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I want this list to be thorough, so it contains any film from 1920 through 1959 that: A) qualifies as horror, sci-fi, dark thriller, or dark fantasy, or anything else that a fan of late-night horror movies might crave; and B) Was was produced, released by, or owned by Universal Studios in the past or present.

This means it contains some movies that are lost, some movies that Universal no longer owns, and some movies (mostly Paramount) that it did not produce but has since acquired.

It also contains some films whose status as horror (or the other above mentioned genres and sub-genres) is questionable, or even doubtful, all in the name of thoroughness.

I hope to continue to update this list, adding new entries and describing the status of the more obscure ones listed.
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In the late '50s, Screen Gems released dozens of Universal horror films on TV via the Shock Theater and Son of Shock film packages. (Some Columbia Horror films were included in the Son of Shock Package as well.)

Though the packages were padded with non-horror thrillers like Danger Woman and the Man Who Cried Wolf, a number of films from 1931 to 1946 (the years covered by the Shock packages) were not included.

Not all of these films are pure horror films, but most would have been more welcome late night viewing than Chinatown Squad or Reported Missing.

Some of the films were probably considered to "classy" to be part of the package. Some might have already been released on another package. Some might have been missing, overlooked, or lacking a decent print.

In any case, here are some notable Universal films that were not released as part of the Shock packages.

NOTE: This list doesn't include any of the many Paramount films (like Island of Lost Souls or The Monster and the Girl) which MCA purchased in 1958. None were ever included in a Shock film package, possibly because MCA did not take over Universal until 1962.

The list also does not include films that Universal lost the rights to, like The Old Dark House and Life Returns.
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This list does not include straight remakes of classic comedies or biopics about famous comedians, but loos at attempts to revive classic characters and/or comedic styles.
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The eleven Waner Brothers cartoon shorts were withheld from television distribution by United Artists in 1968, mostly for racist stereotypes and caricatures.
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These are the films that comprised the Son of Shock film package that was sold to television stations across the United States in 1958. This package contained 20 films from Universal and Columbia Pictures.
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These are the 52 Universal films that Screen Gems sold as the "Shock Theater" film package to local stations across the United States in 1957. The package was a ratings hit, and sparked a revival of interest in the classic horror movies and monsters. The Shock package omitted many well known horror films (like Bride of Frankenstein), but did include many non-horror thrillers and melodramas.