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"Ezel" (2009)
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Much better than LOST!!!, 8 March 2012

I would like to mention that, I "was" a Lost fan and started to watch from day 1 without any episode or minutes of it being lost. I was so amazed for the 5-6 years of the show, and had a joke about the ending of the series, which I wouldn't think it would end so bluntly as a 100% correct guess of my joke. I thought I was so betrayed in the end, and became an anti-fan of it.

Now why did I mention about Lost in a comment supposed to be about the Turkish series Ezel? It is short and simple, in the end of the series, I was satisfied with the results, and it was clever and not much obvious as it was on Lost.

I would recommend everyone this series who like mind games. It is not like a mind-game lookalike like the series Lost.

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We need superman... Yes we do..., 28 June 2006

This movie just came in the right time for me.

I was thinking for years, why would they not producing a rerun for superman with these new technology. But now I understand better why it had to be wait so far.

It is quite as classic as it could be possibly done.

Good picture, recommend to everyone...

Just watch it with the white curtain before you criticize. If possible watch it with a full audience, and listen the silence in the right moments.

One mother was getting his children out, and it was quite interestingly good to see the children crying and hence that the legend is timeless.

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Far more than excellent, 30 May 2006

I think this is a movie which everyone must see to acknowledge that our history is not only what is told, but also not only what we prefer to believe. Confusing isn't it? I say "our history" as a human being living in mother earth, for a clarification.

I now see more clearly that why this movie did not get the box office hits as it deserves.

We must all open our minds and think a little bit more as a human, then just believing the nonsense we have been taught in centuries.

I don't say it shows the history perfectly correct, I don't even say it is near to it, but who can prove the right history 100%? Just watch this movie, you will see what I am trying to say.