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As of 2nd March 2014, here is a list of films, which I rated at 6 or higher, with fewer than 2000 votes. Some are real treats and well worth watching if you can find them. If i could pick just 5 of them you must see, they would be:
Stalag Luft
Purely Belter
Plaza Suite
The Trench
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These guys will increase your understanding of the world and help you appreciate life and live it to the fullest. Look them up on YouTube and watch as many clips as you can find (hundreds). You'll come out of it a different and better person. Then watch 'Zeitgeist: Moving Forward'. It'll blow you away.
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My all-time top 50 films and franchises of the past 100 years. You won't agree on all of them (or many of them), but these are my favourites for what it's worth.
I've also added, as a bonus, my over-rated and most hated films.
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The films people need to watch again and re-vote. Some are great; some are just fun to watch, but they've all been underrated. To qualify, they have to be given a rating over 1 less than what i gave them.
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The best actors in hollywood in no particular order.
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Films I gave a rating of 7 and above which I always have to tell people out cos they ain't seen the bugger! Film buffs will have seen most of these. Normal people won't.
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The best comedy flicks ever made... (Not including animation)
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The best horror films ever made. (Not necessarily in order of scariness)
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The greatest year for class movies was 2004. Don't believe me? Have a look at the list then see if you can find a year that came close (1994 and 1999 included).
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The Top Ten best films and a few more...
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Chick flicks are usually like driving a power drill through your temples. These are the ones blokes can enjoy too, starting best to worst.
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These films should not have been made and why people like them, I do not know. To qualify, they have to be given a rating over 5 what i gave them and be released in the last 40 years.
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There were many great films: First Blood, Caddyshack, Full Metal Jacket, Back to the Future, Ghostbusters, Predator... but these are the best of the best. Not the oscar winners or necessarily the most popular films, but these are my favourite.