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Det. Green first show. Learn of his two excessive force comp., 2 June 2006

I like Green and Brisco together. It was a good episode. I really enjoy the show. My wife and I never miss it. You can see the two Det's feeling each other's patterns and how they work. Lenny the old school cop who has seen it all. Green who's father had a good living and you can tell by the way Green dresses and carries himself. Atlantic City poker trip overnight. Hey they are still people. Its to bad about Orbach. He was a fine actor, and not just in L and O. In all of his films. Fontana took some getting used to but he has grown on me. One thing I really did like is when Green is interrogating the suspect and getting him to show his displeasure so to say with the opposite sex. It was clever directing and it really showed his different range of character. Lets face it he almost beat him on the street when he caught him and Lenny had to calm him down. I wish you just knew more of their pasts. I think it would help us get to know them better.