may look odd and cheaply-produced, but that's because the whole point of the show is for it to be odd and cheaply-produced. And, magically, it works very well.

"SK8 TV" (1990)
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A great, unheralded show, 4 August 2004

Few people remember "SK8 TV," and that's a shame. I can't remember any shows devoted to skateboarding, much less from 1990. Under the direction of the great Stacy Peralta, it was shocking to see how many skateboarders appeared on the show, from established stars like Tony Hawk and Tony Alva to pre-teens who would grow up to be pros like Bucky Lasek. More than anything else, "SK8 TV" simply showed how much fun people could have boarding- the tricks they could pull off, and the friends they could make. It is amazing to see what skateboarding was like almost 15 years ago, and the incredibly laid-back atmosphere of the show helped make it such an excellent exhibition of talent.

Marathon (2002)
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Not recommended in the slightest, 16 June 2004

"Marathon" has a very interesting premise, excellent ambient sounds, and good scenery. Unfortunately, the movie, aside from these aspects, falls flat on its face. For a woman trying to complete so many crossword puzzles in a day, she spends an awful lot of time standing around, sulking, and not doing puzzles. I believe there is more walking shown in the movie than her work on these puzzles. Also, while I understand the point of showing so much scenery, there is simply FAR too much of it. The movie is incredibly boring and unfocused. It's not worth buying, renting, watching on television, or viewing in any conceivable way. I lost interest so quickly that I'm not sure why I sat through the entire film in the first place.

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An absolutely brilliant film, 22 June 2002

"Inherit the Wind" is a movie that will forever stand the test of time as a masterpiece. Of course, some of the facts and views of the Scopes Monkey Trial are exaggerated (the attourneys would never be able to make their speeches or ask many of their questions in a real court), but this is true of every movie. The relationship between Drummond and the Bradys is perfectly portrayed, and Tracy, March, and Kelly deliver performances that rival any other movie they have ever appeared in. Every aspect of the film, from the arrival of Brady in Hillsborough, to the selection of jurors, through the death of "son of god" Brady, is excellently created by director Stanley Kramer. I suggest that everyone looking for one of the greatest law movies ever made see "Inherit the Wind."

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I had to watch just to see how horrible it would be... my worst fears came true, 11 June 2002

I couldn't give a crap about the competition on "American Idol," I couldn't care less about who's going to win or lose. It's a stupid contest to find yet ANOTHER teenybopper who can't write their own songs or play an instrument. I turned on this tripe for the humor- and boy, it was FUNNY. They showed clips of the best and worst singers... the worst ones were horrible, but even the BEST ones were horrible! There were maybe three talented people out of the 100+ they showed their seven or eight viewers. The hosts of the show are disgustingly bad, and possibly the two worst actors I've ever seen. Even the clips of future episodes look idiotic. I don't know why anybody on the face of the earth would care about this program- I still don't have a clue why the Brits are dumb enough to care about the original version of it. There is not a SINGLE redeeming quality of "American Idol" except for how pitiful the singers and hosts are. I watched episode 1 simply to see how awful the show would turn out to be. Unfortunately, it was much worse than what I'd assumed, and I would rather break a foot than watch episode 2.

Carmen (1984)
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Awful... Just plain awful, 29 May 2002

Due to a French class, I've been forced to watch this film. Check that, it isn't a film, it's a movie- films have some sort of artistry. Forget the overacting (even more than needed in an opera), the vast armpit hair on Carmen, or the pitiful English subtitles. The camera work in this version of "Carmen" is atrocious. There are over a dozen points throughout the movie when a character is singing, but the camera is on either the cheap scenery (with no actors present in the shot) or a character who is not singing or speaking. The acting isn't awful, but it certainly isn't good. Placido Domingo holds his own as Don José, but the rest of the cast is replaceable. There were few good qualities of this movie, and even if the acting had been better (I can't comment on the script, since the movie did a good job of staying true to the original opera), the cinematography and sound were bad enough to destroy it.

Grand Theft Auto 3 (2001) (VG)
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The greatest video game of all time. Period., 20 May 2002

GTA3 is, undoubtedly, the best game that has ever been made. Aside from small glitches that only come around every once in a long while (I must've played 100 hours of GTA3, and I've been hit with 3 glitches at the most), the game is absolutely perfect. Unlike every other game that isn't endorsed by a celebrity or an athlete, GTA3 has real actors in great voice-acting roles. The buttons are extremely easy to figure out the first time you play, and the array of weapons (acquired either through actual game play or through codes) is astonishing. Most amazing about GTA3 is the how gigantic the game is. There are thousands of things to do- I have friends who have played for at least 50 hours without actually touching the missions. Finding unique jumps for huge bonuses (for as long as I've been playing, I've still only achieved about 8 out of 20), Rampages (of which I've only beaten 5), Taxi/Vigilante missions, Matrix-style pills that allow you to rip off car doors and kill nearly anyone with one punch... I beat the game with my best friend 4 months ago, but we still play frequently. Crashing into cars is not just extremely fun, but a great way (aside from killing people and stealing from them) to earn enough money to buy weapons if you don't want to use codes. The vast number of cars rocks, as it's almost as fun to drive a Yakuza Stinger as it is to drive a Manana, if for the sole reason that you know you're in the worst car possible and it will basically explode on impact. There's a large reason why this has been the most highly sold and rented game of the last year or so- there are few, if any, downsides to playing it. I recommend GTA3 to absolutely anyone who can stand a bit of violence and profanity and wants to have the most fun a video game can provide.

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Simply brilliant, 7 May 2002

I had not seen "Forrest Gump" in many months, but upon seeing it once again, I can't think of a better way to spend a couple of hours in front of the TV. The movie is perfectly done: everybody who you're supposed to like (Forrest, his mother, Lieutenant Dan, Bubba), you like; everybody who you're supposed to dislike (Jenny, Dan at the beginning of the movie), you dislike. In such a dramatic movie, it's amazing that it can still be so funny- or, in a comedic movie, it's amazing that it can still be so dramatic. The shots of war are brilliant, and it's easy to believe that the action is real. Tom Hanks played Forrest as well as he acted in any movie, and Sally Field did not get enough respect for her performance. I'm sure there are tons of people who can say something about "Forrest" better than I can, but I've liked this movie since my early teens, and I still love it whenever I have the pleasure of viewing it.

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This doesn't come CLOSE to the original PYL, 28 April 2002

"Press Your Luck" was a great show that gave out much more money than most game shows of its time did. "Whammy" isn't even remotely good. I find it insane that the prize given out on "Whammy" are CHEAPER than the ones given out 18 years ago! Moreover, you aren't allowed to play for more than 1 day on "Whammy," where as you could keep coming back without hitting the prize limit on PYL. Worst of all on the new show are Double Whammys. They're completely idiotic- how many times can someone get crap dropped on their head? I'll take the old PYL any day of the week- the original is my favorite show of all time, this is just a piece of junk where every prize on the second round board is worth $500.

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