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These are some of the great documentaries I have seen. Hopefully you'll see something here you've never heard of before. By the way, for those of you who do not have cable or regular internet access, PBS showcases some of the best Documentaries ever on local TV.
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I know there are probably a hundred of these kind of lists, but I thought I would just add my contribution just in case anybody missed a look-a-like. And when I say look-a-like, it doesn't necessarily mean twin, but maybe just siblings, close cousin or parent/child resemblance, etc.
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I've always been fascinated with the personal lives of adult stars and what goes on behind the sets. These titles are biopics & documentaries with the main plot of people involved in the adult entertainment industry. I've also included fictitious films about porn stars, movie makers, strippers, etc.
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Titles I've never seen, titles I've only seen bits and pieces or titles I saw so long ago I don't remember.
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Unrelated people with the same or similar names.
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This list combines movies about wolves, werewolves & anything that looks & sounds like a wolf (ex Husky Dogs). In no particular order, except I have tried to list the werewolf movies first.
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Can you think of any other covers that have almost the same or similar design - a view of people, animals and even objects seen looking through or near a pair of legs.
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Well known actors who have dressed up as women. Who do you think is the fugliest queen in drag???

I'll start out by saying that Wesley Snipes and Willem Dafoe are the scariest looking drag queens I have ever seen. "Oh the horror. My eyes !!!! They burn, they burn!"
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Can anybody suggest any more women ... (actresses, singers, famous new anchors, hosts)?
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This is a two part list. This title list has two pages and also continues on to an image list which is part II. Dont' forget to click on page 2 and the link to the second part is in the comments section. Thanks for checking out my list!
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This is a list of actors with trademark chrome domes or celebrities who we are used to seeing with a head full of hair but have shaved it all off at one time or another. I've included women with buzz cuts also.
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300+ ladies who have aroused my curiosity that I would like to know more about and want to see more of on-screen.
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A look at movie posters with the common motif of eerie eyes gazing at you. This list was inspired by IMDB member Dr-Faustus. His list "IN THE EYE OF HORROR", consists of horror movie posters which focus on mainly one eye. Check it out here -
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A few celebrities I share something in common with. Many of the ethnic backgrounds I learned of surprised me.
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Some you could have probably guessed had a checkered past...others you'd be surprised!
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In no particular order...feel free to suggest others.
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If anybody can help identify the tattoos or the story behind any of the scars, I'd appreciate it.
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...either born in San Antonio or lived here for some time.
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I realize there are many actors/celebrities that started out as child stars and never even made it to high shool, but I just thought it was interesting to find out that these particular celebrities started there career during high school, but never graduated. For some acting came much later after they dropped out. This list in no way condones not getting an education. Their talent and determination to make it big is what I admire.
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Big kid's entertainment. (Over 17). Some of these titles have been mistaken as "OK" for young children. NOT!
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These are movies I remember seeing as a kid from the 1970s through 1980s before it was closed then renovated then closed again. I even remember when it showed adult movies for a short period of time [where I snuck in once or twice before :)]. Ahh such memories! Is it even still there??? Share your memories here:
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I'm fascinated with zombies. A few images of zombies I came across.
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This is a continuation from my other list that was getting too long plus setting up an image list allowed me to match posters better. See the comments below for the link to my other poster look-a-like list.. Thanks for checking out my list!
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I'm not hating, just saying ... what do they really do? They can't act, can't sing, can't dance. Some of them are not even cool people yet there are some really talented people out there right now that can't even get a break. I guess it's not what you know, but who you know.
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These are films/shows where vehicles play a major role or feature a car/truck that have been memorable to the audience. This list may also contain films with two wheelers which have also been icon in movie history.
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Movies, TV shows & rare TV specials I have in my possession right now. (VHS, DVD, DVD-R, digital download, etc.) If anybody wants to trade, PM me.
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These are cult favorites that are currently out of print or were never released on DVD for whatever reason. Most of these are films I would like to have in my collection one day. Some I already have.
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Here are a few celebrities who have had experience in front of the camera at one time or another other than what they are known for now with success, and I use the term "success" lightly (for some celebrities). I've tried to exclude comedians turned actors, fashion models or singers turned actors since that is very common, but you'd be surprised at who did what before. The new trend is rappers turned actors.