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Well worth seeing..., 14 June 2009

I went to see this film having heard nothing about it at all and another film I wanted to see wasn't on the Sunday matinée, this looked 5 Euros I've spent in a long time. Very, very good thriller but NOT FOR CHILDREN and I was genuinely surprised how much I enjoyed it - well filmed and well acted by the main protagonists; I know nothing of Swedish actors but apparently Michael Nyqvist is well known and I thought Noomi Rapace was brilliant (a young, headstrong, tattooed and "talented" computer hacker Lisbeth Salander with a traumatized past) I thought the film was superbly directed (Niels Arden Oplev); I am already looking forward to the second film later this year AND I will go and buy the books...

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Very good, hard-hitting, 1 June 2006

Really enjoyed the movie, which is a hard-hitting tale of drugs sex and death in 1980's Colombia. It is all shot in what appears to be the actual locations in the streets and poor barrios of Medellin and acting by all the actors is very good and realistic, the music brings back many good memories and although the film is extremely drug and sex orientated it continues on a, reasonably easy to follow, central theme with great flashbacks etc to relate the story. Flora Martinez is superb...and very, very sexy! :-) I hadn't heard of this film before and I see that the original comments were in 2005, it has just been released (not sure if it is limited or general release) in Spain (I'm in Barcelona) but it is well worth going to see - not for children or those of a weak disposition! ;-)