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An absolutely stupid show!, 29 June 2006

I, as a rabid "Trekker" who really liked all of Gene Roddenberry's work, really hated this show. It was truly bottom of the barrel. I was amazed it lasted 5 years, though here in the DC area we only saw it for three, as it got dropped due to low ratings, I guess. The spaceship looked like a toy, the acting was, well not even acting, and the writing was set for 10 year old's. Kevin Sorbo, who I understand is as nice a guy as there is, must have done strictly for the money. I doubt we'll see this show pop up again in furhter syndication here in the states, though it will probably make it's way over to Europe where it will be a bit hit, due to the strange taste's over there.

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Bill Murray hits his stride, 7 September 2005

In this movie Bill's character is very similar to his "Lost in Translation" role. A late middle age guy who's losing touch with himself. I think this role was written especially for Bill, as LIT showcased his transformation from comic actor to a serious dramatic role guy. While I can't say I loved this movie (as it really left things hanging at the end) I liked it a lot. Sharon Stone and Jessica Lange acted their small supporting roles with grace, while Tilda Swindon's spot was the exact opposite, and fleeting as well. Julie Delpy's talents were wasted as well. If a little more time had been spent on the script and wound up the story to some closure it would have been a truly superior film. As presented, it was good, but not great. Still I liked it enough to see it twice.

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A sweetheart of a movie!, 15 November 2004

I remember going to see this movie as an afterthought one night in 1988 when I was on a business trip to San Diego. I thought at first it was going to stink, as I couldn't imagine Don Johnson handling a thoughtful adult role. I was shocklingly surprised at his, and the always superior Jeff Daniels acting in this film. These two guys played off each other with such chemistry it was hard not to imagine them as best friends. As a guy who hasn't had much luck in the relationship department, I could so relate to both Don and Jeff's romance problems with, respectively; Susan Sarandon, and the babe-a-licious (I still have the hots for her) Elizabeth Perkins. In addition to the outstanding acting, the movie was written and directed with a great deal of heart. Its such a shame this fine film was ignored at the box office.

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A good, but not great movie., 4 November 2004

Pity Harry Ford, he's done a string of good (not great) big-budget movies that have tanked at the box office. H-Squared is one of them. I liked this movie a lot. Just enough balance between light comedy (Josh Hartnett and Harry yuck it up), and semi-serious drama. Harry and Josh play, respectivley; a lifer on the LAPD who moonlites selling (or trying to) real estate, and a young detective who really wants to be an actor. Fortunately both are far better cops than they are at their "second careers". Both investigate a triple homicide that takes them into the world of the hip-hop/rap music business, where the competition for $$$ is high and dangerous. After a lot of action on and off the job (both men have gorgeous women after them) they crack the case, get the bad guys (Frank Sinatra Jr puts in a nice supporting role as a baddie), and in Harry's case gets Internal Affairs off his back. A good movie that deserved to have done better at the box office.

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A wonderful show that didn't get noticed, 19 October 2004

Breaking Away had the unfortunate luck too have been scheduled for the Fall 1980 season, which just happened to coincide with the writers guild strike. As a result, it didn't make it to the airwaves until late NOV '80. I think only 8 episodes were produced before the show got the Axe. It's a shame, as it was wonderfully filmed in and around Athens GA, acted (by a young Shaun Cassidy and Jackie Earl Haley, as well as veteran Barbara Barrie), written and directed. The show in many ways picks up where the movie left off. The guys are out of High School, and are trying to find out what they are going to do with their lives. Its hard to understand what ABC was thinking when they axed this one! This show is truly a gem, and I hope it makes it way to DVD one day soon.

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It had a few cute moments, 5 August 2004

Before I found out Tom Hanks donated to ex-Prez Clinton's legal defense fund, I was a fan of his. Several of his past movies (Private Ryan, You've Got Mail, Splash) are some of my favorites. Now however, I take a critical eye toward his work. This movie has its "cute" moments, but tries too hard. Mr. Speilberg (Steve you're one of the best directors out there, but romantic comedies just aren't your forte) couldn't even save this stinker! C-Z Jones, truly the worst actress and most un-deserving Oscar winner of all time, shows us once again (when is she going to fade away?) that outside of an interesting smile she should give up acting, and stick to those obnoxious cell-phone commercials.

"10.5" (2004)
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Entertaining, but the acting stinks!, 3 May 2004

I've always enjoyed disaster flicks, and this is no exception. That being said, the acting by accomplished veterans Beau Bridges, Fred Ward and Kim Delaney is plain awful!! John Schnieder; as the estranged husband of the CA Govenor is the only one trying here and Dule Hill is woefully miscast (as he is too young, and just unbelievable) as a LA surgeon. The supporting cast is a bunch of no-names that were probably an economy move, as they have little to say or do other than to look bewildered. The FX though; are pretty darn good with the Space Needle in Seattle, and the Golden Gate Bridge both come tumbling down. I would guess Mr. Ward and Mr. Bridges are not glad they accepted these roles!!

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Kevin Smith's masterpiece!, 16 April 2004

I really LIKED this film. Kevin Smith's past efforts have all been favorites of mine, though they have been fairly crude in language, and of shallow content. This film is a total 180. It has depth, charm, and a touching story. Ben Affleck, who I have always considered a lightweight really steps up to the plate and delivers. Liv Tyler, and George Carlin (in his first, I think semi-dramatic role) shine as well. I have to make mention of unheralded Steve Root (a funny guy from his "NewsRadio" days) who contributes in a nice supporting role as well. The script is great and Kevin's directing (as usual) is top notch. The cameos by Wil Smith, and Matt Damon were fun as well. I don't wear hats, but if I did, my hat would be off to Kevin and co. Great job!!!

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The Big Bomb!!!, 5 April 2004

Save a noble supporting effort from Charlie Sheen, this movie was awful! Too bad, as "Get Shorty" another Leonard film, is one of my favorites. Hard to say where this one went wrong, as the cast; Owen Wilson, Sheen and co. is a good and solid one. The humour of the previously mentioned "Shorty" is completely missing. Owen Wilson is in many ways an underated and funny actor, as he has saved many a bomb (I-Spy, Shanghi's) but not this time. I think he still has a promising future though. The movie was more than adequately hyped and promoted, and I have been told the film is very much like is very true to E. Leonards vision. I guess no matter how hard you try, you just can't always succeed!!!

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Great effort by all!, 5 April 2004

This movie is one of my favorites, so much I saw it three times! It combines tight direction from Mimi Leder (not bad for her first outing after ER), really good acting from G. Clooney (only his Perfect Storm effort is superior), Nicole Kidman (funny in that before this movie I wasn't a fan of hers) and support from Michael Boatman. A really good story, and very well written, that unfortunately is a very true danger now, nee SEPT 11 stuff. Loved the location filming thru Europe and NYC as well. Getting back to Clooney; this as I said, was a superior effort on his part, and he manages quite well to carry this film. The particular role of his in this film is worthy of a sequel, and as the chemistry was there between he and Nicole she should be there as well. I remember reading somewhere how the producers felt the film "underperformed" at the box office. Hard to understand that thought as the film made over $100M world wide.

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