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whats the problem, 9 November 2006

I love the TV show the war at home and if I'm feeling down i no I'm guaranteed a laugh.Dave is so mean and encourages his son Larry to not be so girlie and he tells his son on numerous occasions that he has to earn respect by being a man and getting into a few fights and that includes fighting with his brother mike.I have read other comments saying this show is trash and racist and homophobic but it isn't what the show is about.Its about two people Dave and Vicky who were never ready for kids and only got married despite loving each other because of the kids.It is being realistic and being humorous about something that is very seldomly talked about

"Friends" (1994)
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the last episode, 8 November 2006

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After having the TV show Friends on our screens for ten years i found it very hard not to become attached to these characters.But i did become very close to these characters:Ross Geller(David Schwimmer),Monica Geller-Bing(Courtney cox),Joey Tribbiani(Matt Leblanc),Rachel Green(Jennifer Aniston),Chandler Bing(Mathew perry) and Phoebe Buffay-Hannigan(Lisa Kudrow).The last episode aired in 2004 was a great ending when Ross and Phoebe raced to the airport to stop Rachel getting on the plan to go to Paris.As he wanted her to know that he was in love with her still as he had been in love with her since high school.Over the years they had had an on again off again relationship and one of Ross' funniest lines is "we were on a brake" to explain him having a one night stand.Rachel and Ross had a baby together Emma which also was conceived through a one night stand

Chicago (2002)
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i love Chicago don't you?, 6 November 2006

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i absolutely enjoyed the movie Chicago it was one of my favorite musicals besides grease. Catherine zeta-Jones is a fantastic actress playing Velma Kelly and a great singer as well.My favorite number was the cell Block tango and it sucks how the Hungarian lady is innocent but she gets hung.You realize she is innocent because in the cell block tango number she is the only one who has a white scarf thing which symbolizes her innocence where as all the others have red ones which symbolizes there guilt.My other favorite number is if you'll be good to mama which makes you realize Evan big woman can be hot as Queen Latifa proves by playing Morton the head of the prison in her very sexy outfit in this number.

"Charmed" (1998)
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i love charmed, 6 November 2006

i absolutely love charmed.I have seen all the season from beginning til end and i have to say that A:the pilot episode was the best episode when Phoebe(Alyssa milano) came in after being away for along time from her family and not getting along with her two big sisters ecspeccially Prue(Shannon doughty) and they found out they were witches more specifically the charmed ones.And B:that i didn't like Paige(Rose Mcgowan) half as much as i liked Prue and it sucked how she died I do have to say that the last ever episode was one of the best endings i have ever seen of a TV show it was great how they didn't leave any loose endings so they showed the future and piper and Leo old and all the kids and stuff

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i loved john Ritter, 6 November 2006

I love 8 simple rules for dating my teenage daughter and it was so sad when John Ritter died he was one of my favorite characters as Paul Hennessey. Him and Kayley as Bridget were awesome.When John died i was so upset it was so uncool.I reckon that nobody else could play Bridget as good as Kayley as she is really hot and had the whole dumb blond act down to a fine art and she towers over Amy it is so cool.I really hope to see Kayley in heaps of other things.Im also really glad that even though John isn't in it anymore as he died i am glad David Spade is in it playing their super weird cousin C.J.Man he is so funny but yet at the same time super weird.I think i like it so much because i can relate to it