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Frida (2002)
Frida Hayek or Salma Kahlo ?, 26 April 2003

A great great movie. Salma Hayek was the perfect choice to impersonate Frida Kahlo. Not only because of their amazing likeness (minus the eyebrow line...), but also for the sensitivity and the flamboyant femininity she brings on. Frida was a crippled, Frida was a revolutionary, but, beyond, she was first a woman, a loving woman, a sensuous woman. And the lovely Salma, even much more beautiful than the real Frida Kahlo, knows how to show the too short journey of the Mexican surrealist artist through the pain and the sorrows to the immortality, fueled with an incredible strength and an everlasting love. I will add that the filming and the editing are perfect and that Alfred Molina is an above average Diego Rivera. That's why I give "Frida" a 10. I enjoyed my evening, last night... Frida Hayek, Salma Kahlo, I love you !

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The best and the worse, 20 May 2002

It's a kind of movie which shows much credibility on the psychological side and is more that caricatural when it shows the world surrounding the main characters. It's a TV movie about abortion for a very young woman, who lives it again when her daughter is confronted to the same problem. The film is delicate and lovely and it's a pity that May 68 in Paris is shown as a gay pride-like masquerade.

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The worst of De Palma, 3 May 2002

I used to see better movies by Brian De Palma. I give 2 points for the brilliant beginning (the theft at the Cannes Festival) and just 1 point for the end, not so good but sometimes great. The actors play as if they don't believe in the reality of their characters. And Rebecca Romijn-Staros may be beautiful, she is everything but an actress. A night to forget.

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Stupid, but great, 29 April 2002

It's like the prototype of teenage movies of the last decade. Stupid, but so funny, with such nasty dialogs and naughty ideas... The circus as a religion worshipping some bizarre aliens who came to Earth some centuries ago, and the noses of the klowns seen as the siege of their strength, among others...

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stupid, 15 April 2002

Thumbs down ! It's not the worst movie I've ever seen, but it's not far. I wonder how two great French screen stars as Claude Brasseur and Alain Delon have come into such a stupid thing. It's all about dancing (and murder, of course), but the dancers, like Patrick Dupond, seem to pass by like ghosts. The screenplay is awful and never sticks to some kind of credibility.

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Just a masterpiece, 3 March 2001

For a director almost unknown to European viewers, "American History X" is just a masterpiece. It shows the actual face of modern nazism in America. But the face of nazism and extreme-right is the same all over the world. So this movie concern also us, the Europeans. The screenplay is acute, the casting fine, the directing perfect. It's a great movie, to cast on every european TV channel.