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Epic Movie (2007)
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Epic failure, 20 February 2007

When I first saw the trailer a few months ago I thought it was quite funny and had huge potential. Sadly it doesn't, and is one of the worst movies I have seen in the 21st century.

At a ridiculously short running time, all the jokes are crammed in together at a pace where not only does the jokes fall flat on their arse, their timing is way off. Most of the "jokes" were mainly social commentary from the media over the last year or so.

I laughed twice during the movie - the snakes on a plane scene, which, in fact, was well observed and witty and when the White Bitch pointed to her white castle and it was a White Castle restaurant.

The ending is a bit of a let down to, and has little to do with the rest of the film.

Overall I can only hope the writers get their act together for Scary Movie 5, because by the looks of this, it will be just as bad.


Knock Off (1998)
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So Very Bad, 11 December 2001

Tough guys Jean Claude Van Damme and um, Rob Schnieder. Fight tough guys in this rather dismal movie, the acting is bad and there are a few too many fights. There is very little I can compliment this film on as it is on of the big Turkeys of 1998. Jean Claude Van Damme should know better. Rob Schnieder can go to hell becuase I have no idea who he is.


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Piper's got Potential, 13 November 2001

*** This review may contain spoilers ***


This is a great movie and Piper Perabo is a great actress.

The story is as follows, a young woman called Violet (piper perabo) moves to New York City to become a singer songwriter. She moves to New York and meets a guy named Mr o Donnell (i forgot his first name at the time i wrote this) and they fall in love, Violet/Jersey gets a job as a Coyote in a bar called Coyote Ugly. And, in a fight in the bar she starts singing along to the dukebox and has some great nights at the bar, Mr o Donnell finds her in the bar when a man is groping her, he beats him up and Violet/Jersey gets fired. She then gets a new job and overcomes her stagefright.

This movie should hav one at least one oscar but sadly It didnt, the plot is great and the acting from everyone is spot-on. The girls are all good-looking which is an added bonus.

Dont miss


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Not as Good as I thought, 28 October 2001

This is a very dull movie. Hardly anything about it was great.

Some of it was good but I did not enjoy it. The acting was typically british....boring and very dull.

Casting Rennee Zellwegger to play Bridget was a big mistake. It would have been better with someone like:

Bridget Fonda

Miranda Richardson

This is at best, an average movie with no plot or any big interest.

Acting: **/***** Direction: ***/***** Plot: **/*****

Overall: 5/10

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Hannibal (2001)
Great, 28 October 2001

Hannibal is a great movie. Its not as good as SOTL but then again, what is?

The acting from Jullianne Moore and Anthony Hopkins is superb. Ridley Scott is a genius.

The story goes along at a steady pace and it gets better and better as you go along. You need to watch it from the very beginnig to really understand it and, after watching it once, watch it again and again and again. It really is great.

Horror movies have come a long way in the past 50 or 60 years and this one lacks that special thing about horror, gore. The lack of gore was dissappointing.

Horror fans will love this and so will anyone else. Its a great movie with a great plot and with great direction.

Acting: ****/***** Plot: *****/***** Direction: *****/*****

Rating 10/10

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The Silence of the Lambs


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Dismal, 26 October 2001

Acting: **/*****

Plot: */*****

Direction: */*****

Storyline: **/*****

Overall: **/*****

This is such a mediocre film with crappy acting and crappy direction, everything about it is crap. There are some decent moments but it never gets above average.

At best this movie is awful. The blood and gore is stupid and no one who gets knocked over by a truck gets splattered into a million pieces. This is just another poorly put-together movie with no actual meaning. The only reason this gets a 4/10 instead of a lower score is the ending, which may spawn another sequel. Only see this movie if you are a true horror movie fan or are a maniac doll.


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Basic Instinct

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Excellent, 26 October 2001

Coronation Street is one of the best soaps in the world. Great storylines and Superb Acting have made it going strong for 40 years.

Every character is great and some of the best storylines are:

Sarah giving Birth

Sarah's Internet Friend

Matt-Maxine-Ashley love triangle

Dennis-Janice-Les love triangle.

All of it is superb. Every episode is great and the directon is great.

Acting: ****/***** Direction: ****/***** Plot: *****/***** Overall: *****/*****


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It Gets Better and Better, 26 October 2001

Eastenders is a much better soap then american soaps. Sure, eastenders in great but at least it doesnt have silly plots and dull actors like Days of our Lives or Dynasty.

Over the past 7 or 8 years I have watched Eastenders since i was 8 and I have been hooked ever since.

The best thing about the show is that its always left on a cliffhanger and all the stories are great, if not superb. Such as The Zoe-Kat thing and the Who Shot Phil? storyline.

All the characters are great and I think that if they were played by anyone else then it wouldnt be as popular or wouldnt have been running for so long.

Here is to another 15 or more years.

Dont Miss It.


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The Fly II (1989)
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The FlyII defines the word 'Average', 25 October 2001

This is just a typical B-Grade horror sci-fi movie which bland special effects and a silly plot with no meaning. The Fly I was good but this one isnt. It just didnt do thing for me and I usually love horror movies. But, a horror is underrated then this will just be forgettable and silly.

The acting is ok and the plot is poor but the direction is really good.

If you are a mega massive fan or horror then this is for you, anyone else should stay well clear.


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The Exorcist

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Decent, 24 October 2001

This movie is decent enough to work as a comedy but as a romance?? No!

Its not romantic, its slightly funny but the plot stinks up the place and the acting is just above average. The movie is nice but i didnt think it was great.

It aint an oscar winner


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