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Mesmerizing tour de force on cinematography, camera work and the soundtrack, 9 July 2016

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Very few contemporary directors manage to be as brave and stylish as Terrence Malick. Knight of Cups (2015) is one of its bravest movies, a mesmerizing tour de force on cinematography, camera work and the soundtrack, uuuhhh it will stick into your mind for a while.

It's by all means not for all audiences, slow paced, dream like movie that invites oneself to tune into a completely immersive experience of cinema art. This immersion may happen or not, movie critics were divided, some loved, some hated.

Little White Lies magazine, just loved it, comparing it to Paolo Sorrentino's The Great Beauty: ""When the soul sees a beautiful woman or a man, it remembers the beauty it used to know in heaven." Malick's mastery over language is transcendent. He attaches the syntax of the heavens to earthly pursuits. In these elevated terms, it is understandable that a man could confuse sensual pleasures for something more profound. A cynic might say that Malick has filtered the objectification of women through art-house sensibilities, but he is a step ahead. This is the story of a man whose drug of choice is women. The way he sees them is necessarily at a distance. This is his whole issue."

At IMDb the rating is quite low. I gave a 8 out of 10 grade for this one, cause there is true unique art on it. Im sure that in the future, movie historians will be writing about it.

But again, be aware, this is a veryyyy different movie. Even more for those who are not used to Malick's way of doing.

The soundtrack main theme is simple a blast:

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Deep, beautiful, touching, mind and soul changing movie about the beginning of life, 5 June 2016

This is a documentary that's touches you deeply and changes your mind about several traditional assumptions on babies and children education and its importance to the future of our society and economy as a whole.

The rigorousness of content about early childhood education is infused with the most delightful and lovable imagery of babies and children exploring life in its most pure and essential form. This pure approach to life that babies and children have becomes so clear through the engaging scenes which are deeply inspiring to us, adults, that have to struggle to see the beauty in all small and simple things of our daily and complex life. They, the babies and children have it "hard wired", this feeling of awe with everything, and the deep natural presence and joy that they have and feel. You can see that they are truly thankful for the life they've just received.

This is a beautifully shot movie, with a proper soundtrack and a narrative that flows elegantly connecting an amazing spectrum of different specialists from all over the world and different schools of thought that allow us to learn a totally new approach to this challenging and enchanting journey of parenting.

The Beginning of Life help us to rethink deeply our education institutions and the importance of investing our energy, attention, body and souls to the early life of our next generation. In the same spirit I recommend to watch the other outstanding documentary from the same director: Way Beyond Weight (2012).

I truly believe that enabling and supporting a new life to take form in its full potential developing its own essence is THE most important project on earth one can do.

I'm not a parent, yet, but if one day I become one, this movie will be a important source of inspiration for me to be a good father. I am sure this movie will be in your mind for a long time, and you will always smile when you think of it. I recommend this movie to all human beings. Enjoy as if you were a new born baby. ( :

Senna (2010)
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Perfect narrative, thrilling documentary, wonderful music, pure emotion!, 28 November 2010

This documentary is flawless, it's narrative perfect, it's thrilling, I could not imagine another way of depicting this awesome history. The soundtrack is great, the documentary flows in such a wonderful way, real drama, marvelous histories, some funny parts as well, it's life in it's beauty and it's true form.

We get to know so many things about the formula 1 politics and internal struggles at that period.

Memorable sentences from the documentary:

Senna: -¨Formula 1 is too much money, too much politics¨

Jean-Marie Balestre (FIA ex-President): -¨The best decision is my decision¨

It's so exciting to see the rivalry between Alain Prost and Senna, possibly one of the greatest duels on the history of sports. There are few movies/documentaries that I would give a ¨11¨ out of 10 and this is one, together with amazing documentary Bus 174, from José Padilha (the director of Elite Squad).

A documentary is good when is true to reality, and is awesome when is great to watch as ¨Senna¨ is, a perfect tribute to such a hero. The history of Senna is so inspiring, he is a true champion by all means, as a professional, and as a human being, that's way this is for sure a "must see movie".

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Very good history, bad narrative., 27 April 2009

This is a typical case of a good history with a bad narrative.

The movie ought to be good, the context is very interesting, Alfred Molina is a good actor, the plot is good. But there's a lot missing.

The director created such a simple and superficial narrative, you won't see good cinematography, nor a good acting apart from Molina.

Maybe this is a movie made for children or people who are searching for, as we say in Brazil, "water and sugar" entertainment movie, then, you might like it.

I am very sorry, but with all do respect, for sure this is not like watching a Truffaut movie... People should see more Truffaut movies before comparing this movie with the movies from Nouvelle Vague's most important director.

I will dare to make a comparison so you can understand what I am trying to say: La vita è bella (1997) from R. Benigni, is a movie which can be seen by children and adults, and is a 10 out of 10 movie, with a perfect and original narrative, and a beautiful history.

But if you are looking for a soft-easy to watch-rainy-Sunday-kids-movie go for it.

5 out of 10

A so called: Smooth-funny-original comedy, 7 August 2006

Indeed I may say this is a worthwhile comedy.

The Dialogs are great, and you will feel like traveling around the Tuscany, beautiful and sunny region.

If you like Mario Monicelli's work, certainly, you will like this one, but don't expect a 10 out of 10 movie, as For Love and Gold, (1966).

There are two interesting considerations to be made about this movie:

1st one is that it makes you laugh, and wonder, about a post-war country, and it's miseries.

2nd one is that in the middle of the poverty, and wretchedness, that is widely shown, there is a man, the pugilist trainer, that believes in it's success and is capable of compelling others to fight (literally), for food, and that surviving is better than living.

Only if you watch this movie, you will understand, what I am saying !