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Cool., 5 October 2001

Halloween is my favorite horror movie so this documentary was very interesting and fun to watch. It just shows that you dont need a great or high budget, over-the-top special effects or a really famous cast (though Halloween does have a good cast) to make a truly great, breathtaking, memorable flick. This documentary is cool, I'll always love Halloween! Jamie Lee Curtis and Donald Pleasence are brilliant.

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The best comedy ever made!, 3 September 2001

Bette Midler and Shelley Long are great as the lead characters. This film is very entertaining and funny. I love all the action sequences and Bette Midler's performance. But both Shelley Long and Midler are equally great. My favourite comedy of all time! Witty and hilarious. A must see.

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Give it a break!, 21 July 2001

I'm tired of this film being slammed by critics and fans alike simply because there is no Shape. There is a lot of mystery in Halloween 3. Why was Ellie's father killed? What goes on in Cochran's factory? And what's the deal with that freaky town Santa Mira? I found this film entertaining and thought that the acting was decent. This would be a cult classic if it was not part of the series. Sure, this film is not as good as the Michael Myers' films, but if this is the worst Halloween film, then the Halloween series is doing something right!

The best!, 14 July 2001

"A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors" is the best film in the Elm Street series. It's funny, intelligent, entertaining and has some great characters which we get to know and love. The special effects are also great and I'm glad that Heather Langenkamp returned to the series.

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First impressions do NOT last!, 7 July 2001

When I first watched Prom Night III: The Last Kiss, I thought it was a load of rubbish. Recently, though, I re - watched the film again and really loved it. I liked the humour in this film and found it to be entertaining. I take back what I said about it in my user comment on Prom Night IV: Deliver us From Evil. Actually, I like it more than Prom Night IV. The acting was okay also, as were the gore effects!

Very suspenseful!, 1 July 2001

The Texas Chain Saw Massacre is slow starting off, but picks up about half-way through the film. It's not as gory as I expected. It's very violent, but not gory. That's what makes this film a stand out. It's not gory, but terrifying. What's even more scary, to me, is that this film is based on true events. Not for everyone, but definitely for true horror fans!

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If House 3, then it's the best in the series., 12 June 2001

The Horror Show is my kind of film. It's slasher and it's cool! I don't know why it is called House 3 over here in Australia. But I like it better than the other House films. This is more of a slasher film. While the other films were more "spooky" (goblins, ghosts, mysterious - furry - creatures, etc.). The Horror Show rules, but House, House 2 and House 4 sucked. But that's only my opinion.

Scream 3 (2000)
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I love you Neve Campbell and Parker Posey!, 31 May 2001

I was way too harsh before. Scream 3 is above average. Courteney Cox-Arquette turned in a decent performance and there is some great humour in this flick. While not as good as Scream and Scream 2, Scream 3 is a "cut" above the rest. I look forward to Scream 4. God, I cant wait. Ehren Kruger is great, but it would be nice if Kevin Williamson could write the fourth installment! Keep on screaming!!!!!

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Great horror TV series., 6 May 2001

Friday the 13th The Series is great. Every episode is enjoyable and incredibly suspenseful. It is totally different from the Horror series Friday the 13th (with Jason). Even non horror fans should get a kick out of this great series.

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Better than the first 2 sequels., 27 April 2001

Let me start off by saying that I hate the Mary Lou sequels. Not only are they boring, the are just, in general, pathetic. That's why I cant understand why people say that Urban Legends: Final Cut is the worst horror film/sequel ever made. They obviously haven't seen Hello Mary Lou: Prom Night II and Prom Night III: The Last Kiss. Prom Night IV: Deliver us from Evil is not one of the greatest horror sequels around. But it is a masterpiece when compared to the earlier sequels. The first Prom Night was an excellent film. God I love it. But what the hell is up with the sequels? Slasher flick fans should have some fun with this, I sure did! It's mildly entertaining and very, very suspenseful and freaky. Father Jonas scares the crap out of me. I love this film for what it's worth.

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