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Things I saw this year.
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Major awards given in 2014 for films in these categories:

Best Film
Best Director
Best Actor
Best Actress
Best Supporting Actor
Best Supporting Actress
Best Screenplay
Best Cinematography
Best Production Design
Best Costumes
Best Foreign Film
Best Documentary

From these organizations:

Guilds (Producers, Directors, Actors, Writers, Cinematographers, Art Directors, Costumers)
Los Angeles Film Critics*
National Board of Review*
National Society of Film Critics*
New York Film Critics*

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What I watched in 2014.
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These are the films that have won the Production or Art/Set Direction Oscars since the awards began in 1928.
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Winners of the annual awards for outstanding cinematography given by the American Society of Cinematographers. 1986 to the present.
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Films nominated for the 2012 Academy Awards.
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Things I watched in 2013.
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Movies with references to scoliosis. Please suggest other movies in the comments.
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These are the films Martin Scorsese talks about in his contemplation of Italian cinema in the film, My Voyage to Italy.